We have been very active in the music room these first few weeks of school.  I am new at OAS so we have been singing name songs to help meet each other and learn students names. By playing the rhythm of our names on the drum, we discovered that some names have one sound and other have two, three or four.  

We have been listening to different styles of music to practice our steady beat and active listening skills, exploring the music room and moving to the music with drums and scarves.  

September is also a time when we explore making different sounds with our voices, practicing high and low sounds, learning the difference between our chanting, whispering and singing voices and enjoying singing as a class at the piano.

locomotor movement.jpg

Students have enjoyed using the new spinner to choose different “locomotor” movements to respond to music.  We learned a song called “Walk All Around friends” and the spinner challenges us to move in new ways while we sing this song.  We are also practicing choosing partners with hand-clapping games like “Acka Backa Soda Cracker,” we get a great rhythm workout with this too!

xylos (1).jpg

We have a special area in the music room called “Xylo world,” where all our mallet instruments live.  We are learning the special names that go with each of these instruments: metallophones, glockenspiels, and xylophones. Students are exploring what sounds we can make with these instruments.  They are ideal for accompanying our songs.