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Comprehensive Health Education Materials grades 6-9

2018- 2019 Spartanburg School District One

6th 7th and 8th Grades:

Nu-CULTURE  is a classroom-based relationship education program for grades 6-8. This curriculum helps students understand the risk associated with early sexual activity and develop skills necessary to make healthy decisions and avoid risky behaviors. It emphasizes increasing skills and self-efficacy in communication and refusal skills using through age-appropriate, medically accurate information about teen pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted infections, and other sexual health topics The Nu-CULTURE curriculum consists of eight 50-minute sessions each in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, for a total of 24 sessions over the course of three years.

9th grade:

Love Notes aims to assist diverse youth in building healthy and safe relationships and in identifying a personally meaningful context and pace for sex that is responsible and protective of health and heart. The goal of Love Notes is to move beyond a narrow health-based dangers and risks approach (while providing medically-accurate STI and reproductive health information) towards a holistic, integrated, and proactive approach of positive youth development, healthy relationships, pregnancy/STI, and IPV prevention.  Love notes focuses on making wise relationship and sexual choices; ones that will assist youth rather than create barriers for achieving their education, employment, relationship and family goals. Love Notes is a new kind of program that integrates healthy relationship education with pregnancy/STI and dating violence prevention. Love Notes is trauma-informed; it supports youth in learning more about themselves, in making meaning of their past, and cultivating a vision of what they want. Youth acquire skills, knowledge, and confidence to reach for their goals.

Other Health Areas (Nutrition, Substance Abuse, Dental Health):

Health for Children (Nutrition) 2005 Schlessenger Media

Health for Children (Personal Health and Hygiene) 2005 Schlessenger Media

Take Care of Your Teeth 2003 Marsh Media

Wash Those Hands 2003 Marsh Media

Me and my Body 2003 Marsh Media

Jammin’ Minutes

CATCH Coordinated Approach to Child Health 2010 Flaghouse, Inc.

SPARK PE curriculum usually has a health/nutrition component that is integrated into a physical education lesson. School Specialty

Teaching Today’s Health: David J. Anspaugh & Gene Ezel

Second Steps Curriculum