Painting Syllabus Enloe Magnet High School

Spring 2018                                                                Klenow Room 1316

Art  Goals                                                                Rewards

1.  Develop an appreciation of art                                 1.   Develop a creative outlet

2.  Develop an understanding of  different paint styles/media        2.   Improved self-esteem

3.  Create a personal aesthetic                                        3.   Fame & cash through contests

4.  Become an independent thinker and problem solver                

Grade Policy;  75% in class work

                15% sketchbook work

                10% Quizzes

Basic Rules                                                Discipline Procedures
1.  Follow all rules in the student handbook                        1.   Warning

2.  Respect the teacher & each other                                2.  Teacher Conference

3.  Respect the room and supplies                                3.  Detention

                                                        4.  Referral


Painting students must always bring a pencil to class.  We will make a palette that students may bring home at any time.  In addition brushes will be provided for in-class and homework assignments.  Students are to take care of them and return them at the end of the school year. If students would like to purchase the following supplies they are recommended but optional;

shading pencil (ebony, or 6b or higher)

eraser - any kind

hand held pencil sharpener

Paint brushes for watercolor and acrylic various sizes (00-6) and styles; pointed round, flat, filbert, mop, etc.These can be purchased at Office Depot, Staples, Jerry’s Artarama, Target, Walmart, etc.


January - February         

DUE 2/1 - glass texture-metal texture


Homework - DUE 2/16

Marina Mika inspired Figure

Draw a figure and COVER it with patterns


January - February         

  • Introduction to class; procedures, rules, rewards, website
  • Deconstruction book setup NEW STUDENTS)
  • Make palette for acrylic
  • Name Tag Design - practice paint techniques; 1. clean edge value separation,2.  Round brush/sponge stipple fade, 3. sfumato fade, 4. crosshatching with a flat brush.  5. Pointed Round detail work.

  • Watercolor Techniques

Design a tree that includes; plastic, salt,

Straw, alcohol, watercolor pencils, painters tape.

  • Ordinary Extraordinary still life- choose 3 small simple objects and enlarge them at least 10 times the normal size, create strong bold compositions. Use either watercolor or acrylic

IMG_0825.JPG IMG_0829.JPG

  • Figure Drawing Unit - practice drawing from live models,  notes on proportion- the rules of the figure



Due March 2

2 pages of gestures any style

Due March 22 -Unravelled

Draw an incomplete image, show it unravelling, coming apart, undone.



  • life drawing practice from live models, gestures, and long poses.
  • Skin tone practice; red, yellow, brown, and white
  • Create a cardboard ground, prime and transfer best figure drawing.add value, color, and texture


  • Finish Texture Figure
  • Figure painting. Using correct rules of proportion draw gestures from live models, then create a composition with the best figure and 2 gestures
  • Mount and hang favorite works in hallway-Class post it critique
  • Review for quiz  on paint techniques, proportion, and color theory





Animal ReDesign Due 4/13

Draw an animal on one page of your book, on the following page draw it while emphasizing an element or principle of design of your choice; shape, color, pattern, movement, etc.

Landscape drawing from life DUE 4/27

Draw a landscape or cityscape.  You may draw the view out of your window.




Animal in complementary colors; choose an animal in motion, create an awesome balanced interesting composition, create tension, show textures, movement, and break the picture plane 3 times. Choose either watercolor OR Acrylic

Impressionist landscape using Q-tips and acrylic paint

1. Begin with a plein air study in the courtyard or breezeway.

2. Take or bring a photo of a place that’s important to you (your yard, your favorite park as a child, the ocean, the closest greenway, etc.) and create an impressionistic painting based on your photo



Homework DUE 5/11

 - Surreal Figure Homework - Draw a face or figure with a surprise!  Add a dreamy unexpected twist.



Figure notes, fur study, experimental pages, minimum 5 homework sketches, craftmanship, cover art front and back.



Found Object Surreal Painting

Book Work, brainstorm and create thumbnail sketches of your unusual surface design idea.

  • Start “Painting on an unusual surface” choose a bottle or toy or any found object, prime and design in the style of your choice. See Nick Gentry
  • Design a surreal image with a strong focal point.  Choose a color relationship; analogous, monochromatic, complementary, or full balanced.


Rosenquist composition-combine 3 unlikely objects, focus on texture and composition. Use watercolor OR acrylic.  Start with magazine collage.