My Turn


Lisa is a fine, feisty, energetic singer right from the off on this CD, strangely enough her debut album despite the fact that she already enjoys a strong reputation with blues and roots fans in her base in southern California and has been around for quite a while. Don’t be put off by that – her voice is strong, her original material well worth a listen, and the backing band exceptional, especially guitarist BR Millon. Lisa showcases her talents in a variety of styles – the majority of tracks are straight blues, but there are also a couple of funky tunes, a little soul (a fine cover of Mickey Champion’s ‘What Good Am I?’), a pounding Canned Heat styled boogie tribute to the late Robert Lucas on the latter’s ‘Good-Bye Baby’, a singer-songwriter styled ‘Already Free’, and most surprisingly, a very successful cover of the old Jefferson Airplane anthem, ‘White Rabbit’, with horns taking the guitar part.

Norman Darwen