Fabricio Pontes Harsich

MS Software Engineer

fabriph@gmail.com     fabricioph.com     github.com/fabriph

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Professional Profile and Expectations

Optimistic, analytical, proactive, flexible, results-oriented, with good handling of interpersonal relationships, strong dedication to teamwork, as well as great interest in learning, teaching and the Social Good. Willing to do an MBA in the upcoming years and gain experience in management.

Current activity

  ❖  Software Engineer at Google NYC.

          ➢  Working on Google Docs and Slides as an Android and iOS developer. Worked on this feature.

          ➢  Public speaking for recruiting and technical introduction talks.

          ➢  Interviewed ~30 candidates on problem solving questions.

          ➢  Recruiting events to engage and teach students in Argentina and Switzerland.

          ➢  Collaborations on Social Good and donation events.

  ❖  Mentor and organizer of hackathons for Social Good causes.

Awards and Education

2015     Software Engineer MS graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

GPA:7.74/10. Graduation project: github.com/fabriph/peer-instruction 

2007     Gold medal in Electronics Olympics. Graduated in technical/aeronautical high school.

2006     Gold medal in Electronics Olympics.

2005     Honorable mention in Math Olympics; Hall Of Fame at high school with GPA: 8.71/10.

2004     Awarded best GPA at primary school: 9.14/10.

Community Involvement

  ❖  New York University hackathon for the Social Good, Abu Dhabi.

2018 (mentor and organizer); 2017 (mentor and organizer);  2016 (mentor);  2014 (participant).

  ❖  Computer Science/Humanitarian Good hackathon at CERN: 2016,  2015,  2014.

  ❖  Judge and mentor at HackUPC 2016, Barcelona.

  ❖  Participant at Hack4Humanity 2016 (World Humanitarian Summit) by United Nations, Istanbul.

  ❖  Mentor at CUNY hackathon 2017, New York.


2012    ICT fellowship granted by Argentine Ministry of Computer Science.


  ❖  Well known: iOS, Android, Python, Shell, hybrid mobile development.

  ❖  Familiar with: JavaScript, C/C++, Java, Go, HTML/CSS, Google App Engine.

  ❖  RegEx, XP, SQL, JSON, UML, SCRUM, TDD, design patterns, MapReduce, FlumeJava.

  ❖  Distributed systems, networks, TCP/IP, electronics.

Work Experience

Google – Software Engineer  (Sep 2015 – current)

NYC (Dec 2016 - current)

Google Docs and Slides, iOS and JavaScript development. Check “Current activity” above.

Zurich (Sep 2015 -  Dec 2016)

Youtube VideoAds + Google Shopping: “YouTube Shopping”

  ❖  Develop pipelines for data parallel processing in Apache Flume.

  ❖  Develop MapReduce jobs to update metadata of YouTube videos.

  ❖  Deploy and evaluate experiment and quality research (A/B Tests). Statistical analysis of the results.

  ❖  Coordinated a fixit week; Delivered Tech Talks (see ‘Tech Talks’ section).

Avature – Sr. Mobile Developer  (Dec 2014, 9 months)

iOS & backend developer. We created a mobile application for our web enterprise product. We developed a C++ core that is injected as a library into our native Android and iOS apps. BA, Argentina.

Google – Software Engineering Intern (Jun 2014, 5 months)

Ads|YouTube team. Created a new video ad template (frontend+backend). Los Angeles, California.

Google – Software Engineering Intern (Jul 2013, 4 months)

Gmail team. Improvements in the pipeline of email spam classification. Mountain View, California.

Argin – Project leader (2012, 1 year)

Responsible for coordinating, managing scope and integral process of the web solutions generated.

Entrepreneurship ‘Zenoel’ – Mobile Dev. Lead (2013, 2 years)

Techint / Tenaris – Internship (2011, 6 months)

Organization and logistic of SAP implementations in different international Tenaris plants. Coordination of IT courses. I learned to develop myself on a 27.000 employees company.

Universidad de Buenos Aires – Algorithms I Ad Honorem assistant (2011, 6 months)

Speaker on Tech Talks

Interviewing Essentials 2017 at Google Argentina. Talk, workshop and mock interviews for university students and fresh grads.

YouTube Deep Dive. The max attendance was 160 students on a single session. I gave this tech talk three times: EPFL, Switzerland (Forum EPFL 2016); UBA, Argentina ECI 2016; Google Switzerland 2016 (for ETH and University of Zurich students).

Hello YouTube! Uplift Peak Preparatory, Dallas, USA. Short presentation for 8-10 year old kids.


Spanish (native proficiency)

English (full proficiency)

Deutsch (elementary proficiency)

Seminars and Courses Attended

  ❖  Search Inside Yourself https://siyli.org

  ❖  Interpersonal Communications (10h)

  ❖  Many other short courses about management and coaching.

  ❖  Events attended: JavaConf, PyCon, Microsoft CodeCamp, Open Agile, Open Source events and more.


  ❖  Enjoy reading books about communication skills and personal development.

  ❖  Minor contributions to github.com/translation-cards.translation-cards

  ❖  My config files for *NIX systems github.com/fabriph/scripts

  ❖  Sports: scuba diving (~20 dives); mountain biking; yoga; weight lifting.