Coach's Corner - Issue 20

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Coach's Corner Div 3

Well we can learn a lot from the weekend-

I asked the skips to provide some feedback on the opposition and what they felt the strengths and weaknesses are of Clifton springs.

Only 7 out of 16 players marked above average on the weekend for eastern park which clearly shows we we're not at our best on Saturday! The opposition had some steady draw bowlers particularly against knuckles rink, the two ladies. The other leaders and seconds really struggled to play the extreme lengths with majority couldn't play short ends effectively.

All of the skips for Clifton springs could be called Sundays- because they love a drive! It didn't matter what the head looked like when down they would attack. Moving to next week- we need to play smart bowls, as long as we are holding and it's a nice lie. Get round the back or play extremely short blockers! If we are holding and there is a chance to change the picture do so with the correct weight.

Another focus for the week must be for leaders and throwing the jack extreme lengths, is a huge advantage! Thirds and skips playing to instruction especially playing the weight called- I think we use our bowls in more than one way. When I say this playing up shots but keeping them on the surface, getting the back bowl.

Wednesday night we will travel to the club we are playing at on Saturday, if u can't make it please let me know.

Don't imagine the future, just create it!!!!

Coach's Corner Div 5

Unfortunately I have no information regarding the opposition but let me say that the we can only focus on what we can control and that's us!

One positive is that we play bell post hill first up which I would think be a 30 shot inferior team on grass because of the heap of shit they call carpet up on the hill.

This team has gone from strength to strength with a real self-belief and a united approach. With the addition of Jacko it has added some spice into the team, also the addition of the Hydey has added a bit of class and experience!

I have mentioned Hubba and Inky before about the commitment they have shown to the club with selection.

I would like to pay a skip who has had a stellar season and his greatest attributes on a Saturday are not necessarily his bowls, he keeps positive no matter the situation. One day I heard a team mate say if I drop a bowl in front of me he will find a positive by saying good bowl the opposition might trip on it! Congratulations to Harro- great work and keep it up!!

Also the youth in the team holds the club in great shape- hack, Chris cox, Steve cox, Jacko and Benny! Played consistently all year and no doubt are our future stars...

We have had the experienced bowlers step up the plate as well Lenny, Steve Petz, Turk and Rob Cole!

Stick together boys and bring home the bacon to feast on!!!

Coach's Corner Div 8

This week in coach’s corner i will be dissecting the opposition- I was able to watch a fair bit of the game knowing Barwon Heads will feature in the finals series.

Firstly can I start by saying congratulations to the div 8 players for demonstrating a level of commitment beyond the level you guys and gals are playing. 9 out of 12 players where practising before the game! Simply outstanding and was really proud of the effort.

The second aspect I want to draw attention to was El presidente KO Leary rink. Lost the first six ends to be 13-0 down- but I kept looking over seeing the presence of KO getting behind his chargers, urging more out of them in a positive manner. We are blessed to have KO playing in the eights and looking at his game he's always in the area. Anyway back to the game KO took charge of the length of the ends, it wasn't Sharon's greatest game with her bowls but the control of the jack throw was worth shots to the rink. They ended up 33-15! Keep that in mind come finals time. Looking at the other two rinks I believe we personally didn't play to our potential but kept fighting. Deanne has gone from strength to strength since becoming a skip in the 8s- another skip who reaches when down, does the fundamentals well.

Trev also has provided a presence coming back to the 8s, we as selectors valued his attributes greatly to put him in a leadership position knowing finals where around the corner.

We have players in the 8s putting in huge time on the track and the results are showing!

Barwon heads seem to be top heavy- there best players are at the pointy end of the rink with some real cracks in the lead and second positions- if we can expose this in finals as I always say pressure cooks ham!!!

Congratulations on a stellar season, train like your second and play like your first!

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush