Debriefing Statement

Dear Research Participant,

Thank you for your participation in our study! We hope that participation in this program was not too stressful or difficult and ultimately empowered you as a parent. Our aim is to learn more about how parents can utilize methods for improved emotion regulation in their toddlers, and as a result, strengthen their connection with their children. Your participation over the past 8 weeks will be very beneficial to the development of this particular parenting program and future research in parenting. Our results will help us assess the effectiveness of this parenting program and make any necessary adjustments to further benefit parents and toddlers who enroll in the future.

Past research in similar parenting programs have found parents reported less stress, improved parent-child relationships, and fewer negative behaviors with toddlers. We hope to achieve similar results in this parenting program. For further reading, please ask us for a copy of our recommended reading list.

The results of our study will be available in the future. If you would like a copy of our results, please give us your address now or contact us at a later date at 702-724-4912, or through updates at You may keep this sheet for your records.


Karen Purves