Welcome to Finca Morpho

Hello. We are excited you have chosen to stay and/or volunteer with us here at Finca Morpho and wish your stay is blessed with great memories. We are involved in many projects and are glad you chose to visit or help us in our journey to “morph this reality”. In this informational packet you will find helpful tools in regards to what to do, guidelines on the farm, volunteering, and your experience here on the beautiful Osa.

        Finca Morpho is a small tight knit regenerative, educational, experimental, permaculture, intentional community (otherwise known as RE:EPIC) in Costa Rica on 4.2 hectares of beachfront close to the OSA peninsula point of Cabo Matapalo. Morphing ourselves and others to be more sustainable, creative, free, happy, at peace, and open-minded to all ideas and new ways of life. Being surrounded by an indescribable primal energy from the rainforest and the ocean has inspired us to "Be the change we wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi. Using biodynamic regenerative agriculture to create a system that will continue to make top soil for years to come by sequestering carbon. All members are working on integrating a zero waste policy and are using all forms of human disposal and waste to enrich and change the environment around us. As a permaculture farm we are striving towards a sustainable and self-sufficient model, for keen individuals to learn from and to inspire people visiting the OSA on how they can incorporate some of these practices into their lives.​

Finca Morpho’s Mission:

Finca Morpho’s mission is to spread the seed of permaculture using love, compassion, and understanding for everyone and everything. Vigilantly caring for the seed, as it grows into a majestic tree, we watch as it blossoms beautiful flowers which is attracting the attention of many pollinators. By providing the pollinators with time and space to pursue their passions, we allow them to fertilize the permaculture ideals here and carry the pollen with them. In time we will all produce the fruit, which will proliferate into the new world by openly and freely sharing all knowledge and skills. Finca Morpho plans to change the world.

Farm Values and Vision:


Farm Goals:

About the Farm:

Communal Kitchen- The communal kitchen is a public space and shared with guests, volunteers, and members of the community. Please be mindful of cleaning up after yourself. Remember to only eat foods that you know are yours. Cooking together saves energy and you learn and tastes new foods. All meat is to be cut on the blue cutting board in the kitchen and rinsed with boiling hot water after usage. All meat should be cooked on the pan marked with a blue tag.

Power- All electricity is currently produced from our Solar Panels. As we are dedicated to being eco friendly we do our best to be conscious of this precious resource by turning off lights when not in use and removing devices from outlets when charging is completed or not in use.

Water- All water comes from 1 out 7 wells we have on the property that is pumped up to a tower by a solar pump to use gravity for pressure. All water spots are not drinkable water and have a drinkable water station in the communal kitchen. We test our water 4 times a year to verify for potable and drinkable water. There is a limited amount of water on the farm and will be mindful of my usage of water when washing clothes, dishes, and showering.

Snacks- Snacks are provided when we have an abundant harvest. Snacks will be specifically put aside in the designated area in either the communal kitchen for small items.

Internet- Internet is available in communal areas and other parts of the farm. There are multiple wifi spots on the farm and usually without a password. ***Volunteers*** Please take time to disconnect from the outside world and to remember to be in the now moment while working.

Phone- Phone is available upon request.

Laundry- On cloudy days laundry is restricted. A short tutorial must be given by a Root or Trunk Member prior to use. Laundry soap is available for purchase. If you bring your own soap it also must be approved prior to use, our grey water systems depends on this. There is a 1 hour sign-up for the laundry for Wednesday through Saturday 9am to 2pm. When you sign-up for a timeslot you must stick around the whole time you are using the laundry machine so that you maximize your loads and remain within the time slot.

Composting Toilets- At Finca Morpho we use dry composting toilet systems, which recycle nutrients back to the fruit trees. Toilet paper can be directly deposited into the toilet. After a deposit the toilet requires one scoop of sawdust and/or bio-char. Finca Morpho composting toilets are able to handle liquid waste and ask that an extra scoop of sawdust is added for liquid waste.

General Housekeeping- Please keep public areas clean and tidy so that everyone can continue to enjoy them. If you are renting the rooms and would like to have additional housekeeping during your stay please contact a root member to set up.

Consumables- The farm strives to tend the soil on Finca Morpho. Biodegradable products are a MUST on the farm. If you lack having biodegradable personal body care products you can purchase them for COST from the farm.

Cooking- Cooking is done with fire pits, rocket stove, rocket oven, and on propane cooktops.

Composting Food- The farm deals with all the waste food scraps and anything that can be composted safely. Please ask questions if you are unsure. All meat, veggie, fruit, rotten, and paper towels can go into the compost. The compost then either goes to the chickens or the black soldier fly larva.

Recycling- The farm is working towards dealing with all of the waste that is produced by the farm. We recycle all plastics, metals, glass, ceramic, and biodegradables. Please be mindful of what you bring to the farm and the steps it takes to deal with your own waste.



The closest store to buy anything is in Puerto Jimenez 14 km(8.7 miles) away. There are zero stores in the area.





Land Purchases -

Root Members Contacts-

Things to Do:

Research- You are here to grow so use your time to learn and research using books, internet, and friends.

Go to the Beach & Go Swimming- There are many beaches to go to. The beaches are public in Costa Rica. Nearby beaches include Tamales, Sombrero, Germany, Pan Dulce, Backwash, Matapalo, Rio Piro, and Carate.

Go to the Creek & Waterfall- Just past Martina’s bar is a creek, if you hike up on the right in the middle of the creek for about 20 minutes you get to a wonderful cold waterfall on your right. In rainy season we also have several seasonal creeks in the OSA.

Go Hiking- There are many places to go hiking around Finca Morpho. Waterways in Costa Rica are public property. Most any creek or river can be hiked up. Hikes are also found in Matapalo, Carate, Piro, and pretty much all around.

Make Art- Beaches are everywhere and there are always many seashells, rocks, clay, and driftwood to create wonderful artistic pieces.

Read a Book- The communal library is located at the Finca Morpho communal kitchen hangout area. Please feel free to enjoy and follow guidelines posted.

Reflect on Life- Start a journal, write a poem, song, book, movie, or even a play.

Practice Yoga- Yoga is an amazing way to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Practicing yoga is highly encouraged on Finca Morpho.

Meditate- Meditation has been shown to be very beneficial in connecting with our surroundings. There are several nooks located on the farm and in the surrounding area. Please take time to meditate and connect to your higher purpose.

Work on a personal project- In the Recycle Center there is an abundance of materials ready to be morphed into something great. Look at the project list, or make a new project from your imagination

Visit the Beach Spa- There is a few clay deposits along the beach towards Rio Tamales. Clay baths are good for the skin and the soul. You can find the clay a short 5-10 minute walk to the left of Finca Morpho on the beach at the mouth of a river.


Corcavado National Park –

Waterfall Tour -

Ave Azul de Osa(Bird Refuge) -                                                                 

Dolphin Tour - 

Kayak Fishing Tour -

Sailing Tour -

Cocao Tour -

Jungle Walk Tour -

Osa Conservation -

Nelson Tour Service -

Horseback riding -

Surf Lessons -

Sound Healing - 

TYPES OF MEMBERS (Long Version):

Root Members -

Shareholding residential community members of Finca Morpho who form a perennial relationship with each other and the land, who are also members of the Root Member Council. These members are the original co-creators of Finca Morpho. Ticon, Devon, & Ariel Storay, Colton Lindeman & Stephanie Burrell(Root Members), and Joshua Reed

Trunk Members -

Shareholding recurring community members of Finca Morpho who form an frequent relationship with each other and the land. To apply for a Trunk Membership you are required to have worked on the farm for at least three months, have completed the application process, and then had a formal meeting with the Root Members about the new position. The expected work is 6 hours a day for 6 days a week for at least 3 month periods.

Twig Members -

Community members who have been on the farm for 3 months and wanting to become a Trunk. These members can sit in on the Core meetings. The expected work is 6 hours a day for 6 days a week.

Node Members -

Community members who agree to join Finca Morpho to exchange their skill sets for free on-site lodging or camping and 3 meals a day (food provided for cooking own meals when not prepared).  Positions available as required for projects on the farm. At least a 4+ week commitment is required. The expected work is from 5-6 hours a day for 5 ½ days a week.

Branch Members -

Community members who agree to join Finca Morpho as a volunteer. $350 monthly donation for a shared camping spot provided with access to shower, communal kitchen, compost toilets, and 3 meals a day (food provided for cooking own meals when not prepared). We Accept Branch Members from March - August. At least a 4+ week commitment is required. The expected work is 3 hours a day for 5 days a week.

Leaf Members -

Community members who agree to join Finca Morpho in a short time role of a voluntourist. A suggested $25 dollar daily donation for a shared camping spot provided with access to shower, communal kitchen, compost toilets, and 3 meals a day (food provided for cooking own meals when not prepared). We Accept Leaf Members from March - August. Anyone wanting to volunteer for less than 2 weeks. The expected work is 1-2 hours a day for 5 days a week.

Bud Members -

Community members passing through the farm as guests. These members are staying in the cabinas or camping and doing their own thing. These members are more than welcome to help out where they want, though have only have the commitment to follow and adhere to the farm agreements and guidelines.

Note -

AFTER YOUR FIRST MONTH ON THE FARM AS A VOLUNTEER, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO LEAVE THE FARM FOR 5 DAYS and reevaluate your commitment. This can be done at our sister farm free of charge, minus transport, or you can find your own destination.

Returning guests, volunteers, trunks, or friends are expected to email fincamorpho@gmail.com to verify availability and keep everyone in the loop of who is coming and when. Before buying flights please verify with the core team on-site. We will limit all walk-ons coming to the farm.

Expectations -

Living Arrangement Upgrades -

*All services are by donations basis*