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Chiropractors detect and remove misalignments of the spine thus allowing a proper communication between the brain and the body, restoring function back to the nervous system. Spinal adjustments are used to restore mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury.  Tissue injury can be caused by traumatic events, repetitive stress, falling, or even sitting for prolonged periods without proper back support. Chiropractic care can also help to reduce neck pain and related symptoms. If you are in need of a chiropractor in Salem, OR call us at 503-589-0700 to setup an appointment.

The following are some of the different types of neck conditions that chiropractors can treat:

1. Cervical spine injuries

2. Cervical intervertebral disc injuries which do not require surgery

3. Facet joint sprain

4. Degenerative joint syndrome of the neck

5. Whiplash

Causes of Neck Pain

There are a number of causes of neck pain such as overuse, wear and tear, poor posture, and trauma. When the structures of the spine, such as ligaments, discs, blood vessels, and nerves are damaged, pain can occur.

Getting a Proper Diagnosis at

Healthy Back Chiropractic in Salem,OR

Your chiropractor will carry out an evaluation of the entire spine since other regions of the spine might also be affected.  Regions that can be affected include the neck, mid back, and lower back. In addition to treating the spine, Dr. Owen will educate on nutrition, lifestyle goals, and stress management. Before a chiropractor like Dr. Owen decides what approach to use to treat pain, he will first do a thorough examination to diagnose the specific cause of your neck pain.

He will determine areas of restricted movement and will examine overall posture and spinal alignment. Dr. Owen will also examine past medical history and may order imaging tests such as X-rays or MRI to properly diagnose the cause of your neck pain.

If Dr. Owen finds out that your condition requires surgery, he will refer you to a spine surgeon. Otherwise, below are some of the chiropractic treatments for neck pain.

Common Chiropractic Treatments

The following are some of the techniques employed by Dr. Owen, a chiropractor in Salem, OR:

1. Cervical Mobilization

In this case, the patient lies on his or her back. A chiropractor will then move the vertebra in the neck from right to left and vice versa in an alternating motion or in figure 8 movements. This is applied at different degrees by moving the head forward, backward, and sideways in rotation. The goal of this technique is to reduce fixations in areas having a restricted movement between the cervical spine segments.

2. Cervical Manual Traction

In this kind of technique the patient is lying face up, lying on his or her stomach, or even sitting up. The chiropractor then pulls the patient's neck, stretching the cervical spine at different angles between flexion and extension while at the same time searching for the best position to effectively reduce tightness. The cervical manual traction is usually combined with mobilization. The chiropractor will likely switch between the two therapy techniques.

3. Cervical Drop Technique

In this technique, the patient is expected lie on his or her stomach or side on a special adjustable table that allows movement of the neck and head. The head of the table is then lifted into certain sets of locked positions. The specialist will then place his or her finger or hand over the spinal part requiring the adjustment. The chiropractor will then press on the patient, adjusting the neck as the head of the table lowers down and returns to neutral or slightly lower than neutral. The ultimate goal of this procedure is usually to reduce the restricted motion of the cervical vertebra.

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