‘Failure is a Part of Life but Those That Pick Their Hula Hoops Up and Try Again Will Succeed with Mentorship from People Leading by Example’

by Edisha Brown

Teach Students to Succeed through Failures with Live Mentoring


I had hula hoop sessions at the Oxon Hill Middle School and chose a few students to display with me to FOX 5 on ‘Good Day DC’, before going on Ana asked me, “What do I do if I drop my hula hoop?” My response, “Just pick it back up and try again.” Fortunately I dropped my hula hoop as well and the segment went smoothly as I believe seeing this helped the students feel comfortable with picking their hula hoops back up and continuing on even as the cameras were rolling. Mentors that lead by example while relating self-experiences are received well even in the most challenging environments where high insecurities are present due to raging adolescence. For example,  The First Lady Mrs. Michelle Obama campaigned, ‘Let’s Move’ that has had a positive impact on childhood obesity; and, we want to support that which builds confidence. Kinesthetic learning gives students the opportunity to use both sides of the brain while the exercises we incorporate with class help them take charge of life and feel good in their bodies. Our Kings and Queens succeed with ‘Be Your Own Boss Training’ workout challenges because it teaches them to not give up; as, I give modified exercise choices for everyone’s enjoyment. There are leaders out there who have also had failures and struggles but are now successful. Through virtual training via ‘Google Hangouts On Air’ I can link students with adults who are established within their fields and can share best practices on how to reach higher getting to and through college with a career focus in mind while also broadcasting the sessions which support ‘The Teachers Guild’ purpose of sharing processes that carries our First Lady’s initiative.