On Saturday, we have come to Nippo town.

 It's to report to Misha-san that we are now taking care of Hilda.

「Take this, Hilda.」

 Misha-san put on a bright red ribbon around the center of Hilda's chest area.

「You've become cute with this.

 Seduce Seiji with this cuteness,

 and then, receive lots of love.」


 They're talking about something strange but......

「Because I'll work hard in order to be loved by Rondo-sama as well, it's a competition who gets to win which heart first.」


 Misha-san, don't inspire Hilda with a strange thing!

 Rachel-san's knife.

 Cassandra-san's cat-ear hood.

 Misha-san's ribbon.

 With this, she had now a set of the former magician unit's equipment.

 Hilda wears a serious face and renews her determination.

 Do your best, Hilda.

 Your adventure has only just begun.


 After leaving Misha-san's place, we had come to Lela's place after buying medicinal herbs on the way.

「I couldn't wait any longer, Seiji. Let's go to the tower of sunrise at once!」

 Lela wanted to go to the dungeon that much, huh.

 However, I still have something to do.

「Sorry but I have a different business today.」

「What is it? Say anything if it's within my power.」

 Lela is somehow overflowing with motivation!

「Actually, I need holy water.」

「H-, Holy water!?」

 After hearing the word holy water, Lela has been acting suspiciously for some reason.

 Is it also a trauma for holy water?

 Let's ask about the situation for now.

「I want to make【Cure dispelling potions】but the ingredients can't be easily found, I'm in trouble.」

「Eh!? Oh, it's that『holy water』, huh.」[1]

「That?? What did you mistake it for, Lela?」

「No! Nothing, uh......」

 Lela hangs her head low as her face turned deep red.

 What a strange fellow.


 I arranged the set of tools for crafting potion in front of Lela.

「Everything is transparent and seems to be very amazing tools.

 Are we going to make...holy water with this?」

「Before making holy water, it's necessary for you to acquire the skill of【potioncraft】.

 I think that it won't be a disadvantage for Lela to acquire it.

 How about it? Will you do it?」

「Yes, I also want to use such amazing looking tools.」

 First, it's【Strength recovery potion】.

 Lela has been instructed with great attention to detail.

「Potion crafting is also quite fun, huh!」

 Lela stares at the potion she has made for the first time lovingly.

 Why are you so happy?

 I tried to use【appraisal】on Lela and since she has been able to acquire【potioncraft】,

 she is making【illness mitigation potion】this time.

 The【Blade of purple grass】and【Blade of ice grass】which are the ingredients of【Illness mitigation potion】are the things the inventory fertilized long ago.

 Again, after making【Illness mitigation potions】for only three times, Lela's【potioncraft】went up to level 2.

 Next is【Burn healing potion】.

 When she was able to accomplish it about 10 times using【herb】and【blade of ice grass】, Lela's【potioncraft】went up to level 3.

「【Potioncraft】is interesting!

 Besides, it was so easy!」

 I think it's probably because the tools are good.

 It's now the long-awaited【Holy water】's turn.

 The【Holy water】is made by loading【Light magic】into【magic water】.

 And,【Magic water】is made by loading【recovery magic】into【distilled water】.

 While【Distilled water】is made by casting【purification】of【water magic】on normal【water】.

 In other words......

 as long as you have Water, Recover, and Light magics, you can make plenty of【holy water】from normal【water】.

 The workflow is, I've made【distilled water】from【water】,

 Elena has made【magic water】from the【distilled water】,

 and Lela makes【Holy water】from the【magic water】.

 Hilda served us a good tea.

 Aya is......

 eating the cake I've bought with great relish whilst drinking the tea which Hilda brewed.

 What are you doing!?

 While Lela was recovering her MP, everyone decided to take a cake break.

 When I wasn't paying attention, everything had been eaten by Aya.

「What's this!? It's sweet, soft, and fluffy......

 it melts inside the mouth!!」

 Lela is also a girl, huh~.

 Her pupils have become heart marks whilst eating cake.

「Look, Lela.

 You have a cream stuck on your cheek!」

 I wiped the cream stuck on Lela's cheek and ate it since it was such a waste......

「T-...... Thank you......」

 She suddenly looked down as her face turned crimson.

 Were you embarrassed by having a cream stuck on your cheek?

 After the cake break, we resumed the holy water making,

 At the time the 30th holy water had been finished, Lela's【potioncraft】went up to level 4.

 It will be enough if there's this much.

「Thank you, Lela. You saved us.」

「N-, No, this much, is an easy task.

 If you need...my holy water, just tell me anytime.」

「Thank you.」

「What will you do now? Are you going to the tower of sunrise?」

「No, I'm going to look for the【purple nettle】, the other ingredients of【Curse dispelling potion】.

 Do you have any idea, Lela?」

「I don't know such a thing but......

 Otou-san may know something.」

「Lyle Gewalt, huh. I'll try to meet him.」

「Are you going now?」

「Yes, that's the plan.」

「Can't you take me as well?」

「Good. But, is it alright? What about the matter of this town?」

「It's fine for just today.」

 The parent and child spent their time in different towns since the war and had not met for a while.

 We'll be making a round trip but whatever.

[1] 聖水(Holy water) can also mean urine.