Punic War Online Assignment

1. Read about Hannibal and the Punic Wars

2. Take the online quiz about the article. 

**You may use the article while you take the quiz**

**You can only take the quiz ONE time**

**Time limit: 1 hour**

**Sign-in Instructions:

        first name: class period

        last name: (class period)(last name)(space)(first name)


                First name: 3

                Last name: 3Klumper Dan

        PASSWORD: willow

**Once you open the quiz, do NOT close it until you finish and submit your quiz. You will not be able to sign in again if you close the quiz before you complete it.**

**Open the article and the quiz in two separate tabs to you can look at them both at the same time. Do this by right-clicking on the link and selecting “open in new tab”