Hardware & Software Requirements for Online Learning

Hardware Requirements

Recent Computer

You will need a computer that has plenty of memory and hard drive. We recommend a computer purchased within the last three years (at least an i5).  Windows 7 or 10 and the latest Mac OS is preferable.  Your computer should have a large monitor so you can easily see and manipulate information.

Internet Access

You will need fast, reliable broadband access to the internet.  Accessing your course over a wireless public network is not recommended.  

Mobile Device (Smartphone, Tablet)

A mobile device is generally not required for Morgan’s online courses. However, having a mobile device will enable you to use the Blackboard App for Students.  This app will provide you with quick and easy access to your courses, as well as to  Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Morgan’s virtual classroom/meeting tool.  


You'll need to have speakers and a sound card installed in your computer, in order to hear audio clips and files. Many courses will require you to purchase a headset, so you can listen privately. A microphone lets you participate in audio chats via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (other other conferencing applications). Microphones also allow you to record audio files and post them using Panopto (in your learning management system).

Printer / Scanner

It's a good idea to purchase a printer and/or a scanner, even though you may not use these items for every course.

Software Requirements

Operating System

An up-to-date operating system is recommended. Windows 7 or 10, or the latest Mac OS.

Internet Browser Requirements:

Online courses use Morgan’s Learning Management System, Blackboard. Please check your browser’s compatibility with Blackboard.

E-mail Address

All students must have a Morgan email address in order to participate in online courses.  Morgan’s administrative units and faculty will send email to your Morgan student email address.  If you are an employee of Morgan State, you will also need a student email address in order to participate as a student in online courses.

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access)

Many courses will contain MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel files for students to download and view.  Students will also need word processing, presentation or other software to complete projects and course requirements.  You can get MS Office through Morgan’s subscription to Microsoft Office 365.  Sign in with your Morgan email address. You’ll be prompted to download and install the Office Suite.  

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This software allows you to read PDF files.


Your instructor will list any plug-in software you may need for your course. Some version of a media player may be necessary for streaming videos. These programs are usually free and easy to download.

Extra Software, eBooks or Publisher’s Material

Your instructor will indicate if additional software, eBooks or other publisher’s material is required.