Spring Lab Grading              Name: _______________          Peer Checkers: ______________________


You need to:

Criterion E

  • Titles (graphs, tables) e.g. "Graph 1: xxxxxxx"
  • Titles must be descriptive and useful
  • Units, uncertainties, labels
  • Justify the uncertainty of the results
  • Include qualitative observations
  • Data processing: calculation & showing working
  • Calculating weight
  • Calculating %error
  • Make graph larger and/or clearer
  • Describe patterns, trends, relationships
  • Linear, proportional relationship between weight and extension
  • Explain the forces that are acting on the spring as it is stretched away from equilibrium
  • Hooke's Law needs to be explained more clearly

Criterion B (Communication)

  • Use scientific terminology correctly
  • Make sure you cite sources in-text
  • Make sure you use full, complete APA referencing at the end.



SELF-GENERATED FEEDBACK                This is to be completed by the student who did the work

Process-level Feedback

What strategies might help you make the improvement(s) suggested?

  • Improve organisation of work: neatness, identification of important elements, completion.
  • Break task into yet-smaller stages. Use the provided checklists or make your own.
  • Learn shortcuts/ methods for: consistent decimals, scientific notation, equations on graphs
  • Go visual: focus on quality of prediction & final graphs and talk (write) about these for inspiration.
  • Ask “why?” more often. Explanation is a sequence of why-questions.

Self-regulation Feedback

How can monitoring of your own progress allow you to complete these tasks more effectively?

  • Self-assess at early stages and often, using the rubrics/ checklists
  • Ensure instructions are clear and seek guidance where needed
  • Look for opportunities to improve & extend your work: “good enough” is never good enough.
  • Discuss this assessment with MrT