Navigating DSCC eLearn

Navigating through online courses can be difficult at first, so here is a look at some of the features within DSCC eLearn.

  1. The Course Homepage - The links in the navigation bar is what you will use most often when navigating your online course.

eLearn Homepage 1-2.PNG

  1. Links to the Help Desk, Virtual Library, and other helpful resources are located under course resources.
  2. Communication has a dropdown menu that contains links to Classlist, Discussions, and E-mail.
  3. The News area is where you will find instructor contact information and other announcements.
  4. The content of your course homepage will vary depending upon your instructor. They have the option to add as little or as much information here as they choose.
  5. To get started in your course, click the Content link located in the navigation bar. This is the table of contents for your course. It will include things like:
  1. Syllabus
  3. Units or Chapters Pertaining to Your Class
  4. PowerPoints or Presentations Pertaining to Your Class

Getting Started 6-7.PNG

  1. Select the Discussion link located under communication in the navigation bar to visit the Discussions page. The Discussions page will have various topics created by your instructor.  Use the discussion boards to collaborate with your classmates and instructor. These are also a good resource if you need help with an assignment. **It is important to note that discussions are often counted as a participation grade and also serve as a tool to verify your attendance.

Discussions 11-12.PNG

  1. Select the Assessment link to view the Quiz List Page.
  2. This is where you will take all your test/exams for your online class unless otherwise specified by your instructor. To see how taking a quiz online works, see the How to Take an Online Assessment Tutorial.

Quiz 13-14.PNG

  1. Select the Dropbox link to view the Dropbox Folders List.
  2. The Dropbox is where you will submit all assignments for your online course unless otherwise specified by your instructor.

Dropbox 15-16.PNG

  1. Select the Grades link to view your assignment and quiz grades.

Grades 16-17.png

  1. The class list is available under communication as an e-mail address book for your classmates and your instructor. By selecting certain tabs, you can choose to e-mail both your classmates and instructor at once, just your classmates (one or all), or, just your instructor.

Classlist 17-18.PNG

If you need further assistance, please contact the DSCC Help Desk at 731-288-7780.