What can the Educreations app do?

Educreations is a free interactive whiteboard and screencasting app that can be accessed on the web (educreations.com) or on an iPad.  The app allows you to make a video by recording your iPad screen and your voice simultaneously.  The app also allows the user to type text in several colors, annotate on top of typed text and images, resize objects, and animate objects.  With the “free” app, pictures stored on the iPad or pictures taken on the iPad can be used in the lessons.  With the “pro” version, Dropbox, Google Drive, .pdf files, and the web can be also be used.

The teacher can create videos to reinforce or review information from class, to flip the classroom by explaining a concept prior to class, or to provide information for students who missed class.  Additionally, students may create their own videos to explain information to classmates, show their understanding of a new concept, or synthesize information at the end of a unit.  Since students must “join” their teacher’s class (with a class code), all of the students’ videos are stored privately on educreations.com and are only visible to classmates and the teacher.  Teachers’ lessons can be shared with classes or sent by a link or by email, Messages, Facebook, or Twitter.




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        Ideas for classroom use of Educreations (Video)

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Instructions for Student & Teacher Use

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Educreations Tutorial (Video)