Painting Syllabus Enloe Magnet High School

Spring 2017                                                Klenow Room 1316

Art  Goals                                                                Rewards

1.  Develop an appreciation for all art forms                  1.   Develop a creative outlet

2.  Develop an understanding of a variety of media                2.   Improved self-esteem

3.  Create a personal aesthetic                                3.   Fame & cash through contests

4.  Become an independent thinker and problem solver                

Basic Rules                                                Discipline Procedures
1.  Follow all rules in the student handbook                        1.   Warning

2.  Respect the teacher & each other                                2.  Teacher Conference

3.  Respect the room and supplies                                3.  Detention

                                                        4.  Referral

Supplies; Painting students must always bring a pencil to class.  We will make a palette that students may bring home at any time.  In addition brushes will be provided for in-class and homework assignments.  Students are to take care of them and return them at the end of the school year.

If students would like to purchase the following supplies they are recommended but optional;

shading pencil (ebony, or 6b or higher)

eraser - any kind

hand held pencil sharpener

Paint brushes for watercolor and acrylic various sizes (00-6) and styles; pointed round, flat, filbert, mop, etc.

These can be purchased at Office Depot, Staples, Jerry’s Artarama, Target, Walmart, etc.

HOMEWORK - DUE Jan. 30-31 Take a GREAT portrait photo of yourself or someone in your life, consider lighting, mood, cropping, and composition. You may use your phone


Portrait Unit- practice face parts, notes on proportion, the rules of a face.

, add value, color, and texture

 IMG_0813.JPG  IMG_0814.JPG

February 6-10

Homework due 2/9-10  -page of gestures any style


Feburary 13-17       Perspective Unit                        Depth and Proportion


Homework due  2/23-24  -your room in 1 point perspective.


February 27-March        3                                Color Theory and Perspective

Book Work- fur texture


 Laura Ball -Alternate version

Homework -due 3/16-17 -Animal Study based on Laura Ball

Book Work - glass texture-metal texture

Finish Watercolor still life Ordinary Extraordinary

IMG_0825.JPG IMG_0829.JPG

 April 3-7  Homework due-mini still life, 3 objects overlapping, tell a story with objects.Metal/Glass Study

Finish Pointilism Landscape

  Spring Break


April 24-28                                                        Surrealism, Form, Color

Continue on painted object; choose and prime an object (bottle, shoe, box, apron, anything).  Design a surreal image with a strong focal point.  Choose a color relationship; analogous, monochromatic, complementary, or full balanced.


May 1-5

May  8-11th                                                        

Homework due 5/11 -Rosenquist study; 3 things that don’t belong together like; food, lipstick, part of a car.

May 15-19                                                        Life drawing, paint techniques

May 22-26

Book Experimentation.  Choose 3 off the list and add to, alter your

Book DUE June 2nd

May 30-June 2nd

June 5-8 EXAMS