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Quiz: Latitude, Longitude, Density, Polaris

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1. Which New York State location is nearest to 42°40’ N, 78° 50’ W?

2. Which ‘hot spot’ is nearest 32°N, 18°W?

3. Gold has a density of 19.3 grams per centimeter. If you took a gold bar that weighed 40 grams and cut it in half, what would the density of each half be?

4. If you are in Utica, NY, estimate to the nearest degree the altitude of polaris in the night sky.

5. What is the latitude and longitude (to the nearest degree) of the Hawaiian Hot Spot?


Five samples of a mineral’s mass and volume are plotted above. Calculate the density of the mineral

7. Describe a scientific procedure to measure the volume of a mineral

8. Which tectonic plate is New York on?

9. Why does New York have relatively few volcanoes compared to areas along the Ring of Fire?

10. Explain why people in the Southern Hemisphere cannot see Polaris.

(be more specific than ‘because it’s the north star’)