Exploitation Mini-Research Project


What is exploitation? (n) The action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work.

To begin our study of exploitation, you will spend the next few weeks looking at the garment industry in Southeast Asian countries (i.e, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Vietnam) to see how this industry exploits developing countries. You will use the following research question to guide your thinking:

How does the garment industry exploit developing countries in Asia?

Your task:

1) Research how the garment industry exploits developing countries in Asia

2) Develop an outline, cite sources, and paraphrase information from sources on NoodleTools

3) Write your essay.

Criteria for Success

Formatting Guidelines For Essay

Two pages double-spaced (max length)

Color code your paper.

Use NoodleTools to gather and organize your research.

Use in-text citations

MLA Works Cited page


Structure of Paper

Problem: The clothing industry exploits people in developing countries.

  1. Introduction: Provide background information on the the clothing industry well as your thesis that will focus on a solution to this problem.
  2. Causes: What is causing the exploitation by the clothing companies?
  3. Effects: What effect does this exploitation have on the people in developing countries?
  4. Solutions: What can be done to address this issue and advocate for one particular solution?
  5. Conclusion: Synthesize major points of the paper and provide your reaction and recommendations (call to action)
  6. Color Coded Text: Your final draft must be color coded to indicate ownership of the ideas expressed. Use the following chart as a guide:


Used for:


Your own ideas or common knowledge (no in-text citation required)


Direct quotations (in-text citation required)


Your own paraphrasing of someone else’s ideas (in-text citation required)