The EMS/EWM Survey Lectures 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016 starting at 9:00

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 from 16:30 to 19:00

at Technische Universität Berlin

Program for Wednesday July 20, 2016, 16,30-19,30

Opening of the EMS/EWM Survey Lectures 2016


Salutes by the EMS President, Pavel Exner and the Chair of the 7ECM Local Organizing Committee, Volker Mehrmann, to the community of European Women in Mathematics

Public Lecture: Alessandra Celletti  (University of Roma Tor Vergata),

Chaotic routes that shaped the universe: a history of some outstanding women scientists.

tanding women scientists.


That planets and satellites orbit, in the 2-body approximation, on regular elliptic trajectories is known since the work of Johannes Kepler. But in the following centuries mathematicians realized that the 3-body problem leads to completely different solutions, possibly chaotic. This was a dramatic change of perspective due to Henri Poincaré, who introduced chaos in science.

That chaos could influence also human life was well described in a play written by Sofia Kovalevskaya. But nobody could imagine that a small group of women, hired by chance at Harvard observatory at the turn of the XX century, could strongly contribute to our present understanding of the universe.

Opening of the Exhibition Women mathematicians in Europe. A gallery of portraits. 18,30-19,30

Musical opening Lo que nunca dijo nadie for Guitar and Violin (Elena Mendoza),text by Ángel González.2004,


Address of welcome by Prof. Etienne Emmrich, Director of the Mathematics Institute, T.U.

Address of welcome by Prof. Christine Ahrend, Vice-president of the Berlin Technical University for Research, Hiring and Promotion of young researchers

A word of welcome by the Federal minister for Education and Research, Prof. Johanna Wanka, will be read by Prof. Ahrend.

Address of welcome by Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the ERC

Introduction of the theme of the Exhibition by Prof. Sylvie Paycha

Musical interlude Die Macht der Gewohnheit” for a talking violinist (Elena Mendoza), 2014, text by Hans-Magnus Enzensberger,

Talk on the theme Women in Music by Prof. Elena Mendoza

Opening of the Exhibition by Prof. Sylvie Paycha