Boston Latin Academy

After School Roundtable Discussions

As announced in Mr. Henninger’s letter to families, as well as in his announcement to students and faculty, BLA students are invited and encouraged to attend after school roundtable meetings to discuss the topics of race, culture, bias, and equity as they exist in and impact our school.

The following is a list of teachers who will be facilitating these meetings, as well as the date meetings will commence, location and suggested grades for attendance. All meetings will be held after school, from 1:45 - 2:30 PM.

Facilitators: Mr. Valenzuela and Ms. Mahoney

Date: Tuesday, February 9

Location: 236

Suggested Grades: 7 & 8

Brief Description: A facilitated discussion using materials from Teaching Tolerance.

Facilitators: Ms. Dibinga & Ms. Cook

Date: Tuesday, February 2

Location: Room 328

Suggested Grades: 10, 11 & 12

Brief Description: BLA Community Healing & Growth Working Group: At the first session, students will identify commonalities in goals and challenges, define the scope of work, and explore resources, allies, and spheres of influence.

Facilitator: Feminist Organization (Advisor: Mr. Mathieu)

Date: Tuesday, February 2

Location: Room 215

Suggested Grades: 7 - 12

Brief Description: The Feminist Organization will be hosting a discussion on how to implement structures within our school community that will enable students and teachers to discuss issues of systemic oppression year-round.

Facilitator: Mr. Isen

Date: Wednesday, February 3

Location: Upper Library

Suggested Grades: 11 & 12

Brief Description: Students should expect a safe place where issues of concern, including race and racial bias, and the promotion of social change can be discussed openly and frankly. All views are welcome, freedom of speech is vigorously defended, as is the vital importance of responsible speech.

Facilitator: CASA [Coalition Against Student Apathy] (Advisor: Mr. Grannum)

Date: Wednesday, February 3

Location: Room 309

Suggested Grades:  7-12

Brief Description: The CASA student organization will continue to identify issues of racism, discrimination, and social injustice both in the school community and throughout society, and work towards actively building awareness of those issues and providing solutions to them. Additionally, at the school level, CASA’s goal is to empower students in making their voices and concerns heard.

Facilitator: Mr. Norton

Date: Wednesday, February 3

Location: Room 214

Suggested Grades: 8 & 9

Brief Description:  Students will follow a restorative justice model with talking pieces and a NOSAUESO protocol, (no one speaks again until everyone speaks once).  The circle will be a place where students can share issues about bias and discrimination in the school and in society.  

Facilitator: Ms. Brown

Date: Thursday, February 4

Location: Room 325

Suggested Grades:  10 & 11

Brief Description: An Open Forum to Discuss Race, Inclusivity and School Culture at BLA: This will be an opportunity to share experiences and concerns, as well as plan how to work together to improve BLA’s school culture. Leaders of various student organizations will be invited to share about their work on these issues as well. The goal will be to come up with some actionable proposals for how students, teachers and administrators can create change at BLA.

Facilitator: Mrs. White-Hope

Date: Tuesday, February 2

Location: Room 131

Suggested Grades: 7 - 12

Brief Description: The facilitation of self-knowledge (for all students) for the purpose of nurturing a productive and rich sense of community, self-pride, and self-determination. Works of art and literature used throughout the African Diaspora will be utilized.

Facilitators: Mr. Allen & Mr. Hackett

Date: Tuesday, February 9th

Location: Room 322

Suggested Grades: 10 & 11

Brief Description: Restorative justice circles focusing on issues relating to community, equality, equity of voice and social-emotional health.