For Immediate Release

January 25, 2015

Statement by Grassroots Group Condemns Texas Congressman’s Statement that Trump is ‘Only Way to Get Unvarnished Truth’

AUSTIN, Texas – TX21 Indivisible, a newly formed group of (883 and growing) constituents in Lamar Smith’s 21st District in Texas, issued a statement today condemning  comments the Congressman made on the House Floor Tuesday. Jason Sugg, a lead organizer with the TX21 Indivisible, issued the following the statement:

Texans want to count on the honesty of their elected officials. Unfortunately, just one day after President Trump lied about the popular vote and three days after he lied about the size of inauguration crowds in Washington, Congressman Lamar Smith did a disservice to the people of his district by telling them that listening to Donald Trump may be “the only way to get the unvarnished truth.” Professional fact-checkers have rated Trump dishonest between 70 percent and 78 percent of the time.

Smith is saying this because he and Trump are birds of a feather. Smith, as chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, has long relied on selective information to justify his opposition to action on issues such as climate change and the regulation of polluters. This has been at the same time that residents of district 21 are increasingly feeling the effects of the alterations in our climate.

The people of the 21st District and our fellow Americans would be much better served if the chairman were to trust the information directly provided by dedicated experts who have spent their life studying these issues rather than the ill-informed opinions of someone who claimed that global warming was a Chinese hoax. In fact, global temperatures have reached record highs in each of the last three years, and Texans need relief, not spin.

We at TX21Indivisible urge Congressman Smith to retract his statement, and to use his key position on the Science committee to restore fact-based policy making on these critical issues.