Earn Graduate Credit for OPEN NH Courses through Plymouth State University

 Which OPEN NH courses are currently available for Graduate Credit through PSU?

Winter 2019 Session Course Instructors and Numbers 

Plymouth State Spring 2019 Term starts January 22 and ends on May 10.

Course Title


PSU Course Number


Course Details


AS-01 Full STEAM Ahead! Introducing Design Thinking as a Reflective Teaching Strategy through Integration of a Project-based Invention Curriculum


ED 5500


AS-01 Syllabus

Nicole Bellabona

EC-01 Creating a Language Rich Environment


ED 5500


EC-01 Syllabus


BP-07 Using an Online Professional Learning Community to Support Teacher Leadership Development


ED 5500


BP-07 Syllabus

Misty Crompton

CE-05 Developing Competencies for Standards-Based Instruction


ED 5500


CE-05 Syllabus

Ethel Gaides

CE-10 Game-Based Learning


ED 5500


CE-10 Syllabus

Patricia Moriarty

CE-12 Implementing Digital Learning in Your School or District




CE-12 Syllabus

Cheryl Pinette

Note: If the dates of the OPEN NH Session extends beyond one PSU Term, the session courses will not qualify for graduate credits through Plymouth State University in that session.


How do you obtain graduate credit for OPEN NH courses?


Prior to the start of an OPEN NH Session


1.  Register for the course through OPEN NH.  OPEN NH registration is separate from the registration for graduate credit.

OPEN NH Course Registration

2.  Participate fully and earn a Certificate of Completion for the OPEN NH course, completing all assignments, discussions, and projects with effort and quality.

3.  Register with PSU to take the course for graduate credit.  You can register anytime within the PSU term drop/add period for the PSU Term in which the OPEN NH course is being offered.

PSU Registration Form 

What do graduate credits cost for OPEN NH courses?

In State Students

Out of State Students

Rates Valid Through

Cost Per Credit



May 18, 2018

Mandatory Fee Per Credit



May 18, 2018

Registration Fee



May 18, 2018

Tuition rates and fees are reviewed by Plymouth State University and adjusted annually.


At the end of the OPEN NH Course Session 


1.  Your instructor will send you a Certificate of Completion for the course.

2.  Write a paper reflecting on your learning experiences, following the OPEN NH Reflection Paper Guidelines. Guidelines for the Reflection Paper are based on Significant Learning Experiences and are available on the OPEN NH website and in your course.

Significant Learning Reflection Paper Guidelines Use these guidelines to organize your reflection.

Reflection Paper Rubric This rubric will be used to evaluate your reflections your significant learning.

3.  Submit the paper to your OPEN NH Instructor for evaluation within two weeks of the end of the OPEN NH course Session.

4.  You must earn at least a 70% in the course overall to earn graduate credit.


Your course instructor will grade your paper, post your grades to the PSU Portal, and forward the appropriate paperwork to PSU.

You can access your course grades through the PSU portal.


How do you look up your final grades?


You will need to navigate to PSU’s portal web site ( You will need to look up your username and password as described below:


  1. The Welcome page includes an area to login to the portal. Below that login prompt is a section entitled “Getting Started.”
  2. Click on “What’s my user name?”  and follow the instructions to determine your user name.
  3. Click on “What’s my password?” to learn about your password.


Utilize the information you obtained to login to the portal system which grants you access to the My.Plymouth web portal and a host of benefits including access to your academic and financial information.


Once into My.Plymouth, make the following choices:


1.    Choose the tab at the top labeled Student Services.

2.    Choose Student and Financial Aid from the left-hand column

3.    Click on  Student Records

4.    Choose Final Grades

5.    Choose the appropriate graduate term (most online courses are General Session, others are listed by term)

Your grade information should appear.


For technical assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 535-2929.


If you need an official transcript from PSU, the following applies:


Due to FERPA regulations, PSU needs to have a written request, complete with student signature, in order to send grade or transcript information to a student. Requests may be faxed or mailed to PSU’s registrar.


Information may be subject to change.  Contact Plymouth State University for more information, 603-535-5000.


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