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God sees - a bm2010 art performance
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God Sees                                                              

Body -> Soul -> God -> See

Does your soul want to see the world from God’s perspective? Let your soul wander around in this out-of-body experience theater performance for an audience of one and two actors.

Duration: 6-10 minutes.

“God Sees” is an art project for the annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. The spectator wears video-glasses and experiences the out-of-body experience through the eyes of a digital wireless camera. The first act of the play takes the soul out of your body and lets it wander around, making the spectator into part of the play and letting her or him interact with the activities around. A crucial decision has to be made to drink water of life offered by Jesus himself - it influences how the play ends. One possible end is to see God’s perspective - a look on the world from 30m height (if the weather allows, 300m height). The theater act is accompanied by music, a recorded narrator, and actor voices.

August 2010. tag: #godsees . Video: 

Test Run

Sunday, 22.8.2010, 16:00, Vienna, Maria Theresien Platz

between: Kunsthistorischem und Naturhistorischem Museum.
watch for the balloon.
we changed Location! it is not in Muqa!


Tuesday, 31.8.2010, Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada
around 5:30 and B(aghdad), watch for the balloon


Tuesday, 14.9.2010, VSL Lindabrunn, Paraflows
there is a chance we will give another show there.


Leo Sauermann,

Technical Director

Franz Ablinger,

Narrator Voice                

Robert Herzl, actor

“the girl”                

Ingrid Brunner-Sauermann

Sound editor                


Executive Producers

Franz Ablinger
Fredrik Debong
Your name                

Leo Sauermann         

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20 EUR

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Contact the(at) or +4369914669747

We got!

1*1 meter

Toy Glass, 5cm high

Modellbau Funkfernbedienung und Empfänger mit mehreren Frequenz-optionen
FlyCamOne Video Cable

FlyCamOne RX Cable

Rechargeable Batteries - many
Video-signal-cinch to VGA converter!
500 meter fishing
line or kite line 25kg strong
wrench to wind/unwind line
latex balloons 1.2-1.5 diameter
FlyCamOne V-Eyes
FlyCamOne XLink

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490 EUR to cover expenses - donate!