Tsubame with a friend.Tsubame sees Yahiko for the first time.Poisoned.

Name: Sanjo Tsubame

Age: 10 or 11

Love Interest: Myojin Yahiko

Friends: The Kenshingumi and Oniwabanshuu, Tae.

Enemies: Nagaoka, Yukishiro Enishi

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Tsubame is from a low class samurai family that had been the servants of the Nagaoka family for generations. With the abolition of the samurai class, that should have been the end of that, but Nagaoka believed in the old ways and terrorized Tsubame, forcing her to steal for him. Tsubame came to the Akabeko under the pretense of working, but was really supposed to get the mold to the owner's key so Nagaoka could break in and steal the money. Nagaoka's plot was thwarted when Yahiko happened upon him roughing up Tsubame and attempted to put a stop to the situation.

Personality: Initially very shy and timid, Tsubame comes out of her shell after she becomes friends with the Kenshingumi and learns to have a stronger heart from Yahiko and Kaoru. Tsubame is very kind and even the shiest of birds will approach her and sit on her hand.

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