Entrepreneurial partners are invited to our club of friends, family, and partners.


About our club ... an informal grouping of...
 Individuals having an exisitng, or proposed venture,

* Individuals with Family-Offices wishing to invest.

* Individuals who wish to volunteer to mentor.

About the Club Members ...
The platform members have an entreprenuerial mind-set;
and are generally thrifty, and hard-working,.

What is in it for the club ...

* More the number of members, the more usefull the club becomes to its members.

* No set pre-conditions for joining: ( no needing to work on a particular project,
or bringing in any money, or needing to volunteer advice).

How does one join this club ...
Earlier partners have joined under various circumstances:
the fastest way now is by having an chat with an
existing member.

What is in it for the incoming Member ...

* Participation in entreprenuerial activities along-with like-minded members ( see below).

* Use of network resources ( initially free, but at commercial rates when able-to-pay )  ( see below).

Where will the funds come from ? From the Family Offices of investor-members.

Working Space...

Office 165 sq. ft. at Nav Bhawana, Prabhadevi, Mumbai.. … Map
Office 330 +150 ( loft ) sq. ft. at Unique Indl. Estate, Prabhadevi, Mumbai.. …

Interns.. We have interns working for us. They are available to partners.  ...details …

Our club of  friends, family, and partners.

Dr. Anar Rupji ex TAM
Co-Founder: Therefore Consultancy and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Marketing Media Research

Vijay Lakhotia: Managing Partner at Ergon Laboratories.
The firm does Contract-Processing for MNCs. The process-site is in Kalyan.

Devanshu Shah: Web Guru and Cloud Developer

Founder & CEO: Concept Vision

Mr. Rohan Bhargava : ex Deutsche Bank
Co-Founder:  Cash-Karo 

Sanjiv Swarup : Management Consultant:
Practice Area = Entry Strategy: India

Vijay Maheshwari : Investment banker

Sr. Director and Founder: Sumedha FIscal Services Ltd.

Tejas Dave. ex Booz Consulting
Co-Founder: Euphoriq : an event / wedding management app

Shyam Seshadri: ex Google, Mountain View
Euphoriq : an event / wedding management app

Vatsal Asher : ex Reliance Retail
Director and CEO: DMAI . The Data Driven Marketing Association: India is affiliated to the International Federation.

Club Resources available for Partners…
( initially free, but at commercial rates when able-to-pay )  

Advice …All our existing partners as listed above have committed to assist the other club members.

These gentlemen have dealt with us commercially: they are our Ambassadors.

Ms. Beena Shah Web Developer

Mr. Dharmendra Chavda Software Developer

Ms. Bhavika Nandha Web Developer

Mr. Jaymin Chhapia  - Web Developer

Ms. Jinisha Shah co-owner at Jimoz Web Studio

Mr. Jitendra Kachhatiya Web and Software Developer

Ms. Monisha Parasrampuria Jimoz Web Studio

Mr. Ritesh Raghuvanshi Technical Lead

Mr. Sunil Ji GARG Web and Software Developer

Back-office Manager: Rakesh Upade 

Software architect / Developer / Coder: Niraj Nandha 
Web Developer:
Mr. Sunny Gopani  
Back office Operatives...
Shivshankar Jaiswar

* Sandesh Karanjkar

* Yuvraj Bhandari

* Uday Ramane

* Nimesh Patel

Mentees..We have mentees inter-acting with us. They are available to partners.   ...details ...

Ready projects...

* Peer-to-peer lending / financing:  a note...

* Health Passport: a note...

* Re-construction focused resolution-agents working for the Asset Re-construction Companies in India... a note...

* Career Agency  Project_  Concept Paper _
* Academic Passport: a note..

* a BPO in the implementation space. Clients include Sumedha FIscal Services Ltd. Synergy Management Consultancy..
* an 8 year old ERP for individuals / SME : Clients like the DMAI.

* Market Research firm gives leads to the likes of The Economist Group of Publications. Business LIsts …

*  OnlineAccounts.in .. Free, simple, versioning, permissioning, and linkages to ERPs. Clients like Emery India Pvt. Ltd.

* Selling business software .. a concept paper


The purpose of the club ...

 - a. Intellectual chit-chat with quality minds, people engaging with one another may not have specific projects to talk on, or need any service / advice; new entrants bring their domain knowledge / skills to this part of the club activity - quality chit-chat; excited to learn about other industries and share his/her knowledge / achievements. Up-side: ongoing engagement may spark some business opportunity for an entrepreneur. Down-side: members may feel that they are being called upon too often for discussions that have no value-add ... low warmth and openness may kill some motivation.

- b. A member joins because he has an entreprenerial idea / work-in-progress and clearly sees the existing resources of the club can be leveraged for his/her progress.

- c. A member joins for being able to provide assistance / advice as and when the opp comes and in the process be rewarded in due course.

General comment - no compulsion to meet and actively contribute in some way may just render the group to a group of friends, passively waiting for someone else to take the lead and the responsibility to make things work. There is a need for a hook, an objective to motivate people to work towards ... I find that part missing. The hook could just be coming from an quality entertainment perspective. IIM-B has started a monthly get together with absolutely no agenda. Come-in, pay for your drink and chit-chat. 35-45 people attend every month. Those IIMB alumni members who do not stay in Blore join in as well, if they are traveling and in town.


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