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Police:  911
Ambulance: 911  

Medical Help:

Friends of Bolivia Foundation        
Provides medical assistance and health care resources to survivors of violence and those from vulnerable backgrounds.
Address: Landmark Towers East  3535 N.W. 58th St. Suite 600  Oklahoma City, OK 73112  
Phone: (405) 943-4606 - (405) 947-7007  

Education and Employment

Pro Mujer
Provides training for women and offers healthcare resources to women in Bolivia, particularly those who are either vulnerable to or have survived violence.
Address: 19, El Alto, Bolivia

Amanecer Children Home
Offers a safe environment and a new start for the children and women who live on the streets of Cochabamba. Amanecer offers help to vulnerable and at-risk mothers.
Address: Casilla 2431, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Telephone: 011-591-4-233844 or 011-591-4-4241290
Fax: 011-591-4-233844

Casa de la Mujer
Provides education, legal and psychosocial counselling and crisis response for women who have faced violence.
Address: Av. Hernando Sanabria (Ex Av. Centenario) esq. 3rd. Ring Bolivia
Phone: 3521803

Gregoria Apaza
Provides empowerment and education programs for women.
Address: Av. John Paul II and C. Eulert # 280. El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia
Phone: 2840351 - 2840441 - 2841963

Comprehensive Center for Women (CIM)
Offers training, protection, legal and counseling for women who have been victims of violence. 
Address: PO Box No. 1245, Tarija.   
Phone: #: 591 66 38517   Fax #: 591 66 33610   

House of Women:
Provides counselling, legal advice and emergency response for women who have faced and survived violence. 
Phone: 591-3-3521803
Fax 591-3-3524151