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Chromebook Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Chromebook be picked up by someone other than the parent or guardian? The paperwork and equipment will have to be signed out to a parent or guardian of the child only.  If none of the dates or the make up date work for you to come in, we will make arrangements to distribute the remaining Chromebooks at the start of school.

Does the child need to attend pickup with a parent?  Students are welcome to attend to pick up their Chromebook, but the device will be issued to a parent or guardian if they can’t make it.

Can we buy our own Chromebook Case?

Can we decorate our Chromebook Case?

Can we decorate our Chromebook?

Guidelines will be issued in the coming weeks about expectations for appropriately make each Chromebook identifiable to students.

How much money do I need on Distribution Day? Please consult the Technology Plan fee chart on the Chromebook Program Page for a breakdown.

Will students still need pencils, papers, and regular school supplies? We are recommending that students prepare for school this year with their normal school supplies, as they will still require some paper and pencil work for the year.

Does Google provide scanning for inappropriate content?  Yes, Google provides for an objectionable content filter, this will be activated.

Will the Chromebook be uniquely identifiable?

Each Chromebook has a unique serial number and District Asset tag.  Through our central management database, we can see who has attempted to log in to each device.

Will the Chromebook be returned at the end of the year for the Summer?  The District plans on evaluating this question during the school year and determining a course of action based on program results.

Will the student keep the same Chromebook for multiple years? The goal is that if we collect the Chromebook from students, they are returned the same device.

How will Chromebooks be secured when not in use at school? The Chromebooks fit in lockers that can be secured by the students, and where needed procedures are being formulated for students in after school activities.

What happens if the device is faulty? We have a manufacturer’s warranty on the devices.  If the repair is warranty-covered, there will be no charge, and it will not count as a repair incident for payment under the plan.

Is the $30 an annual fee? The current plan is that the $30 fee covers one year of coverage.  At the end of the year the District will determine what the program will consist of in the following year.  

Who can I make the check out to? Checks will be payable to South Park School District.  

If water is spilled on the Chromebook, is that accidental or neglect? Please avoid eating or drinking while using the Chromebook.  Please take care that water bottles are not packed in the backpack with the Chromebook.  This type of damage will be considered neglect.

What kind of student data is being collected by Google? Please read all about why we trust Google with our data and their commitment to student privacy at:

What is the exact replacement value of the Chromebook? This amount varies.  With additional licenses and fees, the district paid $221.50 for each N22 Chromebook.  HP14 Chromebooks retail for $299, plus additional licenses.

In case of snow day closing, can work be done to avoid a make-up day?  The state has a pilot program for this eventuality called Flexible Instruction Days.  South Park does not plan on piloting this plan for 2016-2017, but it remains in consideration for future school years.