Dear customers,


Firstly, we would like to thank you for joining our pottery class. We have important news for you as:

After big rain of few days ago, we found a damaged part by water in the classroom. After conducting a survey, we are planning to make some extensive repairs in May in order to secure future safety, especially before monsoon rain come in. At this moment it is not possible to determine how long the repair period will be prolonged, but it is highly possible that it will be rather long. Therefore we decide to stop the class in end of April and we will temporarily close the night class from next week to investigating and preparing for construction.


About customer’s pottery items, we will try to contact you soon after finishing the baking process, so that you can pick it up as soon as possible. If you have already waited for over 20 days, please contact us soon. We cannot keep all products safety when reconstruct start.  Also we will dispose items which has got over three months. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate for your cooperation.


Towards reconstruction in May, we plan to sell some of pottery tools, hand-wheels, electric wheels, ets. It’s not just for renewing the classroom, but preparing for construction expenses as well. The sale will launch on the 18th of April to 29th of April, making sure this sale is going to be the biggest chance (sale up to 50% off) for who is interested in pottery field. Please don’t miss it, otherwise you are impossible find and buy these items. First come, first serve!!

Super discount Sale Item list

Sales furniture list

Sale Pottery Tool list