Please complete each task and tick off and show the teacher at the end of each subject


organise yourself for the day

  • iPad, pens, books etc



  • Check your label to see if you are in the correct place on the Writing board
  • if you are drafting, read story then write on Narrative Framework
  • Send to Pages and edit
  • Proofread by looking at your Writing assessment sheet
  • Get a buddy to read it for you and proofread
  • Move your label to Conferencing
  • Do a conferencing option
  • Proofread with teacher
  • Publish from the publishing choices
  • Start all over again



  • Check your reading doc, Which chapter are you up to?
  • Do you need to
  • Predict the chapter
  • read the chapter
  • do your vocab log
  • answer comprehension questions
  • do the activities
  • work with the teacher



  • Check your math doc. Have you
  • filled in your timetable for yesterday
  • chosen your activities for the day checking that it matches your learning goals
  • check that you are on target for 9 Shape tasks, 6 transformation tasks, 4 position tasks
  • attended a workshop?



Have you...

  • Written what you know about Rome (Fact Recall)
  • Written Finding Keywords for your Research Question ‘What were the systems the Ancient Romans invented?’
  • Found  your resources and written what the Titles/Authors/Pages are of books, URLs for the websites
  • Written down information from 3 sources under each of your chosen systems and changed into your own words
  • Creating your presentation with all of your information