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Welcome to Team!

Grayshaw & Yeo Gardening Company was set up in 2010 and is a combination of Emily and Judith’s skills to bring together over 10 years commercial gardening experience.

Our aim is to work with clients to help them create and maintain beautiful gardens.  We do this by initially visiting the garden and meeting the client.  We then assess their requirements and recommend how many hours the garden needs per month in order to develop and maintain it.

As part of the Grayshaw & Yeo Gardening Company team we’d like to support you by giving you monthly advice on jobs that need to be done and providing training. We like to know what you love doing as a gardener so that we can place you with gardens that most suit your gardening style.

We’d also like for you to progress as a gardener and as a thank you for commitment shown to our clients and Grayshaw & Yeo Gardening Company we will increase your hourly rate to £12 with existing gardens after the first year, though new gardens will begin £10 in their first year regardless of how long you have worked with us, this is to cover advertising costs and the time it takes us to set up the garden for you.

If you work in a garden that doesn’t have their own tools and you are using your own petrol lawn mower, strimmer or hedge cutter than we will always pay £12 an hour.

By becoming a subcontractor for Grayshaw & Yeo Gardening Company we think that it is important that you feel part of a team. As gardeners we know how beneficial it is to be in touch with other gardeners as it’s the best way to continue to learn and evolve your own gardening style, so far we have been to visit nurseries and gardens and have provided training on products and pruning.

We would also like to offer you some protection from late cancellations; we have therefore asked all our clients to give you two weeks’ notice if they no longer need you for winter, we found that people were phoning us the night before to cancel even though we felt there were things that we could have done in their garden! With this in mind please give your clients plenty of notice of when you next plan to visit so that they have enough time to cancel with enough warning. In turn you will be able to politely let a garden know you won’t be able to come that day, although you then won’t be paid for the hours you would have worked.

Please also ensure that you are always providing good communication with your clients by emailing them after each visit to confirm your time in the garden and the date of your next visit.  Please copy us into all communications (even if it doesn’t seem relevant) as this will act as proof of your visit if there is ever a dispute.

We hope you enjoy working for Grayshaw and Yeo Gardening Company and are happy to hear about your gardening experiences so that we can improve our services and help you to become great gardeners.

Payment procedure

  1. Please provide us with details of the bank account you’d like us to transfer money into.
  2. On the day of each visit to the garden please email the hours you have worked and the next date you will work to both the client and Grayshaw & Yeo Gardening Company, this way there will be no dispute about the hours you have worked and gives the client enough time to give notice.
  3. On the 1st of each month please email an invoice, for all hours worked in the previous month, to Grayshaw & Yeo Gardening Company. In the breakdown we need the name of the client, a total of the hours worked for each individual client and a total of hours worked in that month. Please don’t be late!
  4. We will then transfer the appropriate amount into your bank account by the 15th of the month.

Public Liability Insurance

Please provide us with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance before you begin work in a garden and it is your own responsibility to keep this up to date.

Judith Yeo

Strengths are bedding, vegetables, lawns and planting schemes.

Tel:                 01483 422847

Mobile:         07817 208655


Address:         18, Ormonde Road, Godalming Surrey, GU7 2EU

Emily Grayshaw

Strengths are shrubs, herbaceous, pruning and planting schemes.

Mobile:        07799292573


Address:        18, Broadwater Lane, Farncombe, Godalming GU7 3JQ

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