Maumelle High School



Parent/Student Handbook

(This handbook supplements the PCSSD Parent/Student Handbook)

Mr. Jeff Senn, Principal

Mr. Timothy Hopson, Assistant Principal

Mr. Teodis Ingram, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Laconya Isaac, Assistant Principal

Phone: (501) 851-5350

Fax: (501) 851-5356

To The Parents: Well-informed parents promote a positive school environment. Consistent  with this philosophy, we are asking that you and your child review the Student Handbook and return the signature page to school. In this handbook, you will note that we have included regulations and general information which will benefit your child in becoming a productive member of the school community. Parents are encouraged to conference with teachers if there is a need of assistance with your student’s education or behavior in class. Through cooperation between parents and teachers, students can most benefit in their educational experience.  

To The Students: Welcome to Maumelle High School. This school belongs to you, and your success here will be determined by you. This handbook has been developed for the purpose of informing you of the policies, regulations and what is acceptable behavior at Maumelle High School.  We hope that it will assist you in making your school days pleasant and productive. The administration and faculty encourage you to participate in clubs, organizations and extracurricular activities to enhance your educational experience at Maumelle High School.

Student Identification Badges:  New and returning students will receive an identification (ID) badge at the beginning of the school year: the cost for the ID badge will be $5.00. Returning students are asked to retain their ID badges over the summer and use them until new ones are issued.

1.  Students must have ID badge in their possession at all times during the school day.  ID badges must not be defaced. Students must hand their ID badge to any staff member upon request. Students must not possess other students’ ID badges.

2. A replacement badge will be made at the student’s expense.  Lost ID badges will be replaced for $3.00.  Persistent offenses will result in an infraction requiring administrative action. -- Level 1 Rule 101 

Checking In or Out:  A student is to be checked out by a parent or someone approved by the parent.  Students are not allowed to check themselves out regardless of age.  Parent calls will not be accepted for checkouts.  The parent must sign the student out, email, or fax the proper documentation to the office (501-851-5356).

  1. Maumelle High School is a closed campus.  If you are late for school it is required that you sign-in in the main office before going to class.
  2. Students enrolled in one of the cooperative work programs must leave campus immediately at the end of their last assigned period or they will be considered out of designated area and be written up  

Absences/Truancy: ACA 6-18-209, 6-18-222.  Any student who is tardy by 15 minutes or checking out of class with more than 15 minutes remaining will be considered absent for the class.  Parents/Guardians will be notified by telephone daily by class period when their student is absent. Parents will be notified by mail after five (5) unexcused absences. The local prosecuting attorney will be notified when students have unexcused absences for six (6) full days in one semester. -- Level 1 Rule 604.

State and District requirements for student attendance can be found in the PCSSD Student Handbook.

Tardies: ACA 6-18-217, 6-18-222. Students are expected to arrive at school on time and attend classes on time. -- Level 1 Rule 601.  Promptness is the responsibility of each student. Students who are late to class show a disregard for both the teacher and their classmates which compromises potential student achievement.

1. The reporting of tardies on attendance sheets will be the responsibility of the teacher.

2. Students who are tardy for the school day for such reasons as oversleeping, missing the bus, or being transported by private transportation are not considered to have an excused tardy.

3. Students must check in at the main office when they arrive late on campus regardless of the arrival time. This holds true at any time during the school day.  Failure to check in with the office will result in an automatic unexcused tardy.  

4. Students who arrive on a late bus must check in at the office.

5. The tardy discipline policy is as follows: (Per Class Period)

1st tardy = Warning

2nd tardy = ISS

3rd tardy =1 Day of Out of School Suspension

If a student receives 3 tardies in the same day the student will receive one day of suspension.

Students who receive 2 tardies in the same day will receive ISS.

All tardies will be deleted at midterm.

Saturday School Detention (SSD): SSD is an alternative to out-of-school suspension, and it is held on campus on specific Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.  Students are notified verbally when assigned SSD. Parents/Guardians are notified by telephone call out, and a letter with the assigned SSD attendance date and rules for SSD is sent home with the student. Failure to attend SSD or to comply with the rules for SSD will result in a 4 day suspension.

Dress Code: Dress standards at Maumelle High are intended to result in an environment conducive to learning and a better understanding of what is appropriate dress for students.    Students are expected to dress neatly and modestly at all school functions.  All clothing is to be worn as intended (shirts right-side out, belts buckled, overall straps fastened, etc.) Failure to follow the standards of appropriate dress will result in a warning the first time and subsequent infractions will result in 1 day of ISS. – PCSSD Level 1 Rule 602. Please adhere to the following:

1.   No Sagging:    

2.   Any shorts, dresses, or skirt worn with or without leggings, must be no shorter than  


  1. Pants, jeans, or shorts with tears or fraying above the knee must have clothing on

underneath. No skin can be shown.

  1. Revealing clothing (transparent, midriff, holes, backless or low cut blouses) is not


5.   Sleeveless tops are not permitted for male or female students.  

6.   Sleepwear or pajamas are not acceptable clothing for an educational setting.

7.   Objects or devices of no reasonable use at school and which may cause physical

      injury, such as spike jewelry, chains and hair picks are to be left at home.

8.   Head coverings and sunglasses must be taken off upon entering the school and left in

      the lockers. Medical exceptions require written approval from a school administrator.

9.   Clothing with obscene, profane or suggestive words, phrases, or pictures (Hooter’s,

      alcohol, drugs, guns, tobacco products, etc.) will not be worn.

10. Shoes are required to be worn at all times.

Care of School Property: Maumelle High School has the nicest facilities in all of Arkansas, and we all should do our part to keep it beautiful. Students who damage or destroy school property will be disciplined and will pay for the cost of repairs and/or replacement.

1. The school may file criminal charges against students who damage school property.  

2. Students issued textbooks, calculators and other school property for the school year must return these items by the last day of school in attendance. Students who lose or damage any or all of these items will be required to pay for them.  

3. Students must use waste baskets and/or other appropriate containers to discard trash. Students should clean up after themselves at all times.

Lockers:  Each student at Maumelle High School will be required to pay a $5 locker fee.  Students are not allowed to share lockers. The student who is assigned the locker is responsible for any and all contents and/or condition of the locker.  Students should be certain that their locker is closed and their lock is securely locked after each use.  Locker combinations should not be given to others. No open food or drinks are allowed in lockers.

Students who share lockers are subject to the following discipline:

  1.  Parent conference
  2.  Refer to the PCSSD handbook for refusal to follow school rules

No student is allowed to put anything on the outside of the lockers.  The student that is renting the locker will be responsible for all damage to the inside and outside of the locker.  This includes writing, scratches, gum, tacks, tape, etc.


Student Parking: Student parking on school property is a privilege.  Those who fail to uphold these rules will be subject to monetary fines and/or loss of parking privileges per Rule 603 in the PCSSD Handbook.  The conditions are as follows:

1. All motor vehicles must be registered at the beginning of the school year and have a

     parking permit properly displayed.  Parking permits are $10 and can be obtained in the


2. The only parking area for students during the day is in the student parking lot.

    Parking spaces will be assigned.

3. Maumelle High School is not liable for damages to cars on the parking lots.

4. After arrival on campus, students are to leave their vehicles immediately and not

    return to the parking lot until the end of the school day—unless given specific

    permission to do so by an administrator,  

5. Students who drive vehicles to school must be licensed in accordance with state laws.

6. Students are to obey all traffic signals, signs, and markings on campus.

8. Failure to have a parking permit displayed behind the mirror will result in disciplinary

    action (see rule 1).

9. Speeding and reckless driving are prohibited and will result in loss of parking

    privileges. The speed limit in any school parking lot is not more than 15 mph.

Book Bags/Backpacks/Purses, Etc.:  Book bags, backpacks, purses, etc. must be left in the student’s locker from 8:30-3:55.  Backpacks, book bags and purses are not allowed in the classrooms. The “etc.” can include any items that are not directly needed for the educational process, such as: pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.  Students tardy to class because they must return items to their locker will be subject to the tardy policy.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty.  Any student committing plagiarism or cheating will receive a zero on the assignment without the opportunity for a revision.