Putting the ”N” in news

April 18, 2016

Seen and Now Heard:

Eagles Rook

By: Jean Babtise -Chief Field Reporter

Ah Eagles Rook, land of knights and bacon. Which if you think about it, is kind of a weird combination, I have tried knight bacon, it’s not particularly better than a pig’s…

Anyway despite the fact that the very land makes necromancers break out in black spotted hives, Eagle’s Rook had it’s share of problems. For one thing their was time snarls breaking out in the land, gashes in reality that go… places. No particular place, no particular time, just AWAY. I was using it as a garbage bag. Then it vanished, apparently they unravel.

In addition to scars in reality, several ambassadors from other places showed up. Some fae descendants I was told, one of them wore the skull of their first kill, it was pretty rad. Then they left after Chimeron had a diplomatic hug festival.

Fortunately those were not my problems!  Because there were card tournaments for Neden to concern ourselves with.  There was a poker tournament (Which neden won) and a magic draft (which I didn’t).

Plus there was a feast, or rather a demonstration of the flexibility of bacon. Bacon in the carrots bacon in the green beans, bacon fat used to cook the things that didn’t need bacon chunks floating in it. Bacon for bacon itself.

Also Invictus won the OOTL tournament, obviously.

             Upcoming Threat:

 by Sir Syruss O’Leary of Neden

Recently reported there has been bit of an issue in the lands of Neden concerning their Undead Workforce.

  In addition to breaking into the castle’s Cider Cellar and Artifact Arcaneum the undead have been seen blowing off work and amassing in small gatherings.

  Despite all of Grebinar’s and my undead killing expertise we have yet to be able to cull out the rowdy undead. New undead workers being made daily only last a few hours before they are found drifting off with other undead to these small gatherings.

  Recently slaughtered undead have been found with posters and flyers of Rebellious Nature, which can also explain some of the Undead’s newly found vocabulary and outwards disrespect to their Owners and Overseers.

  The Undead are demanding workers unions, fair wages and they would like children undead kept out of the factories rather they encourage them to go to undead grade school.

 Undead with a trade background are demanding a higher rate of brains based off of performance and capabilities.

  Now the undead at this point have only recently started becoming violent after they felt they were not being heard at the assembly’s and at their public outcry at our BBQ.

  With just over than a Month to go for Neden’s next gathering this reporter is asking himself what if anything can be done to stop this unruly if not slightly more organized rabble.

  When asked for a comment Lord Nymbous had this to say “Literally we have been running smoothly with these undead for 20 years, then you and Grebinar come in to Neden and it is all slaughter whole sale of our labor force. I can say without a doubt and outmost certainty you two are the catalyst to this revolt. So either fix it or learn to wash windows.”

  A very cryptic message from our Wise Lord, scholars will have to ponder what he was trying to convey. This reporter likes to think it was a Message of hope.

Hear ye, Hear ye

By: Editor in Chief Dresden of Neden

Those who were gracious enough to attend our barbecue were made aware, there were a fair amount of undead inciting hostility and rebellion throughout the day. Some of you may have noticed they carried with them trinkets or artifacts to one degree or another. Those trinkets came from deep within the Castle depths, where we keep all our most precious treasures. Upon investigation, it has come to the Nations' attention that the Neden Cider Cellar and Artifact Arcaneum (fancy word for cubbard of magic stuff) was burgled! This explains not only the artifacts, but the seemingly increased confidence and lack of inhibition displayed by our undead workforce that day.

We thank all those who assisted in quelling the uprising, but unfortunately it seems that the undead still have a gracious supply of the national cider, and in addition to a taste for fermented apples, they now have a taste for freedom.

Lord Nymbous O'Leary has enacted strict leash laws on all undead within Nedens' borders and additionally there is a curfew in affect as well as Lanyards being produced for all Neden’s Undead Workforce. Any undead found outside their quarters after dark, or found without their leash and or proper Documentation, will be subject to prosecution and trial. A reward is in place to any undead caught after hours of curfew or without their leash and brought in.

In closing, although many artifacts were retrieved and kept as treasures by the fine adventurers in attendance at our barbecue, there remains an artifact from the Cider Cellar that is still lost. If any of you fine lads or ladies come across a Stein, it may or may not contain a "bottomless" enchantment.




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