Intersession Choices - 2012

Course Title: 3-Day furniture Build

Course Description: Student design team will design and construct two elegant side tables for the Pop Up shop.  The tables will be inspired by simple geometric forms and examples of professional furniture.  A trip will be taken to furniture stores for design research.

Who’s Eligible: Open to sophomores, juniors and seniors only

Course Title: Advanced Staycation

Course Description: We will be expanding on the staycation techniques learned last year in order to move into more advanced staycation techniques. These include outer-borough trips and potentially a trip to to outermost of boroughs, Staten Island.

Who’s Eligible: Marc's AMF and selected additional students only

Course Title: American Sign Language (ASL)

Course Description: In three days, you will learn the basics of American Sign Language, including sentence structure, its alphabet, fingerspelling and signs and a general history of American Sign Language. Come learn how to speak a new language!

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Black Jack, Fake Gambling, and Math

Course Description: Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner. If you like card games, Black Jack is for you. The game you are most likely to not lose your money in, it's your best bet in Atlantic City. We'll play a lot of hands, learn basic strategy, and then learn to count cards so you can get the odds in your favor. Unlike Julius' regular math class, this math might actually make you rich. Required Math Skills: Awesome at counting up to 20.

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: City of the Gods

Course Description: Visit six sacred sites: a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, a synagogue, a basilica, a mosque, a cathedral. Meet an imam, a rabbi, a priest. Pause for frisbee in Central Park and the best burger in Midtown. An intercession for the curious, the world traveler. And yes, for students who need gym credit.  

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: College Road Trip

Course Description: It's Spring of your junior year, and suddenly it hits you: You're going to be a senior in just a few months! This is your chance to get a head start on the college process. Spend three days traveling to, exploring, touring, and hanging out at three different colleges in and around NYC. After this college road trip, you'll be all set to begin your senior year relaxed, prepared, and excited about your future.

Who’s Eligible: Restricted to 20 11th graders

Course Title: Computer Code and Game Design

Course Description: Every app you use on your phone and every program on your computer was made by someone who knows how to code computer. Code is the language that people use to create new software, video games, and apps. We'll spend the morning getting an introduction to learning computer codes, and program a few simple games. We'll go on two field trips -- one to the Sony Wonder Lab and one to be determined.

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Crime Scene Investigation

Course Description: Have you ever watched Law & Order: SVU? Have you ever wondered how they figure out who the suspects are? Well, in this intersession you will be doing experiments like they do. You will even be able to do tests on your own DNA. There are also options to do experiments like, "Pinocchio's Arm: A Lie Detector Test," "Bubble-ology," "Alka-Seltzer -Soda Explosions," or even "Table Ice Cream." You have the option to decide!

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: DIY Creating & Crafting

Course Description: Want to learn how to make something new and beautiful out old stuff from around your house and other cheap or free materials?   We will be introducing you to many different do it yourself crafts and projects including knitting, card making, hand embroidry, basket making, origami, paper mache objects, and t-shirt crafting.  We also want students who have craft skills that they would like to share with the rest of the group!  We are looking for enthusiastic, cooperative, and creative students to make this the best intersession EVER!!!!  Please only apply if you think you would be a good fit for our intersession!

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Food, Fights, Drama: Cafeteria Plays

Course Description: Ready for some radical theater? Here's the question... Have you ever had beef in the cafeteria? We're not talking about the "beef" you eat: we're talking about drama & trauma? Haven't we all? So now's the chance to ACT out your lunchroom experience and PLAY with your food! In this intercession, students will create a piece of IMMERSION THEATER, researching and writing very short "table plays," skits, and scenes which they will perform in the 5th floor cafeteria for an audience that shares tables with the actors.  Devoted student actors may choose to participate in a professional theater event later in the year as part of White Bird Productions' "Table Plays Project."

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Gentlemen in Chocolate City

Course Description: Welcome to Chocolate City, also known as Washington D.C.! We’re venturing off to our nation’s capital for two days of history, culture and the Historically Black College/University (HBCU) experience! We’ll learn all about ‘The Mecca’ of Black colleges -- Howard University; tour the White House; visit the sites of the Million Man March, Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech, and the many historic monuments on the National Mall. You’ll witness that spring in DC is stunning with attractions like the annual cherry blossom festival; eat a world-famous hotdog from Ben’s Chili Bowl; cruise the U Street corridor; and discover Corcoran College of Art and Design.

Can we figure out a way to get in front of President Obama? Shoot hoops at Georgetown? Witness a live step show? We’re gonna try our hardest! Don’t miss it!

April 3rd will be spent together at NDHS reviewing details about the trip, which will take place on April 4-5th.

Who’s Eligible: Males only. Priority given to 9th grade males and members of the Gentlemen’s Group, but all NDHS male students are eligible.

Course Title: Interchession

Course Description: This course is open to students of all chess levels, even those who do not yet know how to play.  The only requirement is interest.  In this course we will play a lot of chess.  In between games we will learn a few classic openings, some mid-game strategies, and some end-game drills.  In addition we will be traveling to the village chess shop where a master will play (and most likely defeat) all of us simultaneously.  Following our visit to the chess shop we will visit Washington square park (weather permitting) to play each other and watch the local chess players.  Other activities include making our own chess set and watching a chess movie.

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Lowline

Course Description: Down Low with the Lowline: Heard about the Lowline- the proposed park underneath Delancey Street?  Become a master planner.  Visit the historic site from the subway tracks, check out the architectural plans, learn about a new way to bring sunlight underground-- and then help come up with your own ideas for the future park.

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Math, Game Theory & the Magic: The Gathering Card Game

Course Description: Learn the strategy and mathematics behind the game Magic: The Gathering, a customizable card game created by Mathematics Ph.D. Richard Garfield. The course is primarily for people who already know how to play the game but people who have recently started to learn are welcome to sign up.

We will treat the game academically. We analyze the game from a game theory perspective. We will learn about how basic knowledge of probability, combinatorics and hypothetical deductive reasoning can help you understand the game better and WIN MORE. We will have a tournament,  visit local stores (maybe) and learn about card value fluctuations and how they relate to the stock market.

Who’s Eligible: Prior approval from Dr. Phil Dituri

Course Title: Muralistas!

Course Description: Muralistas! Design and paint a new mural on the rooftop of New Design! As a collective we will brainstorm and develop a FRESH mural to be painted using acrylic and aerosol paints. You will learn different techniques and tools that are used in painting murals around the world and learn how to create a public work of art with a team of artists.

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: NDHS Big Buddies with ND Middle School

Course Description: Have you ever wanted to be a BIG BUDDY to a younger student?

This intersession will explore what it means to be a leader among peers, but also how to be a leader and mentor to younger students, specifically at our sister school, New Design Middle School. We will be spending three exploring ourselves as LEADERS and MENTORS. This will be a very active intersession participating students from NDMS.  We will be traveling to and spending time at NDMS in West Harlem throughout intersession.

Who’s Eligible: Sophomores, juniors and seniors only

Course Title: NDHS Instahunt

Course Description: Grab your smartphone and document cool and unusual aspects of New York City! You and a partner will receive a list of of items to find and Instagram using the hashtag #NDHSInstahunt.
Along the way, you'll snap photos of everyday people, random objects, and wacky scenarios. At the end of the hunt, points will be totalled and prizes will be awarded!

Who’s Eligible: Students must have a smartphone and the Instagram app.

Course Title: New Design Choir

Course Description: During this three-day workshop we will choose three songs to sing as a group.  We will rehearse them and perform them for the school on Friday during a showcase.  We will work on vocal technique, breathing and harmony.  

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Pop-Up Shop Product Design

Course Description: Think you can sew? Are you a printing queen/king? Shibori dye master? Then join me for a three day intensive textile and product design workshop. Learn how to create a super hip product you could actually SELL in our annual Pop-Up Shop!

Who’s Eligible: Only students who have had Julie will be accepted

Course Title: Rock Band for Musicians Only

Course Description: MUSICIANS WANTED: Guitar players (more Johnny Ramone than Eddie V.H. but Eddies welcome), bass players (not bassists), drummers (Moe Tuckers and John Bonhams please), singers o.k. (not too emo unless you sound like David Bowie), backing vocals a must.

We will learn at least two songs to perform for the school. One song I choose. One song you choose.

"It's a long way to the top when you want to rock and roll." - Bon Scott

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Parks and Recreation

Course Description: We’ll explore several city parks and enjoy everything from their open spaces to their super-serious tire swings. We’ll do A LOT OF WALKING, take a guided tour of Central Park, and spend time working in groups on a final project. We hope, if you sign up for this intersession, that you like these things, too! With trips to Battery Park, Central Park, a long walk along the East River’s parks and playgrounds, and possibly even a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens we’ll make observations that will allow us to spend time on the final day designing, drawing, and presenting our version of the perfect NYC park.

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: Unicorns, Mini Golf and Romantic Rowboats

Course Description: Has the cold, gray weather taken the pizzazz out of your day-to-day?  Put some spring in your step with unicorns, mini-golf and romantic rowboats.  In this outdoor intersession extravaganza, we will: row row row our boats in picturesque Central Park (serenades optional); go on a guided tour of a magical medieval castle in up uptown Manhattan containing - yes you guessed it - a room devoted entirely to unicorns; and finally putt a round of mini-golf in Flushing Meadows Park.  We will organize fun sports competitions such as kick ball, wiffle ball and maybe even a little jogging with our extra time in the parks.  Wear comfortable, sporty clothing and sneakers!          

Who’s Eligible: Open to all students.  There will be a $6.50 fee for the boats in Central Park and $8.25 for mini-golf (or the zoo if it's raining).  We will ask for $14.75 up front for the activities.  Wear comfortable, sporty clothing and sneakers!  Activities are subject to change based on the weather

Course Title: Urban Survivalist Club

Course Description: Be prepared so survive the next storm of the century with the survival skills you'll learn while running around in the park.  CHARGE your phone with the sun when the power goes out.  NAVIGATE with a map and compass.  If you like being outside and seeing the city from a different perspective, the class is for you.

Who’s Eligible: All students

Course Title: What's Your Story? (and gym credit)

Course Description: Everybody has a story to tell.  Take this 3-day writer's workshop to write yours.  We will spend a lot of time reading and writing stories and take exercise breaks (soccer, yoga, basketball, walking tours of NYC) which can earn you valuable gym credit.  A typical day might look like this: Writing workshop A and B blocks, exercise during C block. Go to lunch. Writing workshop D and E block and a final exercise break before going home.

Who’s Eligible: All students