Dear Developers,

Currently we’re sitting on the, travelling from San Francisco to SXSW, Austin, TX at 70 miles per hour, through the Arizona desert with intermittent wi-fi, trying to gain traction on our project, Coders Without Borders. Our goal is connecting aspiring coders with industry experts willing to mentor them through coding challenges and concepts the students may be facing.

We’d be incredibly appreciative if you sign up to volunteer as a mentor. Time is voluntary, requiring as much or as little as you’re willing to put in. If you know any friends, colleagues, employees, or employers who may want to give back to the community forward them this email.

If you’d like to volunteer please, click here.

Thanks For Your Time,    

The Coders Without Borders Team

‘Changing Lives, One Keystroke at a Time’

Feel free to call us with questions, suggestions, or anything we’d love to hear from you.

Ruben and Prateek at (408) 837-CODE (2633)

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