Town of Middletown Springs

Trustees of Public Funds


Meeting Minutes - APPROVED


Jan 12, 2018  at the Town Office   1:00pm

Present:  Beth Miller, Lois Dansereau, Alice Hoisington

A discussion about the 2016 recipient for the Henderson Fund, we have one request this year.

We decided to give the recipient  $500.00. Beth made a motion to disperse $500.00  and Alice seconded.


We had a discussion about the Lewis Library Fund, and the annual dispersal to the Middletown Springs Public Library. We agreed  to give to the library for 2017  $650.00.  Beth made a motion to donate $650.00, and  Alice seconded.


Mathews-Bigalow Fund,    After a discussion we agreed to pay out  of the interest 75% of the income,in the amount of $380.00 to the First Response team.  Motion made by Beth, and seconded by Lois.


Meeting adjourned at 1:50pm

Respectfully submitted;   Lois Dansereau