IB SL Math Chapter 18 Integration Notes

Section 18A.1-2 Area Under a Curve


Exercise 18A.1:

C-type:  1, 2

A-type:  NA

Exercise 18A.2:

C-type:  1a and find upper and lower bound for n = 5

A-type:  3

Section 18B Anti-differentiation


Exercise 21B:

C-type: 1 – 2

A-type:  3

Section 18E Integration


Part I:  General solution of an Indefinite Integral.

Exercise 18E.1:

C-type: Middle column of 1 – 3 & 5 – 7

A-type: 4

Part II:  Particular solution of an Indefinite Integral.
Exercise 18E.2:

C-type:  1bc, 2b

A-type:  3bc

Section 18F:  Integrating Composite functions


Day 1

Exercise 18F:

C-type:  First columns of 1- 2 and 5

A-type:  3b, 4ad

Day 2

Exercise 18F:

C-type:  6acegi; 7b

A-type:  9, 11b

Section 18G:  Integration by u-Substitution


Exercise 18G:

C-type:  a and b of Problems 1 – 4

A-type:  5ac

Section 18H:  The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and

Definite Integrals


Exercise 18H:

C-type:  3; 1st column of 5; 8ac

A-type:  10b

Section 18C:  Properties of Definite Integrals


Exercise 18C:

C-type:  2; 3ade

A-type:  NA

Exercise 18H:

C-type:  1 – 3; 13a

A-type:  11; 14a, 15