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Full-stack developer with over a decade of experience developing data-intensive applications. Well-versed in open-source Unix-based systems. Fan of team building and intra-team mentorship. Affinity for debugging and tuning systems. Genuinely enthusiastic about learning, building, and shipping.


Development Seed — Cloud Engineer


On a distributed team developing cloud-native solutions for data-intensive geospatial applications. Notable partners & projects:

  • NASA, CSDA: Lead architect, cloud-native ETL pipelines, APIs, and frontend in order to ingest, catalogue, and distribute petabytes of geospatial data products.
  • ClimateTRACE: Database schema, API development
  • OpenAQ: ETL pipelines

Cadasta Foundation — Software Dev

REMOTE, MAR 2017 - APR 2019

On a distributed team developing a suite of open-source tools to allow users to collect, manage, and store data on land and resource rights in a secure cloud platform. Focused work on performance and scalability.

Osprey Informatics — Team Lead

CALGARY AB, JUL 2015 - MAR 2017

Managed team of 7 developers rapidly spec'ing out and developing SAAS platform. Interacted with various stakeholders for product planning and development. Performed project management within the development team. Oversaw R&D efforts developing and utilizing machine learning/computer vision-based solutions, including the automated curation of large training sets. Promoted mentorship, engagement, and communication amongst fellow developers.

Osprey Informatics Software Dev

CALGARY AB, OCT 2013 - JUL 2015

Developed a fault-tolerant system to configure and control an array of remote IP cameras. Designed remotely installed system nodes to overcome limitations of network connectivity. Implemented continuous integration, infrastructure management, automated internal-failure resolution, and greatly improved test coverage.


 Nelson, BC, Canada


AWS: CDK, CloudFormation, Lambda, StepFunctions, CloudFront, QuickSight, Athena, ECS, RDS, IAM, S3, SQS

Languages: Python, TypeScript, HTML/CSS/Sass

Libraries: FastAPI, React.js, Express.js, RxJS, Celery, Django

Tools: Postgresql, PostGIS, ElasticSearch, Docker

Paradigms: serverless, distributed applications, fault tolerance, continuous integration & continuous deployment, devops


University of Victoria
BSc Geography
2002 - 2006

Further work history available via LinkedIn…