Employees working 8+ hour shifts shall have one full hour of their own time for meals.  The lunch hour may not be taken prior to the first hour worked or following the last hour worked.  

Employees working 4-7 hours may take a relief period of fifteen minutes. Relief periods are contingent upon appropriate staffing and customer service levels being maintainable by the Library during relief periods.

Policy Adopted/Revised:        03/11/2014

Policy’s Procedural Implementation

Revised: 12/31/2014

Unlike lunch periods, break periods are subject to management supervision due to the fact that this time is compensatory.  When break periods are made available, management may restrict the scope of the break period in order to maintain proper levels of library services.  During periods of high activity and/or low staffing, management may be unable to provide break periods to staff members.

Employees on break are expected to remain on the library premises.  Employees leaving the library premises for personal reasons are not considered ‘at work’.  

Employees are expected to follow their work schedule as established by Headquarters.  Intermittent deviations from the established schedule are allowed as needed to facilitate proper staffing levels within a work day.

Management should take care to remember that the purpose of providing break periods to employees is to provide them with a physical and/or mental break from their work duties.

Employees and managers should take care to follow the following guidelines for providing employee break periods:

  1. Employees are never to leave for their lunch hour or break without first checking in with their supervisor.  Employees should immediately check in with their supervisor when returning from lunch or a break.
  2. Employees are never allowed to accumulate break periods in order to take an extended break period on an alternate day.
  3. Unless completely unavoidable, employees should not take their break period at a work area.
  4. Breaks are not allowed the hour immediately after opening or the hour immediately preceding closing.