Gunrun’s Method for Pokemon GO Streaming

This guide will walk you through setting up a mobile device broadcast to Twitch with Pokemon GO as an example.

iPhone (requires iOS 8.0 or later):

For the iPhone, please keep in mind, this guide is meant to help you get your stream ready to broadcast from your device's camera. This does not natively capture the game’s software.

Core Setup:


Suggested Accessories:

iPhone Setup:

  1. Using your iOS 8.0 or higher iPhone, install the Live:Air Solo app
  2. Open the app and select Twitch as your Destination
  1. Log in to the channel you want to broadcast to using its username and password
  2. For 2 Factor Auth Users: You’ll need to use custom rtmp url and manually type in the server rtmp url closest to you and the channel’s stream key. (password and username should not be entered when doing custom rtmp)
  1. Select a server close to you
  2. Give App Camera and Microphone Permissions
  3. Change/Edit your overlay
  1. Swipe from right to left in the middle of the screen
  2. Deselect the tutorial overlay and Teradek logo
  3. Click on “Add New Overlay” if you want to add text to your stream or graphics
  1. Unmute your audio
  1. Swipe from bottom to top in the middle of the screen
  2. Click on the horn icon to toggle audio (if the horn has waves coming from it you’re good)

Note: Best to have your iphone’s volume set to zero so it won’t playback and cause an echo effect

  1. Change Quality
  1. Click on the Blue Gear Icon in the top left (you may have to swipe top to bottom in the middle of the screen to show this button)
  2. Click on “Encoder Settings”
  3. From here you can now change your resolution, bitrate, and framerate
  4. Here’s the settings I use for my stream:
  1. 720p
  2. 2000kbps
  3. 30fps
  1. Always have Key Frame Interval set to “2 s” and Adaptive Bitrate on
  1. This makes sure that you’ll be compatible with Twitch and will lower the bitrate when you have a bad connection via 4g/LTE
  1. You’re now good to go!
  1. Whenever you open the app, you can now go live directly to your channel by clicking on the red “Go Live!” button in the top right

Advanced Setup (iPhone specific):

This will walk you through my personal additions to the core setup.

Reading Chat Using Android Wear:

  1. Install Web Browser for Android Wear on your Android Phone (assuming your second device for playing Pokemon GO is Android)
  2. Open the app in your Android Wear device and go to your Twitch channel’s chat room url
  1. For my channel it’s
  2. Add this to your favorites in Android Wear by dragging from the bottom up and selecting the bookmark icon.
  1. Adjust the browser size so that you can read the text
  1. Using the Twitch app, or another method, go to your chat and type anything so you can start looking at the size of the text on your android wear.
  2. To make it larger double tap with your fingers and start pinching to zoom till it’s at a size you’re ok with.
  1. You’re now ready to use Android Wear as a method of reading your chat

Android (requires or later):

This is an all-in-one setup and only requires the Android Phone. It will display chat as an overlay on top of the game, as well as your webcam.

Core Setup:


Suggested Accessories:

Android Setup:

  1. Using your 5.0 or higher Android, install the Live in Five - Gamers app
  2. Open the app and select Twitch as your Destination
  1. Log in to the channel you want to broadcast to using its username and password
  1. Add Pokemon GO as a game
  1. Click on the [+] button on the top right and select Pokemon GO
  1. This will only need to be done on the first run
  1. Select a game
  1. Click on Pokemon GO
  2. Accept the permissions
  1. Tap the Live in Five logo and go through the tutorial
  2. Add front camera
  1. Click on the webcam icon in the middle
  2. Drag the overlay to where you want on the screen
  1. You’re now good to go!
  1. Click on the large broadcast button to start your stream.

Advanced Setup:

Stabilizing your devices:

Decide on if you want to chest mount or use a handheld Stabilizer. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

  1. Chest Mount Link
  2. Stabilizer Link

  1. Chest Mount Setup
  1. You’ll need to get an adaptor to make this work with the GoPro chest mount
  1. Here’s a link to the one I use - Insignia Tripod Adapter
  1. Next you’ll need a iPhone mount to attach to the Tripod Adapter
  1. Here’s a link to one you can use - Joby GripTight Mount
  1. Place the iPhone into the GripTight Mount
  2. Connect the GripTight Mount to the Insignia Tripod Adapter
  3. Use the Tripod Adapter to attach everything to the GoPro Chest Mount
  1. Stabilizer Setup
  1. Place the mobile device into the Stabilizer
  2. Press the blue button once to turn on
  3. Use the Joystick to set your angle and rotate the stick to turn left and right
  4. Hold down to turn off stick

Power Optimization:

  1. Power options:
  1. For the iPhone you’re planning Pokemon GO on I use a Joby Powerband Micro
  2. For the Android phone,
  1. On the iPhone running Live:Air Solo I’m using a Smart Battery Case