Narrative Writing Planner:

Fairy Tale: Snow Georgia and Prince Big Nose

Characters: Snow Georgia, Prince, Big Nose and 7 bad dwarves (Fatty, Grumpy, , Big Butt, long nose, Meany and Smelly bum dum bum).


Once upon a time there was a girl called Snow Georgia.  She lived near the forest were the 7 bad dwarves


One day the bad dwarves came out from their cave mining diamonds but big butt did a big fart next to Snow georgia. Everyone and thing  stopped.5 minutes came and the dwarves went running to snow Georgia.She tried to run away from the bad dwarves but  she tripped  up and crazy put a sleeping potion on her. Soon prince Big Nose came and put her on a bag with Marshmallows. after big nose came back after 10 minutes she didn't   wake up. After wine big nose left  The  bad dwarve came and looked at snow Georgia on the bag of marshmallows.Wine Big nose came back he got the  Flower from the Florist .he put a Petl on her and...she was awaykc they had a big party  

and they all lived happy ever after

the end


Problems:got speld

Solution:a bag of marshmellos