Ryan Darge        (203) 482-8113

Software Engineer and Team Lead        ryan.darge@gmail.com

        www.rdarge.com || github.com/rdarge


Lead Engineering Consultant, Kibberia Foods (Nov 2017-Current)

Senior Engineering Consultant, Project 44 (Jul-2017-Oct 2017)

Technical Lead, Core Informatics/Thermo Fisher Scientific (Jul 2016-Jun 2017)

Support Engineering Team Lead, Core Informatics (Jan 2016-Jul 2016)

Full Stack Software Engineer, Core Informatics (Jan 2015 - Jan 2016)

Full Stack Developer, Inbox Health (Oct 2014-Jan 2015)

Software Engineer, Kibberia Middle Eastern Restaurant & Cafe (Jan 2011- August 2014) (HTML5, JS, CSS)

Computer Science Tutor, Western Connecticut State University (Aug 2012-Dec 2013)

Active Projects

Bibliotecha - Virtual Library application for reading ebooks and comics in VR (Unity, C#)

VRNDS - Implementation of the popular VNDS visual novel engine for VR (Unity, C#s)

Education - Western Connecticut State University (2010-2014)

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Class of 2014 (Spring)

Air Force JROTC, Danbury High School (2006-2010)


Java*, Oracle*, SQL*, Javascript, C#, Python, Ruby, AJAX

Intellij*, Eclipse*, Unity, Android Studio, Polymer, Unreal Engine,

*2+ years business experience

Foreign Languages
Japanese (Elementary Prof.)

Spanish (Limited working Prof.)