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August 2018


India - A team of men recently returned from three weeks in India. They drilled wells for much-needed water in 10 villages (these wells have been paid for with money donated through DNS).  Please pray for continued evangelism opportunities through these wells.

Peru - We are seeking to provide a van for the various ministries of Pablo & Sarah Cenepo-Torres in Peru.  They are presently using a smaller, unreliable vehicle for the orphan ministry as well as taking evangelistic teams into the remote mountain villages.  A larger, more reliable vehicle would be a great help for them.


We are excited to report that progress is being made in providing Bible School Training Centers in various villages in India, for the purpose of discipling and training young men for the work of the ministry.  There are plans for five sites:

#1 - Church that was destroyed in storm: They would like to rebuild this church, with the possibility of a Bible School training room and living quarters. DNS has committed to donating $5000 towards this building.  A total of $10,000 more is needed to finish the project.

#2 - Assembly under construction: The plan is to make this a Training Center as well.  It is presently under construction - the foundation is finished. The $18,000 to finish it has already been raised.  Praise the Lord!

#3 - Future Training Center: No project started here yet.  $6000 is needed to establish a roof, floor, doors, etc. DNS has designated funds to pay for this.

#4 - Central Place: This property is 3.5 acres in a central area.  There is no building right now, but the hope is to have a Main Training Center at this location.  Plans are still in the works.  It will probably take $50-$75,000 to complete this project.

#5 - Future Assembly Hall: It will take about $6000 to build this assembly building, but nothing has been started yet.  Presently there is only a house on the site.

The focus right now is on getting the smaller projects done.  The believers in India are very grateful for what believers in Canada are doing through DNS to help support this work.


Between January 4 and March 10, 2018, two teams went to Zambia to help with different projects under Ken Wagler’s guidance.  They…

- Drilled 7 wells

- Saw-milled a huge pile of logs into lumber for various building projects at Sakeji and Chitokoloki. One of the team was a service technician from the Woodmizer company, which was a huge blessing in servicing the sawmill.

- Installed a grinding mill for Jeff Speichinger to make feed for his flock of goats as well as custom grind maze for the local people - a new ministry opportunity.

- Installed 12 solar panels to give Jeff 24-hour power and a solar powered pump to get water from a well that was previously drilled.

- Cleared several acres of land for Jeff to begin a small garden/farming project.

- Shared the gospel at each well dedication.  There were also requests for Bible studies in a few villages and the opportunity to speak at local assemblies and at a conference.


A highlight was the Bible study held twice a week at Jeff Speichinger’s home.  Fifteen to twenty-five young men attended, with sessions lasting 2-3 hours.  There was great interest and many questions.


Only one day after returning home, the team was again made aware of the pressing need for wells in these remote villages. A 14-year-old girl, from the village where they had just installed the last pump, was taken by a croc...and a lady from a village where they had just drilled, but didn’t have the pump installed yet, was badly bitten but managed to escape.  

We praise the Lord for the opportunity to be involved in these projects and pray that His kingdom would be advanced as not only physical, but spiritual needs are met.

DNS Relief Fellowship was established to help missionaries communicate the Gospel and ease poverty in Third World countries.  It is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors (see and is registered as a Charitable Organization No.8881-23573-R0001.

DNS relies solely on volunteers to conduct operations.

Receipts to donors are sent out quarterly.


For all correspondence and gifts in Canada, please send mail to:

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