“A storytelling game of divine passion.”

Creator's Note: Originally called Nephilim: The Chosen, this was a big project that I took on (with help from other fans) until I lost track of it and it ended. Now I'm going to finish it this time for good and any help will be appreciated. The original idea came to me in a dream where it was revealed the Hunters were really the children of the Angels. The idea grew and changed a lot from its original concept, especially after I started reading Demon: The Fallen. I guess you it’s now more of a sister game to Demon. Anyway, enjoy.

EXTRA: The game runs on Classic World of Darkness rules so please use that as your guide. Also, please send your ideas, comments and crits my way so I can improve this stuff.

Back of the book:

For years we had thought God had up and left this world, leaving us to pick up the pieces and face an apocalypse. To hell with him, we would usher in a new world and send it and the faith it would create it crashing down on his head.

But we were wrong, the apocalypse went with a whimper and his angels have left us a little parting gift.  

This book includes…


Sometimes the world can be a very cold, chaotic, and lonely place. So much that we will put our heads in the sand and just go on with our lives; simply existing until the next day comes. Just shut yourself off except for those who matter lest the world’s worries drag you down with it. Feast on the bread and circuses around you, let their stale taste shut out the doubts.

One day it’s not enough, the world’s cries won’t shut-up. Every abused child, every lost soul, every two-bit thug brings forth a burst of passion inside you. No longer can you be apathetic, that luxury is long gone. Now you wonder where are God and his angels are. Heck, you can sure relate to the love, anger, and frustration this world would make them feel.

One day the passion builds so much that it bursts and suddenly you understand. God’s angels never truly left, for you are one of their children. Whether you are part of a regular angel, a fallen one, undead, or just simply touched, you are there to help heal this broken world so a new god can come forth. Are you ready embrace this divine passion?


Angel the Revelation is a companion piece to the Demon the Fallen line. The tone and themes plays upon the rivalry and fragile hope that these half-breeds bring. As the book goes into Heaven’s side of the story, the reader will learn about how passion and the best of intentions can lead to tragedy.

Chapter 1: My Side of the Story - This chapter goes into the war between the heavens through the Divine’s point of view

Chapter 2: Children of the Host - Covers the Divinities and Heritages needed for character creation.


Aasimar: The offspring of a mortal and an angel.

Angel: A heavenly creature created to aid The Host.

Angelos: A Celestial that has transcended into a superior form of purity and goodness that is beyond that of an Angel. They are a perfect balance between a Human’s free will and ability to adapt and an Angel’s purity and goodness.

Apocalyptic Form: The physical reflection a Divine’s true nature.

Aura: The inner glory a Celestial (except the Infused) possesses.

Candidates: The other gods (Gaia, Osiris, etc.) in the World of Darkness. One of them will arise as the New God. Candidacy could also go to creatures that were able to ascend to godhood or some other powerful state like Caine, Charon, Lucifer, Lilith, etc.

Chari: Holy, undead creatures who have been revived by the mysterious Charon to do his bidding to aid The Host.

Charon: The god-like creator of the Chari.

Children of Goliath: Nephilim warriors, dedicated to fighting both Mystics and Mortals who would seek to bring the world into further ruin.

Connection: A gift bestowed by The Host to the Divine (with the exception of the Infused) where they can summon memories of their ancestors, their Grigori or Charon to help them.

Deadmen: Mortals who were unjustly killed due to the hatred and small-mindedness of others and have been revived as forces of justice.

Despar: A Divine that has fallen so far from grace, they become a creature worse than any Demon.

Divine, The: A term used to describe all the divinities as a whole.

Divinity: The breed a Divine is from (Aasimar, Chari, Infused, Nephilim).

End of Times, The: Gehenna, the Apocalypse, the Sixth Age, etc.

Faith: Mortal and Mystic belief that allows a Divine to fuel her powers.

Falling: When the imperfections of the Divine’s mortal side overpower them, pulling them away from their divine heritage.

First-Born, The: The original Nephilim that were supposed to have been killed millions of years ago.

Grigori: An Aasimar’s angelic parent.

Heritage: An assigned group that a Divine (except Infused belongs to).

Host, The: The All-God who has watched over the World of Darkness before leaving Heaven to prepare for the coming of its successor.

Infused: Mortals who have come in contact with holy energy and become a Divine as a result.

Light-Bringers: Healers and harbingers of hope.

Lost, The: Divine that become evil.

Miracle: A special power that a Divine can use.

Muses: The artisans of the Divine.

Mystics: The general term for the other creatures (Vampires, Hunters, Wraiths, etc.) in the World of Darkness.

Nephilim: The half-breed children of Fallen Angels and mortals.

New God, The: An unknown being chosen by The Host to take its place during the New World.

New World, The: The World of Darkness' next incarnation that the New God will rule over.

Nymphs: Caretakers of the spiritual and physical world.

Path: A group of Miracles that get more powerful as a Divine puts more study into it.

Revelation: When a mortal learns of her holy mission and heritage.

Rising: When a Divine’s morality rating raises to the point that they become more angelic in thought and deed.

Saulites: Former mortals who have committed acts of evil and now have a second chance as one of the Divine.

Seers: Divine charged with the duty of guiding the other heritages.

Seraphim: Mediators and diplomats of the Divine.

Sign: A physical side effect a Divine (except the Infused) receives from her Revelation.

Shepherds: Aasimar who are in charge of preparing and guiding humanity for the New God.

Talents: Magical items.

Touched, The: Mortal followers who know of a Divine’s holy heritage.

Twist: The mental side effect a Divine (except the Infused) receives from her Revelation.

Watchers: The spies and scholars of the Divine.


Angel-Parent: A slang term for Grigori. Sometimes referred to as Angel-Mother or Angel-Father depending on the Grigori’s gender.

Cherubs: Divine under the age of 13.

Cyberpunks: A term used to describe Mages who use science in their magic. Usually applies to Virtual Adapts, Interation X, Sons of Ether and Progenitors.

Ferrymen: Slang term for the Chari.

Half-Angel: Slang term for the Aasimar.

Half-Fallen: Slang term for Nephilim.

Orphans: Slang term for the Infused.

Spirit-Born: A term for the Divine that is used by outsiders who are ignorant of the heavens (Lupus Garou, people who are raised outside of monotheistic religions, etc).

Wizards: What the Divine call Mages.

NOTE: In the game, The Host is a powerful being beyond gender so it is referred to as it. I mainly did this to avoid arguments. (I came up with this before non-binary became a thing.)  Also, Charon may or may not be the original one from the Wraith: The Oblivion series. Whether he is or not, is up to the ST.

Chapter 1: My Side of the Story

Opening Fiction:

After what happened to Old Man Vanderhalt, the best thing Margie could do was honor his request. Sure he was a grouchy, pissy old man that bitched every time she turned on the radio, but even he didn't deserve to be torn-up by God-knows-what.

"It's yours," He said, grabbing her arm as a rush of power flooded into her. "The blessing of The Host; the powers of the heavens."

"Come on, stupid, say something." Paper-cuts were more than enough to make Margie uneasy, but now she just wanted to scream. Blood and what she swore was a bit of bone peeking out of his left arm were now staining her clothes. "Just don't run out screaming. Don't run out screaming..."

That's when she felt something in her hand; a small, green notebook. "The Tome of Ancients, the knowledge of this world, keep it safe from them."

"Them? Who's them?" And he was gone. "Don't just leave me here!" Her mind running a mile a minute, but an idea still came to her. "Heavens, that means angels, angels mean holiness...white magic." Tossing the "Tome of Ancients" into her apartment, she set Mr. Vanderholt down and placed her palms on his chest. After all, an entire childhood playing Japanese console RPGs wouldn't lie. "Heal! Revive!"

She could feel streams of tears falling from her eyes as she tried again and again and again until the police arrived. "Please, come back."



From the Tome of Ancients

Margie, if you are reading this then I'm already dead. I know it's hard to believe, but out of all the idiots in this Host-forsaken apartment complex, you were always the least stupid. As horrible as this world is, there's a war a-brewing between Heaven, Hell, and the rest of us poor bastards. And it's up you and the rest of our kind to make sure it doesn't get any worse.

I know you thought I was nothing but a bitter old curmudgeon, but even I can understand love. A very weird, twisted kind of love that only the Heavens could possess. The Host, out of love, wanted nothing but to preserve our happiness and Lucifer (with his own version) believed in our potential. Either way humanity was going to get the brunt of it: ignorance or hardship.

With a few fancy words, humanity chose the later. In a way I can commend Lucifer and his Angels, they were good to their word and even stayed to teach them everything they know. Then I remember The Host damned them all in return and I just want to strangle them. When you get as old as me, you see and lose too much.

We watched as love drove both sides into wars and when the dust settled, it gave the Fallen Angels a new idea. If man could never return to Eden, they would help make a new one on earth with their own special offspring, the Nephilim. In best intentions of the Fallen, my Nephilim ancestors were to be shining light that would lead humanity to greatness. They were to be these perfect little creatures that would have the adaptability of Mortals and the Fallen's power and love for humanity.

But like my first ex-wife (in all her stage mom glory), your own personal demons and broken dreams will only screw your kids up even more. Or maybe this was The Host's way of getting back at its disloyal servants by twisting their children's hearts. Either way it merged into their offspring, driving many of them insane with torment. Whatever it was, it brought more pain to the world.

    Terrors: The monomaniacal leaders of the Nephilim. Blessed with thunderous voices, Mortal and Mystic could be bent to their will.

    Furies: Vengeful creatures whose torment granted them a twisted form of justice that brought forth the grisly deaths of the innocent as well as the wicked.

    Giants: Reclusive yet skilled craftsmen who had just as much potential for wickedness as their Malefactor parents.

    Gorgons: Self-proclaimed watchers of nature, they often fell from grace and were often worse than the most sadistic of predators

    Augur: Half-mad children both blessed and cursed with visions of endless pasts and futures.

    Fairest: Beautiful, yet cruel seducers that can twist the emotions of any man like clay.

    Rouges: The lowest of them all, they scurried the shadows performing any deed for any price.

Once again, out of love for the Mortals, the Fallen Angels went out to wipe out their prodigy and let The Host sort them out. Seeing sparks of good in a few of the Nephilim as they tried to protect their families, The Host turned the souls of my ancestors into creatures called Ferrymen who would guide the spirits of the restless dead, cast their parents to the Abyss and sealed away the powers of the Nephilim's children until it was needed. In case you are wondering, no, you are not one of us; you just have a bunch of my celestial power in you.

In the end, love played one last act: the Demons have broken out and The Host knows it. A new god and a new world will arise and this time The Host thought ahead...

    Aasimar: For the last 50 years the Angels have been knocking-up humans to create these less screwed-up versions of my ancestors.

    Chari: They're on our side yet they aren't. These divine corpses answer to an old associate of The Host's they call Charon.

    Infused: That's what you are.

    Nephilim: The descendants of the original Nephilim whose powers have to awakened.

Even someone as old as me doesn't know everything, but I've told you what you need to know (which is more than some of your kind get). They're coming for me and I don't have much time as it is. So keep this with you and don't screw it up.

-Amos Vanderholt

Author's Note: The information about the original Nephilim was from another person's project which I got permission to use in mine.

The Basics

While Mr. Vanderholt got a lot of it right, there's only so much that even he could know with his own biases. Despite all of its power, The Host was lonely so it created the Angels and the mortals to ease this pain.

In The Host's eyes, it desired for its children to learn and grow at their own pace until they would no longer need Eden and leave on their own terms. When Lucifer betrayed The Host, its fear for the safety of the Mortals grew as it saw them struggle against each other. It did whatever it could to stop Lucifer and his traitorous kin from their delusional ideas for humanity. In the end, there was no real victor as they all ended up with their own burdens: the Fallen-Angels were cast into the Abyss, the First-Born were turned into servants of the dead, Lucifer would see his followers and dreams become a twisted mess and The Host was doomed to see its creations’ pain.

As time passed The Host (despite its continued efforts) realized that if the world was to survive The End of Times, a successor would need to rule its place. So after it granted the Angels the gift to create the Aasimar, Charon to go on with his plan to make his army and gave the powers of the original Nephilim's to their descendants, The Host finally stepped back and let his beloved creations make their own choices.

In Lucifer's eyes it was a different story. After being granted the knowledge of The Host, he began to see where his creator's love for the Mortals came from. The divine spark they possessed fascinated him to no end, but deep down he felt like something was wrong: it never grew. For years the mortals would wander about creation, ignorant of their potential while he and the rest of the Angels were forced to keep their distance. So out of love, Lucifer was willing to risk damnation to let humanity finally grow. Even if they were to be caught in the middle of him and The Host's wars, he would never let them be controlled again.

Tragedy seemed to fall upon him from the failure that were the original Nephilim, his allies being tossed into Abyss and later overestimating his archdukes' sanity when he freed them in hopes of guiding humanity again in the Dark Ages. Still, he would keep going.

In a funny way one could see the struggle between Lucifer and The Host like two conflicting parents who believed they knew what was best for their beloved children. Both were willing go to any length to the point that they would destroy their own happiness in the process, but never realizing that in the end they were their own worst enemies.


All of the Divine in the game come from one of the four Divinities (Aasimar, Chari, Infused and Nephilim) which helps shape their powers, outlook and treatment by others.


Pronounced: Aah-sigh-mar

When the world is falling into despair, the Aasimar represent the hope and purity that was once considered lost. We often feel trapped and ineffectual, doomed to be wrung dry by the ones with the real power. Now as an Aasimar you realize that (hopefully) you can at least make a dent in this world. All is not sunshine and roses for the Half-Angels, the World of Darkness is a cold and frightening place that for as many people who will admire you, just as many have much darker desires.

Symbol: A small, white, featureless human figure with a burst of light around it.

Creation: The Host gathered its most loyal Angels and granted them a blessing: the ability to sire children. Over the course of the last 50 years, these Angels visited earth in various forms from immaculate conception, short-lived romances as Mortals or even in the forms of deals. One particular example of the later of the three was with the Ordo of Angelus, a cabal of occultists. In return for providing aid to all the divinities, they would mate with the highest ranking members to produce their own Aasimar.

Revelation: Until their Revelation, all Aasimar lived as mere Mortals. Since they have no family lineage to fall back on, The Host has blessed them with strong genes that turns any children (and grandchildren) an Aasimar conceived as a mortal into one.

Blessing: With parent and child working as a joined unit, all Aasimar have a special resistance to mind control and forced shape change (example: Vicissitude). Anyone who tries gets a +2 penalty (max 10).

Curse: There are some heavy expectations on the Aasimar. If they have to make a Morality check, it is done at a +1 difficulty (max 10).

Connection: All Aasimar have a one-on-one connection with their Grigori and can mentally and physically talk to each other depending on how strong the connection is.

Aura: Aasimar auras tend to radiate a sense of warmth and comfort.

Loyalties: Since their Revelation is more often viewed as a divine gift, many Aasimar are more likely to side with The Host on things. The feelings towards Lucifer's involvement can range from pity to downright wanting to destroy him for all the damage he caused. An Aasimar who thinks Lucifer was in the right has happened and is usually "tolerated" by their Grigori.

Miracles: Aasimar miracles focus on holy energy (Path of Light), protection of themselves and others (Path of Protection) and goodness (Path of the Saint).



Pronunciation: Shar-rye

Beyond their intense loyalty and undead bodies, all Chari harbor the sad realization that they are as dead in the spiritual sense as they are in the physical. Their souls have either transcended to their reward, become Wraiths/Specters or have been destroyed. It's their master's (who claims to be the god-like being, Charon) own mystical energy that animates their bodies and retains their memories.

How do you handle such a revelation? How would you feel if you see your soul happy in Heaven or soul-forged into an ashtray? On the other hand, you have a wonderful second chance at life as a divine being who can make this world a better place. This is the chance to continue your life under a fresh start. How it is handled is up to each Chari.

Symbol: A jawless human skull with a glowing aura around it.

Creation: For reasons only known to Charon, himself, he will bring a mortal of his choosing back to life by repairing their corpses and infusing them with his divine energy. Charon will not revive a corpse that has been dead for more than 80 years.

Revelation: While Charon is extremely powerful, he is not a true God. Thus, he is only able to fuel five thousand Chari on the earth at one time. If one were to die or become an Angelos/Despar, he'll just create another in its place.

Blessing: Since they’re undead, the Chari cannot die by suffocation, bleeding to death (they don’t bleed) or dehydration and starvation. (While they can eat and drink, they don’t need it to survive.)

Curse: Since holy energy fuels their undead bodies, a Chari must spend one point of Faith every 48 hours otherwise their body stops functioning and will collapse. Unless someone infuses a point of Faith to reanimate the corpse, the body will deteriorate into a pile of ash in 48 hours.

Connection: All Chari have a direct hive-like connection to Charon.

Aura: There is an odd kind of enigmatic feeling that just seems to intrigue those around a Chari. Mortals just can’t help, but to be fascinated by them.

Loyalties: With Charon's essence in them, the Chari are infused with at least some loyalty to their creator whether they like it or not. Charon has often whispered into his servants’ ears that they can gain souls of their own when they become Angelos, thus enhancing their loyalty even further. The whole The Host vs Lucifer affair can range from caring less about their squabbling to a devotion that is second to their creator.

Miracles: Chari miracles focus on controlling spirits (Path of Spirits), their undead natures (Path of Undeath) and the darkness itself (Path of Night)



Probably the biggest challenge for any Infused is just trying to find where you fit in this world. With no guidance, mission or celestial aura, there is a lot going against you. But, The Host has not abandoned these lost children and has given them the gift of freedom. The Infused can pursue any path in healing the World of Darkness where others have to gain their approval by following their heritage. As well as keeping most of your former self by not having any signs or a twist. Though there's probably more than one Infused who wishes she had a voice as lovely as a Seraphim's or a Child of Goliath's strong sense of justice.

Symbol: See the Infused's entry in the Heritage section.

Creation: There's a number of ways that an Infused can gain their Revelation: receiving a heart transplant from another Divinity (which will be treated as perfect match that doesn’t need drugs), getting at blood transfusion of least five points of blood (doesn’t have to be from the same person), being exposed to large amounts of celestial energy or simply being rewarded by The Host itself for her pious nature.

Revelation: No one really knows why one mortal will get this chance and not another. Perhaps it is a fluke or fate's own long-term planning.

Blessing: The Infused are allowed to learn any other Heritage’s Miracles. The player may pick any three she wants during character creation (but can't learn any others).

Curse: An Infused can not have any dots in Aura and Connection.

Connection: None.

Aura: None.

Loyalties: Just like the Nephilim, an Infused's loyalty can be just as varied. That is if she fully understand what her purpose is other than the simple message they receive when her Revelation kicks in.

Miracles: Infused miracles focus on their own bodies. This allows them to enhance (Path of Enhancement) or alter it (Path of Alteration) and tap into their own minds (Path of the Mind).



Pronunciation: Nef-flim

How does one cope with the idea that they are the descendant of a failed dream? This is what every Nephilim has to learn once they receive their Revelation. While your celestial blood has cooled down after all those years of interbreeding with mortals, you can still feel lingering bits of the torment that raged in your ancestors.

The biggest theme with this divinity is overcoming the sins of your ancestors by making the name, Nephilim, a thing of honor despite the odds against you. While you have the advantage of the average layman not having any idea of what a Nephilim is; there are others out there who have very long memories.

Symbol: A small, gray, featureless human figure with a burst of black light around it.

Creation: After the destruction of the First-Born, their children were granted to chance to live a normal life as mortals by The Host who sealed away their divine powers until it was needed.

Revelation: Usually one or two members from a family line will receive the Revelation at a time. This is done to keep the Nephilim under a low profile and to make sure there will always be reserves in case the current ones dies.

In the case of death or falling, The Host will bestow the Revelation to another member of the family to take their place. Though some may not be worthy of the Revelation (even as Saulites).

Blessing: Tougher than the average human, all Nephilim are given an extra health level.

Curse: If a Nephilim is under extreme stress, they must make a Willpower roll to avoid frenzy (at least one success is needed). If the roll fails, she has to kill or otherwise neutralize the stimulus responsible for it. This can also be negated if the Nephilim is killed, they’re rendered unconscious or through mystical means.

Connection: Nephilim can draw from the memories of their ancestors for guidance.

Aura: Nephilim auras tend to have a sense of power that can inspire admiration and awe. Even those that are more timid or have weak physiques will have an inner strength to them.

Loyalties: Depending on how the Nephilim feels about her new condition, their feelings toward The Host and Lucifer are varied. Some may resent one or both for their involvement or even be on the fence.

Miracles: Nephilim miracles focus on the elements such as earth (Path of the Earth), water and wind (Path of Water and Wind) and fire (Path of Fire.)



Children of Goliath

“Stop those who seek to bring the world into further ruin.”

From the Diary of Officer Peter Teller: How am I going to explain this? It’s bad enough that I might have to arrest the former mayor’s son, but it was what he was hiding that was the weird part. His mother or what was a hideously mutated version of her was wrapped in a bed sheet and thrown over Alex’s shoulder. At first I thought that the boy had just witnessed his mom being butchered and was going to go bury her. I mean, Alex is a good kid; he looks after his little brother, he’s a straight-A student and wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

Then I see the angry look on his face, just daring me to try and arrest him. His clothes are bloody and torn and if my eyes were deceiving me, I would’ve sworn that he shot up six inches.

“Test her if you want.” Alex said coldly. “It’s not like she’s human anymore.”

Too shocked to move any part of my body, he throws the corpse at my feet and walks over to his convertible with his little brother waiting for him. I know I should’ve done something, but as I said before, Alex is a good kid and he wouldn’t lie.

Duty: The End of Times is inevitable, but the Children of Goliath are to cut down the numbers of the wicked to keep them from making things worse whether they be Mortal or Mystic. Through loving rehabilitation to a single bullet in the head to end their misery, a Child must use her best judgment lest they become the very monsters they hunt.

Symbol: An upright celestial war hammer.

Sign: All Children of Goliath become six inches taller.

Twist: Even the meekest Child's personality becomes more passionate and upfront. It's not that she can't be subtle, it's just that she is more honest with their emotions.

Apocalyptical Form: Skin looks like it’s made of molten lava, giving them a vibrant and threatening presence. Their hawk wings are white.

Blessing: Not only does a Child become taller, but her muscle mass grows as well. Add an extra dot of Strength to your character (even if it goes over 5). The player can even go up to six on her Strength score by spending experience points.

Curse: Since it is the job of the Children of Goliath to protect the innocent, if a Child witnesses an atrocity like a mugging or a rape, she must make a Willpower roll vs. 6 to avoid intervening. A botch forces the Child to frenzy and take care of the problem in a violent way.

Rising: Becoming more like the brave and just, a risen Child inspires bravery and might wherever they go. Even if her holy mission starts overpowering her social life where only the most pure and enlightened of Mortals and Mystics can truly understand her.

Fall: Fanaticism is the greatest enemy of the Children of Goliath and even the smallest step can lead to becoming a greater monster than what she hunts.

Choosing: The Nephilim (and only Nephilim) is a descendant of a Fury.

Miracles: The Miracles revolve around defense (Path of Defense) and battle (Path of Melee and Path of Range).


    Alex Stewart offers his words…


“Go and extract the justice you were denied.”

Even after 80's ended, Tesse still had to convince herself that she did the right thing. It was all Penelope’s fault that poor little boy died; satanists like her were always capturing and drinking the blood of innocent children just like all the special reports said. To Hell with the autopsy saying he drowned in a nearby stream while collecting skip stones. The callous disregard toward the church and her misanthropic views were poisoning the town and that child was part of the final pact for Satan to send his demons to tear the town to shreds.

With her husband, Tesse had corned Penelope in her own home and hung her like their good Christian ancestors did a long time ago. Of course it was the right thing to do. She was the unknown savior of her town and maybe even the world; a badge she wore with more pride than when the Virgin Mary discovered she was pregnant with the messiah. Besides, it’s not like that demon is going to be coming come out of her grave. Then again, that strange woman who could be Penelope’s twin sitting on her couch made her think twice.

“Hello Tesse.” The woman slyly grinned, pulling down her collar and revealing the rope marks on her neck.

Duty: Even the Children of Goliath can’t stop every injustice in the world and this is where the Deadmen come in. Be it Mortal or Mystic, the Deadmen understand what it’s like to be unjustly hurt for they were once died due to the cruelty and small-mindedness of others. Now revived, they hear the cries of the oppressed and will avenge them in any way possible. Even a simple, honest apology from the offender can be enough depending on the situation.

Symbol: An upside-down ankh with blood trickling down the upper left corner.

Sign: All Deadmen have some kind of mark on them that shows how they died such as a scar from a fatal gunshot wound, blue lips if they drowned or a limp from being beaten to death.

Twist: In times when accurate judgment is needed, emotions cannot get it the way. This is why all Deadmen become more logical once they receive their Revelation. Many outsiders would consider them to be "cold", but the Deadmen can still feel just like anyone else. They just happen to be more subdue about it.

Apocalyptical Form: Resembling more of the agents of vengeance and death they are, the Deadman hovers over the ground wearing a long, glistening, white, hooded cloak that flows like a pair of wings. When the hood is over the Deadman’s head, her eyes will glow white.

Blessing: After all the pain they went through, very little scares a Deadman anymore. Thus, the difficulty score any check invoking fear (both supernatural and mundane) is lowered by two (minimum 1).

Curse: The voices of the oppressed constantly call to the Deadman that they automatically become haunted by one of these voices until they are helped (treat this as if they have the Haunted flaw). All Deadmen have a pet cause related to their deaths (rape victims, targets of police violence, victims of fraud, etc) and those are where the voices come from. The victims do not have to be dead.

Rising: The mark becomes more of a badge of honor as a Deadman goes up in the ranks of Morality. Their very presence strikes fear in the hearts of even the vilest sinner and brings strength and comfort to those in need.

Falling: While the duty of a Deadman is far from pretty, some become so wrapped up with their own agendas or go too far in punishing sinners that they become addicted to the pain they cause.

Choosing: The Chari (and only Chari) has to have died due to the cruelty and small-mindedness of others. Charon assigns his warriors' Heritages himself.

Miracles: Deadmen Miracles revolve around judgment (Path of Curses and Path of Justice) and tracking (Path of the Hunt).


Covering up her neck marks, Penelope gives us her opinion.



"Ok." Margie began talking to herself as she continued reading through the Tome of Ancients. It was like the rest of the world had been shut off, creating an aura of eerie silence that clung tightly around her. "Pissed off experiments, nutso earthbound demons, anti-faith fanatics...Sure, make this harder than it already is." Knowing the feelings would linger ever harder if she just sat there, Margie sprung up from her seat and began pacing around her apartment. "Let's see,the Earthbound want us all dead, the First Born probably only want about have half of us dead and Soulless just hate everybody. I can understand hating the others, but what does that mean for my kind? None of us asked for this so maybe they be nicer." Her optimism was squashed the second reality hit. "Or they'll put us all out of our misery."

"Hello?" She immediately turns to her answering machine, thankful to have a break from studing. "You don't know me or my master, but if your neighbor gave you anything, destroy it. Shred it, burn it, and never speak of it again. You may have been pulled into The Host's war, but your kind does not have to fight. Just live your life as you normally would and pretend this crap doesn't exist. Bye."

Duty: As said before, the greatest blessing an Infused has is her freedom. She may take any path she wants in helping to heal the World of Darkness.

Symbol: A stick figure child standing alone in the middle of a hollow square.

Sign: Infused don't have a sign.

Twist: No Twist, either. You're just you.

Apocalyptical Form: Other than a halo appearing over their heads and a pair of cute little wings, that’s all they’re getting. It is said that as an Infused goes higher on the scale of Morality, the bigger and more magnificent-looking her wings get.

Blessing: An Infused can learn the Miracles from any other Heritage unless otherwise noted. At the start of character creation, she can pick any three Paths she wants (example: Path of Ecstasy, Path of Command and Path of Scrying) and can’t learn any others.

Curse: Infused cannot take any dots in Aura and Connection.

Rising: Being the underdogs they are, a risen Infused is a real source of inspiration. It takes a lot of work due to a lack of celestial help, but it is all the more glorious in the end.

Falling: Not even the most arrogant Angel would ever say "I told you so" when an Infused falls. It could've been the lack of support, ignorance of their celestial duty or just plain old human sin.

Choosing: See divinity section.

Miracles: See blessing.


Finally done with The Tome of Ancients, Margie is free to talk...


“Heal the world before it destroys itself.”

When it came to old Victorian-style houses, they always had an appeal to both Solomon and Danica, but this one was different. The smell of death and the tragic memories that radiated everywhere seemed to grab him with their metaphorical hands and plunge their fingers into him. Seeing the slightly nervous trembling in her hands, he knew his sister felt the same way. Danica's chanting became even louder as if it would ward any intruders away. Not that she'd admit it. Miss Dark and Creepy afraid? She'd swear up a blue streak if he even asked her, but the older brother in him still hurt to see her this way. There had to be something...

Placing his hand on her shoulder, she briefly turned and smiled back just as a ghost materialized in front of them.

"Don't worry." Solomon turned to it as smiled. "We're here to help."

Duty: The Shepherds are the priests of the New God, but a Light-Bringer is the doctor who heals their physical, spiritual and emotional wounds. While no two Light-Bringers perform their duty the same, both Human and Mystic are their responsibility. With the End of Times coming, there will be plenty of shattered minds and broken spirits to be taken care of.

Symbol: An open pair of hands holding a ball of light.

Sign: A faint halo of light appears over their head whenever they use their powers. This can be suppressed if the Light-Bringer makes a successful willpower roll vs 5.

Twist: Because of their new missions, all Light-Bringers become more extroverted.

Apocalyptical Form: The Celestial grows a pair of swan wings, their halo becomes more prominent (even when not using their powers) while their skin takes on a more light-based quality.

Blessing: Due to the appeal of their role as healers, all Light-Bringers receive an extra dot in Charisma even if it goes over 5. The player can even go up to six on her Charisma score by spending experience points.

Curse: All their concern toward others has left the Light-Bringers with a mild case of monophobia.

Rising: A risen Light-Bringer is a pinnacle of hope. Any kind of pain or problem is healed in an instant. Just don't expect to remember much of your former social life as your duty takes up more your time and heart.

Falling: With the right advertising, hope can become very profitable in both funds and power. Besides greed, one has to watch out for burnout or giving into despair when the number of people needing your help becomes overwhelming.

Choosing: The Celestial is a descendant of a Terror or Herald parent.

Miracles: Light-Bringer miracles can bring forth hope (Path of Hope), pleasure (Path of Ecstasy) and help (Path of Aid).


Solomon Sterling gives his advice…


"Go out into the world for you are it's lost inspiration."

If this world could listen to me, would it think I was stupid? That's what a lot of people think. I know I'm not that smart, but I understand what "Oh, when her looks fade" means.

It wouldn't judge me would it? Not with all crazy stuff running around. Does it get ideas for new creations and hope that it will get taken seriously as a result? (At least it makes them happy.) I'm listening, world, so if you feel like talking, I'm here.


Duty: The idea of Celestials as creatures of wonder, inspiration, and beauty; can be attributed to the Muses. The World of Darkness is a place of wonder ridden with a pain that threatens to destroy everything. It hurts their hearts, especially when this force starts to take its toll on the Mortals and their fellow Celestials. While their creations help Mortal and Mystic alike, they have another duty to their Angelic kin as their source of hope; a reminder that this world is worth fighting for.

Symbol: A jeweled scepter standing upright.

Sign: Interestingly, the hands of a Muses become affected once they awaken. They have a star-shaped mark on one of the palms of their hand. It can be a scar, a birthmark or a tattoo.

Twist: All Muses regain a wide-eyed curiosity toward the world around them since their Revelations opened them up to a fascinating new world. Because of this, strong surge of creativity and crafting comes to them.

Apocalyptical Form: Their skin takes on a liquid metal-like quality and they sprout machine-like wings. While the star mark glows brightly.

Blessing: When making a new Talent, the amount of Faith needed to make it is reduced by one. Also a Muse can never botch a Crafts roll.

Curse: Being the lost inspiration of this world, Muses will not tolerate seeing something of beauty (unless it is evil or dangerous) from being destroyed. (Example: Rushing into a burning museum to save the art or rescuing a person with an appearance score of 4 or higher from a beating.) They must roll willpower vs 6 to keep from interfering. If they botch, the Muse will risk life and limb to protect whatever they are after.

Rising: Both inner and outer beauty shine through a risen Muse as their very presence lifts the spirits of those around them. Their altered hands can make something out of the most useless garbage. Surrounded by such beauty and inspiration, you old life and the mundane world make you feel almost claustrophobic.

Falling: Just like being bombarded with luxury, a weak soul can become addicted to pleasures this new view on life provides. Or maybe the Muse just got too greedy with how valuable her creations are to others and started using that to her advantage.

Choosing: A descendant of a Giant or an Artificer parent.

Miracles: Muse miracles focus on support (Path of Support) and creating and manipulating objects (Path of Objects and Path of Creation).


Breaking from her chain of thought, Sasha Handcock answers a few questions...


“Watch over this world. Both the one you can see and the one you cannot.”

Clayton’s Story: When you get fired for flicking off the security camera at your local K-Mart when they catch you scratching your dick, you know you’ve hit a new low. The superintendent should be coming around any moment to yell at me for something I didn’t do so until then I decided to watch a little TV. What will it be this time? Supposed flirting with his trophy wife, not paying my rent, slashing his tires? There’s some kind of ancient history show on every channel, even the static.

“Clayton.” One of the people on the screen turns to me. What the? I haven’t lit a joint in weeks and I’m already seeing things. “Be not afraid.” It walks out to the TV and leaps into my body.

Everything except my senses are shut down as random images flash into my head: the woods where I got my first hickey when I was twelve, my grandfather’s funeral where some clumsy pallbearer drops the casket on my foot; your usual, boring mundane stuff until I see her. That gentle, motherly aura around her, God, I think I’m in love. Sure she doesn’t look all that human, but something tells me that neither am I.

The images finally tell me everything. She’s Gaia, a possible candidate for the New God and now it’s my job to watch over both this world and the one of the spirits, the Umbra, before the aftershocks of the End of Times tears it apart.

Duty: Like the creatures of myth, Nymphs watch over the natural and spiritual world. Examples could be hunting evil spirits, starting an ecological group or protecting mystical sites from harm.

Symbol: A butterfly with its wings spread out.

Sign: The touch of Heaven makes a Nymph’s ears grow an inch longer and become pointed like an Elf’s.

Twist: Some say that these Celestials have a touch of Fae blood in them which explains why a Nymph will automatically cut herself off from her former humanity once she receives her Revelation. Nymphs are unable to see themselves as part of the human race, but as a completely new and different creature (usually as a celestial Fae).

Apocalyptical Form: A Nymph's skin becomes light blue with decorative black spirals. Their colorful butterfly wings have a stained glass look to them.

Blessing: A Nymph can never botch a roll involving entering or leaving the Umbra.

Curse: Since they have Fae blood, Nymphs take aggravated damage from wrought iron.


Rising: It is said that even the most dead and wilted plants can grow under a risen Nymph’s care. Even the spirits of the Umbra seem a little nicer or at least not too hostile toward her. Her relationships with the Mortals may begin to suffer a bit, as nature and the Umbra become more of her home.

Falling: A Nymph can become so burnt-out that she gives up on their mission all together or completely entrapped to the point that she falls into fanaticism. The Umbra is also known to carry great knowledge and treasures that could trigger her greed.

Choosing: All Nymphs have some kind of Fae ancestry (no matter how diluted the bloodline is) that throws them into this Heritage no matter what their Divinity is. Though a number of them have had a Gorgon ancestor or an Angel of the Wild parent.

Miracles: Nymph miracles involve Umbral travel (Path of the Umbra) and the manipulation of nature (Path of Nature) and beasts (Path of Beasts).


Clayton Hill gets into a rant here…


“Atone for the sins you have committed.”

It’s the symbol of every life I helped destroy. I touch the largest of the scars that now cover my body. The images of one of my best customers mowing down a street full of helpless people in hopes of hitting the cop who put him in jail fill my head. Damn it, why me? Thanks to whichever stupid fallen angel knocked-up my ancestors, I’m the one who can’t wear anything shorter than jeans and a turtleneck unless I want people thinking I’m some of freak. I'll probably never get laid again.

If you were some skinny, weaselly little grunt living in some slum with the rest of the poor throwaways, never to be given a shit about you wouldn’t be so high and mighty. I didn’t have a lot of options and when you have the chance to not eat from a dumpster for the rest of your life, you take it. I just want to fly up to heaven and scream at your very face before you abandon us all. Then I realize the stupidity of it all. I look at my scars, remember that I had a hand in creating them, and go off to make amends.

Duty: The forgiveness of The Host is infinite and the Saulites are no exception. Given a second chance and a warning, they are proof that anyone can atone for their evil. Many Saulites may try to fix the trouble they caused while others may use their talents for a higher cause or try to keep people from becoming like them.

Symbol: A bone white human hand with thorns growing out of the palm.

Sign: They all have a tattoo-like marking of thorny vines somewhere on their body as a reminder of their sins. This doesn’t affect their appearance score.

Twist: Anything resembling a conscience that a Saulite repressed or never had has returned with a vengeance, leaving them with a deep feelings of regret.

Apocalyptical Form: Saulites have a pair of gray crow wings, gray skin and glowing, white celestial energy that emerges from their eyes.

Blessing: Breaking away from the evil in their hearts, a Saulite’s Willpower grows allowing her to use an extra die when making a Willpower roll.

Curse: Each Saulite has a curse tailor-made to the her past sins. Such as nightmarish visions of the pain they caused when asleep or stressed-out, becoming hideous, bad luck, etc.

Rising: The signs that have plagued a Saulite begin to disappear as they rise in Humanity. The ultimate symbols of redemption, a risen Saulite is able to set even the cruelest heart on the right path.

Falling: A fallen Saulite might raise the question if there are some people who are beyond redemption or if they just didn’t try hard enough. Old habits die-hard and a Saulite might just give up on redemption and use her powers to further her own schemes. Or maybe after trying and failing so many times, she just gives up.

Choosing: The Celestial just has to have committed great sins in the past to have this Heritage chosen for her.

Miracles: Given their past cruelty, Saulite Miracles include providing aid (Path of Helping), healing (Path of Healing) and their own redemption (Path of Redemption.) Unfortunately, even if she manages to redeem herself, a Saulite can never learn the Miracles of the Heritage they were supposed to be in.


Anton “Fuse” Valez snaps out of his train of thought and begins talking…


“Guide the others with your visions.”

A Poetry Reading by Judith Werner:

My father watches over me,

but he is not who you think.

Away from this realm,

giving me inspiration among the chaos,

that is already in my head when I awoke,

to my divine heritage.

His love is like The Host,

infinite and eternal,

wishing for his children to know

that its disappearance is not good-bye.

For it has left us in charge.

Duty: The mysteries of the World of Darkness are so numerous that it would drive a normal man insane. That it’ll take one with a heavenly guidance to make some sense of it all. This is where the Seers come in with their minds full of thoughts and insight to make sense of it all.

Symbol: A glowing pair of human eyes.

Sign: A third eye placed in the middle of the forehead. The eye can easily close, perfectly hiding it.

Twist: Maybe it has to do with the constant chaos in their mind that makes the Seers a little eccentric. It’s not enough to be a derangement, but makes them seem a bit odd.

Apocalyptical Form: Skin becomes a light indigo while a pair of wings made out of peacock feathers sprout from their back.

Blessing: All Seers get an extra dot in Perception even if it goes over 5. The player can even go up to six on her Perception score by spending experience points.

Curse: If a Seer botches a Willpower roll, they will receive a horrifying vision relating to what is going on. For example: If a Seer enters a mafia hideout, she will get visions of the innocent victims that have been brutally murdered. During this time, she temporarily cannot act unless someone or something snaps them out of it.

Rising: Almost no mystery in the World of Darkness is unknown or cannot be searched to a risen Seer. Your words are held with the utmost respect and admiration. Even if more and more visions fill your head, it doesn't matter since you don't know what you'd do without them.

Falling: Not every Seer is prepared for what they will see and may go insane from some of the more horrific ones. Or become greedy and take advantage of a needy person’s kindness in exchange for some "advice" or manipulate them into their own personal puppets.

Choosing: A descendant of a Fiend or an original Seer parent

Miracles: Seer miracles revolve around effecting the mind (Path of the Mind), their own senses (Path of Senses) and scrying (Path of Scrying.)


Judith Werner begins another jam session...


"Bridge the gaps that keep others apart."

"I can understand how you feel." Noah said to the diseased mockery of a human girl; or at least what he thought was a girl. She stood at the edge of a condemned apartment complex awaiting the painful rays of the sun to tear her apart. "You look in the mirror and you can't even recognize yourself."

The five-inch dangling bits of skin that were suppose to be her ears perked up at his words. So far, so good. Despite the many of negotiations he had done in his short career, Noah felt like a damn rookie. Not just because this was his first Mystic and one mistake could lead to letting The Host down, but more of the melodic voice of his own mother feeding him guidance from his own head. No, not the one that died in a car accident when he was an infant. This one was so much older and more complex. One that awakened his angelic heritage and every idealistic hope and dream that he told to shut-up when the rest of the world said that such feelings were stupid. "You can't think straight, because of all the voices are eating away at your memories."

"Can't even face your own family." She said as Noah held out his hand without a single trace of fright toward her.

"Pitchforks or a trip to the loony bin?"

"Both before the entire town recovers from screaming." She accepted his hand as Noah felt the approval of The Host smile down on him. Maybe this guidance thing could be a real blessing after all.

Duty: For millennium The Host's children (both Mortal and Mystic) have been fighting amongst themselves when there have been much bigger problems to take care of. This is where the Seraphim, the mediators and diplomats of the New God, come in. They are the ones that try to help gain a pack of Garous' trust to assist some Nymphs, match wits in bargaining with umbral spirits, calm a frantic Mortal or even keep their fellow Celestials from killing each other. Total harmony is pretty much a pipe dream, but this thankless job is nevertheless important.

Symbol: A single white feather.

Sign: Once a Seraphim receives her Revelation, her voice becomes a thing of pure beauty from a deep, rich Berry White baritone to becoming so harmoniums that it seems like the Seraphim is singing. Even those who were once mute or had speech impediments can now speak clearly.

Twist: Even the most cynical Seraphim can feel the walls around their heart break as a renewed sense of hope and passion flows through them.

Apocalyptical Form: Skin takes a golden metallic sheen and they grow a pair of prismatic wings with jewel-like colors.

Blessing: Due to the loveliness of their voices, all Seraphim gain an extra dot to their Manipulation score even if it goes over five. The player can even go up to six on her Manipulation score by spending experience points.

Curse: Due to their increased idealism and sensitivity, Seraphim are more prone to powerful emotions and must roll Willpower vs 6 to avoid going into emotional outbursts.

Raising: A risen Serph is the pinnacle of unity and a master negotiator that is more at home with her duty than her old mortal life. The fact that they can calm even the most stubborn hearts makes up for it.

Falling: Probably one of the most thankless jobs of all, a Seraphim might give up and start using their silver tongue to fill their own agendas. Some might even become so entangled in the webs of intrigue that they don't even notice that they've created a mess with their own selves sitting on the throne.

Choosing: A descendant of a Defiler or a Nereid parent.

Miracles: Seraphim miracles aid in diplomacy (Path of Diplomacy and Path of Manipulation) and their own voices (Path of the Voice.)


Clearing his heavenly throat, Noah Kane begins to talk...


“Prepare the Mortals for the New God.”

Natsume’s story: The end of innocence, I never thought it would happen to me until I found my brother’s hung body dangling from his room. All those years of coming home with bruises from the local bullies, staying up past midnight to memorize every word in his textbook and sudden withdrawal from everyone started to make sense. It forced me to see things for what they really are as I wailed by my brother’s feet so loudly that my parents had to drag me to my room kicking and screaming.

Without a word of comfort, they threw me onto my bed and went to call the police. I started to cry again until I heard a voice tell me to stop. I knew his voice was too kind to be my father's so I took a chance and raised my head to the man who was calling me. My vision was still a little blurry from all the crying, but this creature composed of pure light was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. He wiped my tears and promised that he’d take care of me even after the New God comes. The world was very sick and that as his child, it was my job to prepare the mortals for the new age that is coming.

Since then I’ve gotten into scrapes protecting others from bullies and endless arguments with my parents for turning the house into a “shelter for losers,” but I could care less. I don’t want anyone else to go through what my brother had to and with my new father’s guidance I know I will succeed.

Duty: The End of Times will bring uncertainty even with the arrival of the New God. This is where the Shepherds come in to ease the Mortals from one age to another. This can take many forms from starting a religious movement based on the New God to trying to guide the populace into one that is stronger and more accepting toward the changes that will come.

Symbol: A shepherd’s crook.

Sign: Wings. Unlike the feathery ones often shown on westernized Angels, a Shepherd’s wings are made of transparent beams of light. These wings are non-functional and can only be seen if the Shepherd's back is exposed.

Twist: The priests of the New God need to be strong and brave so The Host has twisted their personalities to make them more confident and strong-willed even to the point of stubbornness.

Apocalyptical Form: The skin becomes smooth and marble-like. Their wings become more prominent, but are still transparent to the touch.

Blessing: Any social rolls involving Mortals are reduced by one. (Minimum of 1)

Curse: Due to their concern for humanity, a Shepherd is unable to attack a Mortal except in self-defense or protecting someone else. They must roll willpower vs. 6 to do so.

Rising: There is no truer example of heavenly guidance then a Shepherd who has embraced her angelic side. She is a benevolent guide who can bring out the best in her followers and bring even greater glory to the New God.

Falling: They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. In an attempt to guide the Mortals, a Shepherd can become fanatical to the point of oppressing them or developing a massive god complex the demands worship.

Choosing: Since the Angels were the ones that bared the brunt of The Host's message, it is only fitting that the Aasimar (and only Aasimar) be the ones to share the burden. So The Host appointed its highest-ranking Angels to create the followers of this Heritage.

Miracles: Given their connection to their followers (Path of The Touched), their miracles revolve around feelings (Path of Emotions) and leadership (Path of Command).


Natsume Tokomo offers her guidance…


"Use what you see to aid in the glory of the New God."

"You know what to do." Vincent's Grigori said to him.

"Yes dad." If the Ordo of Angelus is correct, they already took care of the owner ahead of time. All he had to do was go in and find those three chalices. "I can't wait."

He could practically feel his eyes flash as he walked in with all those religious texts, altars, decorations...Oh, it was just too tempting. "Look away, Vincent, look away."

That's when he came across a copy of "The Holy Books of Thelema." It was like that dead wizard knew ahead of time what he liked. Just to tempt him to run his fingers over the first edition cover and to the edge where he could easily turn it.

"You're wasting time." Damn, he was right.

Duty: Every elite force needs it's share of sneaks and spies and the Angels are no different. Where a Seer will look from a distance at what is going on beyond this world; the Watchers see the world at face value and actively dive into it. This talent is what makes them the New God's trusted information-gathers.

Symbol: A shadowy figure with white eyes.

Sign: A Watcher's eyes will flash a small, glowing light when displaying intense emotion (anger, curiosity, lust, etc.). This can be repressed with a willpower roll vs 5.

Twist: All Watchers have a compulsion to know the world around them as if there was a burning desire within them.

Apocalyptical Form: Shadows drape around the Watcher's body like a skin-tight cat suit with wings made out of shadows.

Blessing: At the start of character creation, a Watcher can choose whether she wants to put an extra dot in Stealth, Subterfuge or Investigation (even if it goes over 5). The player can even go up to six on her Stealth/Subterfuge/Investigation score by spending experience points.

Curse: Given all the fascinating stuff that a Watcher can learn, the PC has something in particular that catches her interest. (Demonology, sexual acts, old world rituals, etc.) If they do come across some information that would feed their obsession they become absorbed by it and wouldn't do anything else than study up on it until they are snapped out, roll Willpower vs 6 or get what they need.

Rising: No bit of information, no matter how minuscule escapes the eye of a risen Watcher. They are the greatest ally you could have since so much of their life is now dedicated to their Heritage.

Falling: Sometimes knowing too much can drive a Watcher insane or trick them down a dark path by centuries-old manipulators. Not to mention one can get greedy with the wealth their knowledge can bring and start their own disastrous little power games.

Choosing: A descendant of a Scourge or a Guardian Angel parent.

Miracles: Watcher miracles revolve around learning (Path of Information), hiding (Path of Illusion) and getting to where she needs to go (Path of Movement).


Peeking up from his research, Vincent Flores answers some questions...

Rising and Falling

Just like any of the Mystics in the World of Darkness, the Angels have the potential to become something more than they already are. Whether it rising and becoming more angelic or having the worst parts of yourself take over and lead to your destruction.

Rising: To the Nephilim, rising is a step in becoming something better than their twisted ancestors. For the Aasimar it's a chance to become closer to the angelic parents they never knew they had. The Infused see it a chance to improve themselves. While the Chari cling to the promise that a soul of their own will be their reward.

The concept of rising works like a Path does for a vampire. But there is also a price: the loss of the Angel's old self. The purifying of the soul will bring out a lot of emotional baggage, feelings, past sins and secrets that the PC will have to face. To some Angels, opening this can of worms is quite frightening that they would rather to find a balance between their divine and mortal halves. While there is no punishment for doing this, the Celestial will miss out on the enlightenment rising can bring.

Falling: Nobody really wakes up one day and decides to be evil. It takes a variety of elements for someone to take that downward spiral and the Angels are no different. As the PC drops in the ranks of Morality, the closer they become to being one of The Lost.

Morality: Much like the Demons' scale for sin, the Angels have their own code of morality they must follow. The more dots you have in it, the more restricted you are in what you cannot do.

10-Any act of cruelty, selfishness or thoughtlessness. As well as allowing such an act to happen in your presence without trying to prevent it. An unwillingness to sacrifice for the greater good.

9-Doing harm to any mortal creature for any reason than self-defense or the greater good. Permitting any lesser sin in your presence without at least trying to prevent it. NOTE: Any Angel who can maintain this level of Morality can begin training as an Angelos.

8-Doing harm (physical, emotional, or spiritual) to any mortal creature for any reason other than self-defense or the greater good.

7-Theft from or deception of others without just cause. Breaking your sworn word.

6-Accidental violations: Doing harm to others through carelessness, negligence or thoughtlessness. Neglecting duties or responsibilities. Betraying another's trust.

5-Destruction of the works or inflicting intentional emotional harm though cruelty or neglect.

4-Sins of passion: Murder in a fit of rage, giving into intense feelings of hate, anger, jealousy or irrational prejudice, encouraging the same in others. Destroying particularly inspirational or meaningful objects. Doing personal harm through addiction or other self-destructive patterns of behavior. NOTE: The Angel becomes one of The Lost.

3-Premeditated violation of others: plotted murder or assassination, systematic destruction of another, long-sought revenge.

2-Casual violation of others: murder for no reason, thoughtless cruelty and torture, near-mindless savagery.

1-There is no sin for a damned soul like you.

Angelos: When an Angel has reached and maintained a morality score of nine, they will receive a vision from The Host allowing them to ascend to the ranks of the Angelos. While there is no penalty for refusing, but they must wait a year (and still maintain their high morality) to be asked again.

If the Angel agrees, The Host will give her a difficult mission (up to the ST) to prove herself. The Celestial does not have to go it alone, but is still required to do a majority of the work. If the mission fails, she must wait a year while keeping her high morality score before given another chance.

Becoming an Angelos is a rare and miraculous thing and shouldn't be given out lightly and is better off being a long-term goal in a chronicle. An Angelos the perfect blend of a Mortal's free will and ability to adapt and an Angel's divine nature and purity. The character will stop aging, has a five point Connection with The Host itself, their Aura raises to five ( they’re Infused) and they are able to have access to any Miracles. Only problem is that as soon as an Angelos is created, they ascend to Heaven and are no longer PCs.

No one really knows what the Angelos do in Heaven, but they can be found (as NPCs) on earth or in the Umbra when there is something could use their help.

Despar: A true epitome of evil, the Despar are irredeemable souls. If an Angel's morality is at 2, all they have to do is commit a true act of great evil (up to the ST) that will transform them into a Despar and are no longer playable. They get the bonuses of an Angelos gets except that they no longer have a connection and stay on earth/umbra for the rest of their existence.

Character Creation

The character creations works a lot like the rest of the World of Darkness’ d10 system.

New Abilities


No matter what divinity an Angel is from, all of them have the power to fly when in the Umbra. While basic flying can be handled, the more dots your character has, the better they are at pulling off more complex maneuvers.

Specialties: Combat flight, rescuing, spying, dive-bombing

New Knowledge

Angel Lore

Angel lore is mainly for outsiders (Mortals and Mystics) and how much they know of your kind.

New Backgrounds


It's a lot like Pure Blood in Werewolves. With all that celestial energy brewing inside, it starts to manifest itself on the outside. Those around you get a vibe that there's something special about you. This can be a blessing and a curse as it can draw admirers as well as enemies to you. For few can touch the hearts and minds like a divine being can.

NOTE: These auras can be seen through the use of mystical means (like Auspex) and will come of as a glittery gold. The more dots, the more prominent it is. In the case of Infused, it’s extremely faint.


Even the heralds of the New God need a little help every now and then. Each Divinity (except for the Infused) has a mental link that can help them in times of need.

System: Roll Connection + Perception vs. 6 or higher if the user is asking for something specific.

Nephilim: Their connection is tied to the memories and knowledge of their ancestors. When using their connection, the user gets a brief flashback. The more successes equal a longer and more descriptive flashback.

Aasimar: All Aasimar have a connection to their Grigori who watches over the child like a guardian spirit. More successes on your roll will give you a more detailed explanation, but remember that their advice can be a little biased.

Chari: Charon's connection system is a collection of minds all linked to Charon himself. Their founder prefers that his servants figure things on there own and will offer them cryptic information (more successes equals more clues).

Basic Celestial Powers

No matter what divinity you come from, all Angels have these abilities.

Slow Aging: As soon as they receive their revelation, a Celestial will physically and mentally age one year for every three. In the case of children/teenagers, the aging won't kick in until they're 18.

Divine Immunity: All Angels are immune to mundane poisons and diseases. If they had one before their Revelation, it is automatically cured. (Unless this is part of a Saulite curse.)

Family Scent: Any Angel can automatically recognize another of their kind (even The Lost) just by looking at them regardless of divinity. They can also recognize Demons and vice-versa.

Anti-Delirium: All Angels are immune to Delirium effects.

Umbral Travel: All Angels can travel into the Umbra just like a Garou. Once they are in there, they revert into the Apocalyptical Form and can now fly.

Gathering Faith

Also, I have to add how they get Faith. It's similar to the Werewolves where they have to meditate/pray at sacred sites (wiccan covens, churches, werecreature caerens, cemeteries, etc). Awareness + Perception vs 6. (Each success gets a point of Faith.) Once any Faith has been gathered, it cannot be used again for 24 hours. These sacred places cannot be drained of their power no matter how much Faith is taken.



No matter how hard one tries to hide it, sin has a way of staining the soul. Since some of the Miracles are related to the target's sin, refer to this chart to calculate a creature's sin score.

Changelings: Unseelie Changelings have a Sin rating equal to half their Glamour score (rounded down), while Thallains have their full Glamour.

Demons: Each point of Torment equals one point of sin.

Eastern Kindred: Subtract the Dharma rating from 10 to calculate the sin score. In the case of Scorpion-Eaters and Devil-Tigers, add a point of sin for each dot in their Dharma rating.

Hunter: Except for Infernal Extremists, no damage whatsoever.

Mages: For the Nephandi one point of sin per dot of avatar. Mages are not in any way near as vulnerable as Demons or Vampires to this kinda deal. For every strike, one point of quintessence in their pattern changes into possessing a strong Holy resonance. As a result, it’s almost useless for the dark magic of the Nephandi.

Mortals: 10 minus Humanity, divided by 2 (rounded down).

Mummies: Only Bane Mummies have to worry about damage.

Vampires: In the case of Humanity and non-evil/infernal paths, subtract the current score from ten and that's how much sin they have. For paths that are evil/infernal in nature, each dot equals a point of Sin.

Werecreatures: Only Black-Spiral Dancers and other Wyrm servants have to worry about a sin score. For each rank, add two points of Sin.

Wraiths: One point of Sin per point of permanent Angst.

Assimar Miracles

Path of Light

* Light

Description: Makes an object temporarily shine.

System: Spend a Faith point to make a small, mundane object shine like a lantern.

Duration: An hour, but can be shut off for free at any time.

** Hand of Light

Description: Cause minor damage from your touch.

System: Spend a point of Faith and roll Aura + Connection vs. 6. Each success equals a round of activation. The user must have their hands on the target for a full round to activate one level of aggravated damage.

*** Body of Light

Description: Create an aura of light around yourself. This is useful if you need someone to find you, to make yourself look more powerful or even warm yourself up.

System: Spend a Faith point to create an aura of light around yourself that shines like a lantern. The light can help warm you up (it creates a room-temperature heat.)

Duration: An hour, but can be shut off for free at anytime.

NOTE: In the case of powers like a Lasombra’s Obtenebration, they can negate each other. Both users must roll their Willpower against each other.

**** Blur

Description: Turn into a blur of light and become harder to hit.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Dexterity + Stealth vs. 7. Each success equals a round of activation and the difficulty to strike you is upped by one. (The user appears blurry to those trying to attack her.)

***** Charge

Description: Turn an object into a light-based explosive.

System: Spend a Faith point to infuse a mundane object (it should no bigger than soda can) and another to detonate it early. It does the same damage as a hand grenade.

Duration: The object will explode in a minute unless detonated early.                                 

Path of the Saint

* Lay On Hands

Description: Your touch heals others.

System: The user must be touching the target for this Miracle to work. Spending one Faith point will heal a level of damage.

** Protect Me

Description: The target has a strong desire to protect the user.

System: Roll Aura + Charisma vs the target's willpower. The ST may want to add or subtract points depending on the target. Each success will equal a round of protection.

NOTE: If the Celestial uses this miracle for selfish or lazy reasons when they are clearly capable of protecting themselves, they must roll a Morality check.

*** Inner Good

Description: Appeals to the goodness inside the target's heart to keep her from doing something wrong.

System: Spend a point of Faith and roll Charisma + Empathy vs the target's Willpower. This will not work on targets with a Humanity (or any other kind of morality score) score of 0 since they are too far gone. Or 10 if they are on a darker path of morals.

**** Angelic Soul

Description: Use your beauty and holiness to enthrall others.

System: Spend two Faith points and roll Aura + Appearance vs the target's Willpower. The target is entranced by the user, unable to do anything for five minutes or one round if in battle per success. A botch causes the target to become crazed and obsessed with the user for one scene.

Duration: Enchantment breaks off if the target is attacked, the user performs a violent action, the duration ends or the user leaves the target's line of sight.

***** Shield of Faith

Description: Protect yourself and others from mundane and mystical damage.

System: Spend two Favors for a half hour of activation and another Faith for another twenty minutes. An invisible aura will surround the user and anyone who is huddled around her. It will protect all of you against mundane attacks and reduces mystical ones by two levels of damage. The only catch is that you must be protecting someone to activate the Miracle.

Duration: The Miracle is shut off if the user commits a violent action, the protected leaves the huddle, the duration ends or the user shuts it off.

Path of Protection

* Bad Taste

Description: Infuses your blood, chi and flesh with so much angelic energy that it becomes inedible.

System: Roll Aura + Stamina vs 7. Each success equals ten minutes (or one round if in battle). A botch will cause your body to become so overwhelmed by the angelic energy that you'll violently ill for one round and be unable to do anything but try not to vomit. (It also makes for a good makeshift ipecac.)

Anyone that attempts to bite or consume any part of you must make a Willpower roll vs 7 and score at least two successes or throw-up anything they consumed. If target botches, they throw-up twice the amount.

** Celestial Weapon

Description: Temporarily turn a weapon into a holy one.

System: Spend 1 Faith to infuse a melee weapon or a projectile (an arrow or a bullet). (Does not work on weapons of a mystical nature.) Does a point of lethal damage per Sin point upon striking. Please note that this cannot stack.

Duration: Instant. Projectiles can only be used once, but once a melee weapon has successfully hits something, it returns to normal.

*** Share Connection

Description: Allows others to see, hear and communicate with your Grigori.

System: The Celestial must hold on to the target's hand and spend a Faith point. As long as the both of you are undisturbed and keep holding hands, the target will be able to see (if your Connection is high enough), hear, and communicate with your Grigori. The Grigori must agree to this in order for this Miracle to work.

**** Silence

Description: Temporarily shuts off the user's Aura and Connection.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Connection + Wits vs. 7. Each success will block out your Grigori and aura for ten minutes. The Miracle can be shut-off at anytime.


Description: Temporarily allows the Grigori to take over the user's body.

System: The user must go into a trance and spend two Faith to let their Grigori take over their body for a half hour. Their child's soul will be kept safe in a state of torpor and will be ignorant of what happened. The Grigori can shut the Miracle off at anytime.                                 

Chari Miracles


* True Sight

Description: Allows the user to see through illusions.

System: Roll Perception + Awareness vs the illusion user's willpower.

Botch: Anything that's not an illusion become warped and grotesque for five minutes.

** Seal

Description: Will close an object: doors, boxes, portals, etc.

System: Roll Willpower vs. 5 (for simple doors and boxes), 6 (for more complex ones) and 8 for portals. For anything that requires more than a roll of 6 will require a Faith point to be spent.

*** Ward

Description: Prevents spirits from attacking you.

System: Spend a Faith point to activate this Miracle for ten minutes (and another Favor an additional ten). If you perform any aggressive action against any spirits, the Miracle is shut off. Otherwise you can turn it off or let the time run out.

NOTE: If the spirit wishes to attack, she and the Chari must roll Willpower against each other.

**** Entrap

Description: Unlike binding a spirit into a Talent, Trap will only temporarily bind a spirit into an object as a way to defend yourself from it's wrath or protect it from harm. An example would be if a Wraith was summoned in the mundane world and abused by the summoner, the Celestial could use this Miracle to smuggle to Wraith out.

System: For this Miracle to work, the user must have something to contain the spirit. Then spend two Faith and roll their Willpower vs the spirit's. If the spirit is willing, then the number can lower and only one Faith point is needed. This will last for one scene.

Botch: The container shatters and you have to face a rather perturbed spirit.

***** Banish

Description: Send a target in the Umbra away from the user.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Intimidation + Manipulation vs. the target's willpower. Each success equals how far away the target is sent. The Chari has no control over where the subject is sent. (This is up to the ST.)

Botch: The Miracle is thrust upon the user instead of their target.

Path of Night

*Night Eyes

Description: From now on, the Celestial has night vision.

System: This Miracle works automatically and is permanent.


Description: Shuts out all artificial light sources around the user.

System: Roll your Faith score, each success equals adds ten feet and five minutes to the Miracle's effect. It may be shut off at anytime.

Botch: All mundane light sources shine twice as bright for the next five minutes.

***Black Fog

Description: Creates a black fog that affects the target's perception.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Subterfuge + Perception vs. the area's Gauntlet rating minus one. Each success equals ads ten feet and five minutes to the Miracle's effect. It may be shut off at anytime. While you are immune to your Miracle, anyone caught in the fog gets a +1 penalty when attacking you or anyone else.

Botch: The fog erupts around you, giving you the attack penalty.

****Heart's Blood

Description: Grow temporary fangs and drain blood for health like a Vampire.

System: Spend two faith points to activate. One point of blood will heal one regular health level. The Miracle does provide the same pleasure as a Vampire's bite and may hurt if the victim struggles. The wound will close automatically. (This Miracle will only work on living creatures.)

NOTE: Due to the nature of this Miracle, a Morality check will be required if the Chari uses it maliciously.


Description: Creates an invisible aura that makes nearby enemies sick.

System: It works just like Black Fog except you need two Faith to activate it and instead of fog, an invisible aura radiates from the user, causing anyone (except allies) to roll their willpower vs. 7 (round per success) or become so ill that that take a +1 penalty to their rolls until they leave the area or the Miracle ends or is shut off. If the target tries to leave, they must make a willpower roll.

Botch: The aura effects you instead for a round.

Path of Undeath

*Eyes of Another

Description: See what a corpse last saw before their death.

System: The user must touch the corpse and roll Perception + Empathy vs 6. Each success gives you a longer and clearer picture of last moments of the target's death.

Botch: The Celestial gets no vision but feels the death as if it happened to them.


Description: The user can physically touch and affect the Shadowlands.

System: Spend a Faith point to activate this Miracle for ten minutes and another for each additional ten. As long as the Miracle is active, the Celestial can physically touch and affect the Shadowlands.


System: Spend a Faith point, place your hands on the corpse (or where it's buried) and roll your Willpower vs 7. Each success equals a day that any necromantic rituals/powers are rendered useless (this includes Chari Miracles). This Miracle will not prevent the spirit from becoming a Wraith.

Botch: The difficulty of using any necromantic rituals/powers with the corpse are reduced by one (minimum 1).

*****Zombie Guards

Description: Turns nearby corpses into loyal bodyguards.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Aura + Manipulation vs the area's Gauntlet rating minus 1. Up to five corpses in the area, (including animals) will rush to the Chari's aid and fight to the death to protect her (the ST chooses which ones). Each success will equal a round of protection.

Botch: The corpses attack you instead for one round.

NOTE: If the Celestial uses this Miracle for selfish\lazy reasons when she is clearly capable of protecting herself, she must roll a Morality check.

*****Eternal Rest

Description: Prevents a newly dead person's soul from getting destroyed, captured or becoming a Wraith.

System: Spend a point of Faith to sense if the soul is about to become a Wraith, be captured, destroyed, etc. If this is going to happen, the Celestial has 24 hours to spend 2 Faith and roll their Willpower vs 8 to activate the Miracle. Only one success is needed to send the soul to her final destination where she won't be hurt again.                                 

Infused Miracles

Path of Enhancement

*-Night Eyes

Description: You can see perfectly in the dark.

System: This Miracle works automatically and is permanent. From now on, the Infused has night vision.

**-Enhanced Senses

Description: Temporarily enhances one of the user's five senses.

System: Pick one of the five senses and roll Perception + Awareness vs. 6. Each success equals ten minutes of activation.

Botch: The sense you were using is shut off for ten minutes.


Description: Temporarily alters the user's weight.

System: Spend a Faith point and for the rest of the scene, your weight (the user's body stays the same) becomes light enough float down from heights that would normally hurt you, walk past alarms that are triggered by a specific weight, escape by going through a floor by making yourself really heavy, etc.

****-Winged Sandals

Description: Temporarily alters the user's speed and jumping ability.

System: For each Faith point you spend, you can add ten feet to your jumping height and distance for one scene.


Description: Their user's bones are impossible to break without a strength score of 6 or higher.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Stamina + Athletics vs 7. Any successes allows the Miracle to be used for one scene.

Botch: Any roll that involves absorbing damage are done at a +1 penalty for one scene.

Path of Alteration


Description: Hair becomes razor sharp.

System: Spend a Faith point to activate this Miracle for ten minutes. Anyone who tries to run their hands through your hair or grabs it will risk getting their fingers cut off. The user is immune to their own hair and can easily pull off a strand and use it to cut mundane objects like handcuffs. If the user has long dreads or braids, they can now be used as a light slashing weapon with a +1 difficulty to use.

**-Dragon Claws

Description: Turns fingernails or toenails into claws.

System: Roll Strength + Brawl vs 6 and for each success, you get one round of use. The PC's fingernails become six inches longer and have the same damage effect as a mundane dagger. It takes one round for the nails to grow long enough for Miracle can be used.

Botch: The extra length shatters. The PC cannot use the Miracle again for every round per botch.

NOTES: The user can spend a point of Faith along with their roll to activate both finger and toenails.

***-Green Mist

Description: Emit a green spray that blinds your target.

System: Spend two Faith to let out a five-foot long, green spray from your mouth. Anyone who gets hit must roll Stamina + Brawl vs 7 or becomes blinded until it is removed.

****-Acidic Blood

Description: Your blood becomes acidic.

System: Spend a Faith point to activate this Miracle for ten minutes. While your blood will not hurt you, treat the blood as if it were acid.

Note: If a vampire (or any other creature) tries to ingest the user's blood, instead of gaining any nourishment, a point of aggravated damage is inflicted for every point of blood they drink. There is also a risk of dissolving the fangs for vampires.


Description: Temporarily grow an extra pair of arms.

System: Spend 2 Faith for ten minutes of activation and an additional favor for another five minutes. An extra pair of arms will sprout from the sides of their torso (think Goro from Mortal Kombat). These arms work naturally as if you had them all your life, but do not produce any delirium to keep onlookers from freaking out. So you'll have some explaining to do.

Path of the Mind


Description: Allows the user to perfectly store information/memories inside their mind.

System: The PC must spend one Faith (though more Faith may be needed for larger and more complex stuff) to store something they read or heard into their memory (you can store as many memories as you have dots in intelligence). The information can be mentally extracted at will for one day per dot of Intelligence.

NOTE: If the user has the Merit, Photographic Memory, they can store and extract one extra memory.


Description: Speak and read any language.

System: Roll Perception + Awareness vs 6 (it may be altered depending on if the language is no longer spoken or similar to any the PC can speak). Each success determines how well you can read and speak the main language of the place you are in for one scene.

***-Psion Blast

Description: The user can now emit a powerful blast of psionic energy from the center of her forehead.

System: Spend a Faith point to launch a blast that causes aggravated damage on its target. Roll Dexterity + Brawl vs the target's Dexterity + Dodge, each success equals a point of damage (this is soakable.)

****-Brain Boost

Description: Gain an extra die to use in an intelligence-based roll.

System: Spend a one Faith point per die (up to three.). Once the roll is made the Miracle is over.


Description: Send a telepathic messages to someone else.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Awareness vs 7. Each success allows grants a greater range for the user.

Botch: User receives a backlash for 5 minutes, that causes a +1 penalty (max 10) on all perception-based rolls.                                 


Path of Earth


Description: Turns a small patch of dirt, small amounts of water (example in a glass) and puddles into mud. Useful for slowing targets down, showing a display of your divine powers, making sure a target leaves a trail or create an emergency projectile to distract someone.

System: Spend a Faith point to turn the land/water into mud for one scene.

**-Harden Earth

Description: Hardens mud, quicksand, molten lava, etc.

System: Spend a Faith point to harden an area for one scene.

***-Body of Stone

Description: User gets an extra die when making rolls to soak up damage.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Stamina + Brawl vs 6 (each success equals an extra die). This does not stack and is activated automatically until the user is hit or the battle is over.

****-Earthen Wall

Description: Summons a wall made of earth to appear in front of the user.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Stamina + Brawl vs 8 to make the ground in front of the user become a 6-foot wall that can take two points of damage; more successes creates a larger wall that can take an extra point of damage.

NOTE: The wall can only be created with organic matter like dirt and sand.

*****-Gravity Control

Description: The user can control gravity from making a person so heavy they fall through floors to being light enough to float away or alter it to enhance one's jumping abilities.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Strength + Stealth vs 7. Each Success equals a round or 5 minutes of activation.

Path of Wind and Water

*-Walk on Water

Description: Allows the user to temporarily walk on water.

System: Roll Dexterity + Athletics vs 6, success round equals ten minutes of activation.

**-Water and Blood

Description: The user can transform water into blood and vice-versa. Good for emergency blood transfusions, quick blood for a vampire, to strike fear into your targets, etc.

System: Spend a Faith point to turn a pint’s worth of water/blood (which is Type O) to transform it. (Another point needs to be spent to to reverse it. The user must be able to see the blood/water for it to work.) In the case of it being used on a bleeding target, only the blood showing will get turned into water.

***-Wind Blast

Description: The user can create blasts of wind.

System: Spend a Faith point to create a small breeze to make papers blow away or lift up a skirt. Anything more powerful needs a roll of Wits + Survival vs 7 (number can rise, max 10, in the case of larger winds), more successes means a longer duration.

****-Breath of Ice

Description: The user breathes out a cloud that can freeze objects and living things.

System: Spend two Faith to freeze non-living objects within three feet of the user. To freeze living things, the user also must roll Stamina + Melee vs 5 plus the target's strength (max 10). The more successes means the more of the target the user can freeze. The target can break out with a successful Strength roll of 7 (one success is only needed) and can receive aid from others.

Botch: The frost to gets stuck in the user's throat, causing her to cough and gag for the rest of the round.


Description: The user summons forth a powerful storm under her command.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Manipulation + Survival vs 8. Each success equals a larger and more powerful storm for one round per success. The user can summon bolts of lightning down once per success (the target must roll Dexterity + Dodge vs 7 to avoid it).

Path of Fire


Description: User creates a small flame from their hand.

System: Spend a Faith point to create a small flame that works just like a regular fire for 10 minutes or until it is extinguished/shut off.


Description: User is temporarily immune to fire.

System: Roll Stamina + Survival vs 6, each success equals ten minutes of activation that can be shut-off at any time.

Botch: The user receive an extra point of damage from fire for ten minutes.

***-Endure Elements

Description: User becomes immune to harsh natural elements like heat and the cold.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Stamina + Survival vs 7, each success equals ten minutes where naturally created heat and cold have no effect on you.

****-Dragon’s Breath

Description: User breathes out a stream of fire not unlike a dragon.

System: Spend two Faith to burn non-living objects within three feet of the user. To burn living things, the user must also roll Stamina + Melee vs 5 plus the target's Stamina (max 10). Treat as normal fire.


Description: User can control fire.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Awareness vs 7 (may vary depending on the size of the fire and what the user wants to do with it). More successes increases the complexity of what the user wants to do and for how long (ten minutes per success).                                 


Path of Defense


Description: Allows the user to make a hasty retreat.

System: Roll Dexterity + Athletics vs 6; each success equals a better and faster escape.

Botch: The user trips over her own feet.


Description: Enhances dodge rolls the next time the player is attacked.

System: Spend one Faith for each extra die for your next dodge roll (max 3). The player cannot choose which attack she'll use the Miracle on and if the battle ends before the player can get attacked, the Miracle is shut-off.

***-No Pain

Description: Temporarily cancels out the user's ability to feel pain.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Willpower vs 7. Each success equals a result on this chart...

****-Ring of Salt

Description: By creating a circle on the ground, the user can create a protective ward around someone else.

System: Spend two Faith to protect one living creature (spend another one for each extra person). As long as the target(s) stay in the circle, anyone wishing to harm or kidnap them must make a Willpower roll vs the user's willpower and score two successes to succeed.

The ring does not protect against projectile attacks or explosions. The Miracle lasts until the fight/scene is over, the target(s) leaves the ring or the user shuts the power off. In the case of multiple people, all of them must step out, but any that do, no longer benefit from the Miracle's protection.

*****-Selective Immunity

Description: The user is temporarily immune to one kind of mundane attack.

System: The user must pick one kind of mundane attack: fists/kicks, blades, bashing weapons or bullets (one this decision is made, the user cannot do back). Two Faith must be spent with a roll of Stamina + Brawl vs 8. Each success equals a round of activation. This Miracle does not stack and a botch allows the select attack inflict one extra point of damage for one round.

Path of Melee

*-Goliath’s Favor

Description: Temporarily allows an extra die for strength-based rolls.

System: Spend a Faith point to get an extra die (max 3) for the user's next strength-based roll.

**-Celestial Weapon

Description: Infuses a mundane melee weapon (fists count) with hidden celestial power that attacks the inner evil of the victim.

System: Spend one Faith to infuse a melee weapon or a projectile (an arrow or a bullet). (Does not work on weapons of a mystical nature.) Does a point of aggravated damage per Sin point upon striking.

Duration: Instant. Projectiles can only be used once, but once a melee weapon has successfully hits something, it becomes an ordinary weapon.


Description: The user's fists (and all melee weapons can break objects.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Strength + Melee vs 7 (may vary with harder and larger objects). More successes equals how much damage the user does. Once it is used, the Miracle must be reactivated.

****-First Strike

Description: The user goes first in the next round no matter what.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Dexterity + Brawl vs 8, only one success is needed and does not stack.

Note: In case two people using the same Miracle or something similar, flip a coin.

*****-Flaming Sword

Description: Temporarily summon a flaming short sword to aid the user in battle.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Strength + Melee vs 8, each success equals a round of activation which does not stack. Treat the weapon as a regular short sword that does fire damage and has a permanent Celestial Weapon cast on it.

Path of Range

*-Sticky Fingers

Description: Temporarily prevents the user from being disarmed.

System: Roll Strength + Melee vs 7, each success equals a round of activation. A botch causes the user to drop any items in their hands.


Description: Will reload mundane firearms.

System: See the chart to see how much Faith needs to be spent.


Description: Summons the nearest item around you into your hand to use as a weapon.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Brawl vs 7. Each success is determined by this chart...

NOTE: If only item available is in someone else's possession, it will appear in the user's hand instead. (Unless she is using the Sticky Fingers Miracle.) The user has no choice in what item will appear. The overall range for getting something is within 20ft of the user (add ten more feet per success after the first one).


Description: Doubles the range of a mundane projectile weapon.

System: Spend two Faith for the next shot the user makes. This does not stack.

*****-Magic Bullet

Description: Turns a miss done by a mundane projectile weapon into a hit.

System: Spend two Faith that turns the next missed shot into a hit that only does one point of damage. In the case of called shots, a re-roll must be made and the result must be taken no matter what.                                 

Deadman Miracles

Path of Curses

*Transfer Pain

Description: Makes the target feel the pain of another.

System: The Deadman must touch both the person who is suffering and the person they wish to feel it. Then roll their Willpower vs the Willpower of the person they're wishing to inflict. The more successes, forces the target to receive a more intense feeling. While a botch forces the user to receive the pain. The sufferer can be the user, herself.

It is possible to store the sufferer’s pain inside the user so it can be inflicted upon the target later. But it costs a Faith point to do this and must be used within 24 hours or the pain fades away.

NOTE: If this Miracle is used for malicious reasons, a Morality check must be done.

**Hidden Fears

Description: Exposes the target to their worst fears. Only the user and the target will be able to see this fear.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower. Will not work on character who are immune to fear.

NOTE: If used for malicious reasons, a Morality check must be made.


Description: Forces the target's next roll to be done over.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll your Willpower vs the target's. If the target has the flaw Unlucky or Karma's Bitch, the target number is reduced by one (min 1). The target’s next roll (even if it's a botch) must be done over. If the Deadman botches while activating the miracle, the rules apply to her.

****Stop the Powerflow

Description: Temporarily prevents the target from using what fuels their powers (blood, chi, gnosis, ect.)

System: Spend two Faith and roll your Willpower vs the target's. Each success equals a round of activation while a botch will turn the Miracle on the user for one round.


Description: Bestows a curse upon the target.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Willpower vs the opponent's Willpower. (One success is all that is needed.) The curse must have a way to cure it and must be within reason. A botch prevents the user from ever inflicting another curse on that person again.

Example: A Deadman wishes to make a heartless bully pay for his cruelty towards others (especially fat people). So when one of his beatings causes brain damage to one of his victims, she knows that it's time to step in. She curses him that "until he learns kindness and empathy towards others, he will become just like his victims." The bully soon learns to his horror that he is rapidly gaining weight until he's 400 lbs. Finding that he can't really get any thinner, he must sincerely learn his lesson and start doing right by others or he'll stay that way.

NOTE: It is possible for an outside force to remove the curse. If used on an innocent person or for malicious reasons, a Morality check is needed. The user can also shut off the curse early at any time.

Path of Justice

*Scales of Judgement

Description: Determines if the target is worthy of redemption.

System: The user must roll Perception + Awareness vs 6. The more successes equals a better reading while a botch will give the user a massive headache from the jumbled mess of information she is getting.

**-Celestial Weapon

Description: Infuses a mundane melee weapon with hidden celestial power that attacks the inner evil of the victim.

System: Spend a Faith point to infuse a melee weapon or a projectile (an arrow or a bullet). (Does not work on weapons of a mystical nature.) The weapon will do a point of aggravated damage per Sin point upon striking.

Duration: Instant. Projectiles can only be used once, but once a melee weapon has successfully hits something, it becomes an ordinary weapon.

***Guilty Conscience

Description: Awakens the guilt inside the target.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower. More success will equal heavier feeling of guilt while a botch inflicts it on the user.

NOTE: If used for malicious purposes, roll a Morality check.

****Divine Presence

Description: Forces the target to cower and submit to the user.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Manipulation + Aura vs the target's Willpower. Two or more successes are needed and will render the target unable to do anything other than submit in fear and awe unless in direct danger.


Description: Forces the target to question their own morality, beliefs and motives.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Manipulation + Empathy vs the target’s willpower.

Note: If used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check needs to be made.

Path of the Hunt

*Sense Evil

Description: Allows the user to sense evil energies among them.

System: Roll Perception + Awareness vs. 6. More successes equals a more vivid description while a botch forces the user to become overloaded with information and become queasy.


Descriptions: Allows the user to find where the target is hiding.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Stealth vs 7 (can be altered or require more successes if they are hiding by mystical means). More successes equals a more vivid descriptions.


Description: Slows down the target down while causing a +1 penalty on dexterity rolls.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll your Willpower vs the target's. Each round of success equals a round of activation while a botch inflicts it on the user for one round. Along with the dexterity penalty, the target's walking, flying and running speed is halved.

****Celestial Mark

Description: The target is inflicted with an invisible mark that alerts others of her presence. Enforcers of good like cops, other Angels, werewolves, etc will sense there is something wrong about this person.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Dexterity + Subterfuge vs 7.

*****-Charon’s Link

Description: Creates a link between the user and the target. From now on, the user can sense where the target is and doing.

System: Spend two Faith points and roll Perception + Awareness vs the target’s Willpower. With a successful Perception + Awareness roll (vs the target’s Willpower), the user gets visions of the target’s whereabouts and what she is currently doing. The more successes gained equals a longer and more detail vision.                                 

Light-Bringer Miracles

Path of Hope


Description: Temporarily eases the physical pain the target is feeling.

System: Roll Wits + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower (if the target is willing, subtract one from the roll). More successes equals an extra ten minutes of relief.

Botch: The pain becomes worse for five minutes.

**-Calm Emotions

Description: Calm's the target’s emotions (including frenzies).

System: Roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower.


Description: Eases any derangement, fits of madness or severe depression the target is feeling.

System: Spend a Faith Point and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs the target's willpower (if the target is willing, subtract one from the roll).

****-Empty Memory

Description: Removes a memory from the target.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Perception + Subterfuge vs the target's willpower (if the target is willing, subtract one from the roll).

Note: If this Miracle is used for nefarious purposes, roll a Morality check.


Description: Grants the target a peaceful death.

System: Spend two Faith, touch the target and roll Wits + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower (if the subject is willing, subtract one from the roll). Cannot be used in combat.

Note: If this Miracle is used for nefarious purposes, roll a Morality check.

Path of Aid

*-Food for the Hungry

Description: Creates an edible gruel out mundane materials.

System: The user must have a container and place a liquid or solid inside (example: mud/dirt, oil, cement, etc) and roll Wits + Survival vs 6 (or streetwise if she is in an urban area). If the user has a specialty in cooking, the roll is reduced to 5.

**-Spare Home

Description: Creates a makeshift shelter out of mundane materials.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Survival/Streetwise (depending on the location) vs 6 before building. If the user has a specialty in building, the roll is reduced to 5.

***-Lend Courage

Description: Grants a point of the user's Willpower to a target.

System: The user must touch the target and one point of Willpower is granted to her that cannot go over 10. (The user will lose one temporary Willpower point when doing this.) This last until the target uses it or after 24 hours.

****-Good Luck Kiss

Description: By kissing the target, she will get an extra die on their next roll for a non-violent action. This does not have to be done on the lips and can be placed on the cheek, hand or forehead.

System: Spend two Faith and kiss the target. This does not stack.


Description: The user prays for a random occurrence that will act in their favor.

System: Spend two Faith, roll Charisma + Awareness vs the area's Gauntlet rating and pray for two rounds. The user has no choice in what will happen and if her concentration is broken, the Miracle ends. The more successes rolled equals a more beneficial event.

Botch: A scene of complete and utter chaos (like water turning into chocolate milk that lasts for the rest of the scene).

Path of Bliss


Description: Grants a temporary feeling of happiness and confidence to the target.

System: The user must touch the target and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs that target’s Willpower. Each success equals five minutes of activation

Botch: Target gets depressed for five minutes.


Description: By placing their hands on a target, the user can emit a pulse of pleasure or pain on them.

System: The user must be touching the target, spend a Faith point, choose whether they want pain or pleasure and roll Wits + Subterfuge vs the target's willpower (it can be lowered if she's willing). The more successes equals a more powerful surge.

Botch: The opposite effect happens to the target.

***-Mass Bliss

Description: Same as Bliss, but infects more targets.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Charisma + Empathy vs the average Willpower of anyone in range. Each success equals a round of activation and an extra five feet of influence. The target(s) will feel a burst of happiness and confidence.

Botch: The user breaks down and cries for a round.


Description: Evokes a strong feeling of jubilation upon multiple targets.

System: Spend a two Faith and roll Charisma + Empathy vs the average Willpower of anyone in range. Each success equals a round of activation and an extra five feet of influence. The target(s) will feel the urge to drop everything and dance.

Botch: The Miracle effects the user for one round.


Description: Makes two people fall in love with each other.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs both target’s Willpower. (If the targets are willing, the target number is reduced by one.)

NOTE: If this is used for malicious/evil reasons, a Morality check must be made.                                 

Muse Miracles

Path of Creation


Description: Tells the user how to make something.

System: Roll Perception + Craft vs 5 for a simple object (a meal), 6 for more complex stuff like gun powder or 7 for magical items. This is treated like a flash of inspiration where each success gives a more detailed description.


Description: Repairs a single object.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Intelligence + Crafts vs 5 for simple objects (a bike), 6 for more complex ones (a car engine), 7 for big and complex machines (a tank) and 8 for magical items.

Botch: Makes the condition of the object even worse.


Description: The user hums out a long, continuous note that causes one object to break down.

System: Spend a Faith point and begin humming, roll Willpower vs 6 for simple objects (a bike), 7 for more complex ones (a car engine), 8 for big and complex machines (a tank) and 9 for magical items. At least 2 successes are needed for any target score over 7.

Botch: User receives a point of damage.


Description: The user can alter the form on a non-living, mundane object such as turning it into vapor, modifying the density or separating the object into components.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Crafts vs 7 (8 for more complex objects or alterations). More successes equal a better job.

Botch: Non-magical objects melt into a hot puddle of goo.

*****-Master of Flesh

Description: Now a master of creation, The Host has granted the user the power to alter flesh, animals and even living objects like an artist does to clay. Allow them to do something as simple as fixing a cleft-palate to turning a dog into a larger, stronger protector.

System: The user must be touching the target, pend two Faith and roll Wits + Crafts vs 7 (it will take a 1 to 3 rounds depending on the complexity). The number can be adjusted for more complex or simpler jobs (min 6, max 10). The more successes equal a better job while a botch infects the user's hands with severe arthritis for the rest of the scene. Returning the subject back to normal can be done in one round.

Note: Using this Miracle for nefarious purposes calls for a Morality check.

Path of Objects

*-Absorb Lore

Description: Learn about the history of an object or place.

System: The user must touch the item and roll Intelligence + Investigation vs 7. The more successes equals a longer, clearer and more descriptive reading.

Botch: The reading comes in a jumbled mess that is impossible to decode.

**-Living History

Description: By tasting a few drops of the subject's blood or tears*, the user can learn about her history, personality traits and abilities.

System: After ingesting the tears/blood, spend a Faith point, and roll Intelligence + Investigation vs 7. The more successes equals a longer, clearer and more descriptive reading.

Botch: The user spend the next round vomiting up the fluids.

*Other bodily liquids can be used, but these are the most preferred methods.

***-Divine Skill

Description: If the user is making a roll for an untrained skill, this miracle lowers the penalty by 1 for each Faith point spent.

System: Spend one Faith per penalty point (max 3) on the next roll.


Description: Cause objects to levitate.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Willpower vs 6 (increase the difficulty to bigger objects and more complex maneuvers.)

*****-Breath of Life

Description: Briefly brings a mundane object to life under the user's command.

System: Select one object, spend two Favors and roll Willpower vs 7 (8 for more complex objects); each success equals a round of activation. This does not stack.

Botch: Object is immune to the Miracle for the rest of the battle/scene.

Path of Support


Description: Give the target t a burst of inspiration.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower (subtract one if the subject is knows of the gift). Each success equals a better and more descriptive plan (ST's discretion).

Botch: The idea is as dumb as Hell and is useless at best.

**-Lend Favor

Description: Grant a point of Faith to someone else.

System: Touch the target and spend a Faith point that will go to them. In the case of other Mystics, the Faith point will turn into whatever power source they use.

***-Miracle Boost

Description: Grant an ally an extra die on the next Miracle (or special ability for other Mystics) they use.

System: Touch the subject and grant them a Faith point per die you want to grant them (max 3). It is automatically used on the next ability they use and if no ability is used by the end of the scene/battle, the Faith points are wasted.

****-Bestow Turn

Description: By sacrificing her turn, an ally get an extra turn in the next round.

System: Spend two Faith and touch the subject or spend an extra Faith point if they are not in reach. The user loses their next turn in return for the subject to go again. If the battle ends before the Miracle can be used, it is wasted.

*****-Mass Support

Description: The user is engulfed in a burst of light that put all that see them at ease, granting the five closest viewers an increase/decrease on the difficulty on their next roll.

System: Spend three Faith, if the subject is an ally, they get a one point decrease on the difficulty of their next roll while enemies are given a one point increase. This lasts until a roll is done. If the game session ends before the roll is made, the Miracle is wasted.                                 


Path of the Umbra


Description: Locates portals to the Umbra.

System: Roll Perception + Awareness vs the area's gauntlet rating (minus 1, min 1). The more successes equals a more accurate description while a botch tells the opposite.

**-Come With Me

Description: Take a person who normally can't enter/leave the Umbra with you.

System: Hold the hand of the person who you want to take with you and spend a Faith point to enter or exit the Umbra. This Miracle can only be used on one person at a time and hand contact must be kept when entering/leaving or the other person will get lost in the Umbra.

***-Umbral Swarm

Description: Attack and damage a target with beam of cloud-like Umbral energy.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Dexterity + Melee vs the target's Dexterity + Dodge. More successes equals another point of damage (which is soakable). A botch inflicts a point of damage on the user.

NOTE: This Miracle only works in the Umbra.

****-Umbral Armor

Description: Creates a temporary see-through set of full-body armor for the user or someone else to get through the nastier parts of the Umbra.

System: Spend two Faith to create the armor which lasts about 30 minutes (and spend an additional Faith point to keep it going for another ten). This armor will provide protection against the elements of the Umbra though it will not protect against battle damage. While the user can still wear armor, the Miracle does not stack.


Description: Warps a target to another part of the Umbra.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Awareness vs the target's willpower.

Botch: Warps the target right next to the user.

Path of Nature

*-Nature's Plenty

Description: Helps user to search natural areas for food and planets that can heal.

System: Roll Wits + Survival vs 7 (if the user has any specialty or knowledge with nature-related stuff, target number can be lowered). The more successes equals a better find while a botch give you the wrong information.


Description: Can make a plant bloom and bear food out of season or make it wither.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Survival vs 7. The more successes equals a better result while a botch does the opposite.


Description: Entrap a target with branches, vines, etc.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Subterfuge while the target rolls their Dexterity + Dodge. The more successes equals a better result while a botch cause the branches, vines, etc to crumble to dust.

****-Earth Trap

Description: Turn patches of dirt, concrete and sand into a quicksand-like substance that makes a target sink knee deep in it.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Subterfuge vs 8. This will effect a 10 by 10 foot area for a half hour.

NOTE: The effects of this Miracle can be shut off early. If used for malicious purposes, a Morality check must be made.

*****-Pure Earth

Description: Heal natural, polluted areas.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Perception + Survival vs the area's gauntlet rating, minus one. More successes equals a better result while botch makes things worse.

Path of Beasts

*-Doolittle's Tongue

Description: Talk to and understand mundane animals.

System: Roll Charisma + Animal Kin vs 6. The more successes equals a better result while a botch comes out jumbled.

**-Warp the Beast

Description: Calm mundane animals or rile them up.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Manipulation + Animal Kin vs 7. The more successes equals a better result while a botch does the opposite.

***-Insect Plague

Description: Send a swarm of near-by, mundane insects to attack/distract a target or destroy things.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs 7. The more successes equals more insects and damage while a botch causes them to attack the user for one round.

****-Command Animal

Description: Makes an animal (even mystical ones) obey a non-suicidal command.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Manipulation + Animal Kin vs the target's Willpower. The more successes equals a better result while a botch protects them from ever being under control of the Miracle for the rest of the scene. In the case of mystical ones, they are allowed to roll Willpower to avoid doing something that would be against their own agendas.

NOTE: If used on a Werewolf, she must in her hispo or lupus form for this Miracle to work. (Or the equivalent for other werecreatures.)

*****-Wild Form

Description: Temporarily transform into a mundane animal of the user's choice.

System: Spend Two Faith to activate this Miracle for 20 minutes minutes (and spend an additional Faith point to keep it going for another five). This can be shut off at anytime, but once the duration is over, the user automatically transforms back to their original form. The user keeps their abilities and Miracles.                                 

Saulite Miracles

Path of Helping


Description: Refills items like canteens, blood packs, cars, etc.

System: Roll Wits + Survival vs 6, the more successes, equals more stuff and a better product.


Description: Purify a mundane object (like food) of poisons, harmful chemicals, etc.

System: Spend a Faith point to permanently purify it.

***-Take the Pain

Description: A Saultie can temporarily take on the pain and injuries of another for one scene. For example, transfer a paraplegic or blind person’s disability into herself so the target can escape a nasty situation.

System: Spend a Faith point, touch the target and roll Stamina + Empathy vs 7 for one scene. If the target is willing, the target number is 6

****-Ring of Salt

Description: Same as the Child of Goliath Miracle.

*****-Sacrificial Burst

Description: By sacrificing some health, you can create a burst of holy energy.

System: Spend two Faith and a point of health to create a 5ft burst of holy energy that inflicts a point of damage per Sin (it's soakable) of any adversary caught in the blast. If the user is already down to one health level, she can't use it.

Path of Redemption

*-Second Chance

Description: Same as the Deadman Miracle, Scales of Justice.

**-Saultie's Bane

Description: Temporarily bestow the user's curse on another to teach them a lesson.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Manipulation + Empathy vs the target's Willpower. This can be shut off by the user at any time.

Note: If used for malicious purposes, a Morality check is needed.

***-Inner Good

Description: Same as the Aasimar Miracle.

****-Walking Target

Description: Same as the Child of Goliath Miracle.

*****-Temporary Forgiveness

Description: Temporarily eases a Mystic's drawback or another target's curse. But not your own.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Aura vs 8.

Path of Healing

*-Angelic Touch

Description: Same as the Aasimar Miracle.

**-Remove Disease

Description: Removes any disease the target is suffering from.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Medicine vs the number on the chart. If the disease is mystical in nature, then add a point to the target score.

***-Plastic Surgery

Description: Fixes a target's mundane deformities.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Medicine vs the number on the chart.

****-Lend Health

Description: Lends a point of health to the target.

System: The user must touch the target and infuse one point of health to the other. (The user will lose one temporary health point when doing this.) This last until target loses the point or the scene/battle ends. If the user is already down to one health, she can't use this Miracle.


Description: Reattach severed body parts.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Medicine vs 6 (for fingers/toes, ears, noses, scalps and ears) and 7 (for limbs, breasts and private parts). Only one success is needed, but if the user botches the attached part rots and falls off. In the case of the head, it must be reattached within 10 seconds, three Faith must be spent and the user must score at least three successes vs a target score of nine.                                 



Path of The Mind


Description: Temporarily addles the target's mind.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower. Each success equals a round of activation while a botch effects the user for one round. The target becomes dizzy. (Cannot be used in battle.)

**-Memory Leech

Description: Absorb and copy a memory from the target.

System: Spend a Faith point, touch the target's head and roll Perception + Awareness vs the target's Willpower. Each success results in a larger, more clear memory while a botch sickens the user for a round. The target will still have this memory.

***-Eye Beam

Description: The Seer's third eye shoots a beam of holy energy that damages the target (that shoots up to 40 feet). In case of Infused, it comes from their regular eyes into a single, concentrated beam.

System: Spend a Faith point for each point of soakable damage you wish to inflict with the beam (max 3). The target can dodge this attack.

****-Dream Gaze

Description: By making eye-contact, the target enters a harmless, zombie-like state until there is a threat of physical harm.

System: Spend two Faith, make eye-contact and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower. Each success equals a round of activation while a botch inflicts this Miracle on the user for one round. This Miracle cannot be used in battle.

NOTE: If this Miracle is used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check must be made.


Description: By making eye-contact, the user can temporarily enter a target's body and take control of it.

System: Spend two Faith, make eye-contact and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower. Each success equals a round of activation while a botch makes the target immune to this Miracle for the rest of the scene.

NOTE: If this Miracle is used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check must be made.

Path of Senses

*-Sense Evil

Description: Same as the Deadman Miracle.

**-True Sight

Description: See through illusions and disguises.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Awareness vs the area's gauntlet rating (minus 1). Each success equals five minutes of activation that only the user can see while a botch will make everything blurry for one round.


Description: Sense when the user or allies are going to be attacked.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Alertness vs 7. Each success equals ten minutes of activation (at least two successes are needed to sense mystical tactics) while a botch gives the user a massive headache for one round.


Description: Send a telepathic message/image to a target.

System: Spend two Faith points and roll Perception + Awareness vs the Gauntlet rating the target is in minus 1. Each success equals a longer and clearer message that can be given. A botch prevents the user from sending another message to the target for the rest of the scene. If the target is one of the Touched or an ally, than the target score is reduced by one.

*****-Future Shock

Description: Predicts possible futures.

System: Spend two Faith points and roll Perception + Awareness vs 8. Each success shows a longer, more vivid potential future (ST's discretion) while a botch gives a jumbled message.

Path of Sight


Description: Sense where you or something is.

System: Roll Perceptions + Survival/Streetwise (depending on the area) vs 7. Each success gives a more vivid description while a botch will give you a jumbled message.

**-Detect Lies

Description: Determines if someone is lying to you.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Empathy vs the target's Willpower (if the target is using mystical means to protect themselves, add one to the target score). Each success exposes more of a lie while a botch prevents the user from using the Miracle on the target for the rest of the scene.


Description: See through walls, barriers and even clothing.

System: Spend a Faith point for five minutes of activation (this can stack).

****-Eyes of Another

Description: See what another person is seeing.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Perception + Awareness vs the target's Willpower (if done willingly, reduce the number by 1). Each success equals ten minutes of activation while a botch gives nothing but darkness for one round.

*****-Past Shock

Description: See the past of a person, object or place.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Perception + Awareness vs 8. Each success shows a longer, more vivid vision of the past.

Botch: Gives a jumbled message.                                 

Seraphim Miracles

Path of Diplomacy

*-Detect Lies

Description: Same as the Seer Miracle.


Description: Same as the Inflused Miracle.


Description: Sense auras of others to learn more about them.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Awareness vs 7. This works just like a Vampire's aura-reading ability so use their chart for that one.


Description: Your inner and outer beauty warms the hearts of the target, making them like you.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Appearance + Aura vs that target's Willpower.

*****-Word of God

Description: Make the target (even Mystics) follow a non-suicidal command.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Manipulation + Leadership vs the target's Willpower. (Add one if the target doesn't know the language the user is speaking.) Only one success is needed (two if it's a Mystic).

NOTE: If used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check must be made.

Path of Manipulation


Description: Makes the target stutter and fumble their words.

System: Roll Manipulation + Intimidation vs the target's Willpower. Each success equals a round of activation where the target must roll their Willpower to be able to speak correctly. If there is a botch, the Miracle effects the user for one round.


Description: Taunt the target into acting irrationally.

System: Spend a Faith and roll Manipulation + Expression vs. the target's Willpower. Each success makes the target more agitated until they perform an irrational action or the scene ends. A botch makes the target calmer for five minutes.


Description: Subdue the target through eye-contact.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Manipulation + Intimidation vs the target's Willpower. Each success makes the target more docile for a scene while a botch protects the target from being affected by the Miracle for the rest of the scene. Cannot be used in combat.


Description: Implant a memory into the target.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower. Each success equals a larger and more complex memory that can be implanted while a botch protects the target from the Miracle for the rest of the scene.

Note: If used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check needs to be made.


Description: Same as the Deadman Miracle.

Path of the Voice

*-Throw Voice

Description: Allows the user to throw their voice.

System: Roll Wits + Subterfuge vs 7. Each success equals a clearer message while a botch becomes jumbled. (If the character already has any skill in ventriloquism, add a die for each dot she has in it.)

**-Sound of the Mind

Description: Even those who have hearing problems or are plugging their ears can hear you perfectly.

System: Spend a Faith point for ten minutes of activation. (This will stack.)


Description: By letting out a powerful shout, the user can shatter glass and cause damage.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Brawl vs 7. Allies do not count when this Miracle is used.

****-Siren's Song

Description: By singing, the user can lure targets to them.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Charisma + Leadership vs the average target(s)' Willpower. If the user has any dots in Performance, add one die for every two dots. (Cannot be used in battle.)

NOTE: If used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check must be made.

*****-Voice Wall

Description: With a shout, the user can create a temporary, invisible wall to protect themselves from attacks.

System: Spend two Faith points and roll Stamina + Brawls vs 8. Each success equals five extra feet of height and width to the wall has and an extra point of damage it can take. (A botch will wreck the user's voice for the rest of the scene/battle). The Miracle lasts for one scene/battle.                                 

Shepherd Miracles

Path of Emotions

*-Calm Emotions

Description: Same as the Light-Bringer Miracle.


Description: Know exactly what the target is feeling and thinking which will appear as a ghostly being next to them that only the user can see. Example: A person who greatly regrets an action's "ghost" will be gray with a look of sadness with its hand on the target's shoulder. While someone who would like to kill the user, will have a "ghost" that is giving a sinister look at the user as if they can't wait to wrap their hands around her neck.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Empathy vs the target's Willpower. Each success gives a more detailed image while a botch allows the target to see the user's true feelings.

***-Stir Emotions

Description: Bring forth an emotion (fear, joy, anger, etc) upon your target.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Manipulation + Empathy vs the target's Willpower. More successes equals a more powerful emotion and 5 minutes of activation while a botch brings the opposite emotion for five minutes.


Description: Rally a group to feel a strong, powerful emotion and act upon it.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Charisma + Leadership vs the average Willpower. It can be lowered by one if the majority of the group are allies or the Touched.

NOTE: If used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check must be made.

*****-Emotional Outburst

Description: Release a five-foot burst of energy based on the most prominent emotion in the area.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Stamina + Brawl vs 8. For each success, any adversaries will suffer a point of damage related to the main emotion in the area. Treat as any normal attack of that kind.

Path of the Ally

*-Talk to the Touched

Description: Send a basic message to an ally or one of the Touched. (Even someone else's.)

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Awareness vs the target's Willpower (if willing, reduce it by one.) Each success gives a clearer message while a botch scrambles it.

**-Hear My Call

Description: Summon a nearby person, animal or Mystic to help you.

System: Spend a Favor and roll Manipulation + Leadership vs the gauntlet rating minus 1.


NOTE: If used for nefarious purposes or if the user is more than capable of defending or doing the task themselves, a Morality check must be made.

***-Power of the People

Description: Draw power from Touched and allies.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Leadership vs 8. Each success equals and extra die that you can use on your next roll. A botch reduces one die from your next roll. At least one Touched/ally is needed.

****-Lend Miracle

Description: Let a Touched/ally use one of your Miracles for a one-shot action.

System: Spend two Faith and touch the target. Just substitute Favor for whatever fuels them (Willpower for Mortals).


Description: Grant a special blessing upon one of your flock's Touched/allies. Example: Granting great beauty to a Touched's unborn child or promise that all attempts to hitchhike will bring no harm to the target.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Aura vs 8.

NOTE: The ST has the right to set limits to make sure it is within the realm of possibility.

Path of Command


Description: Persuade a target into agreeing with you.

System: Roll Charisma + Subterfuge vs the target's Willpower (minus one you're pretty much preaching to the choir.) More successes equals a better result while a botch does the opposite.

NOTE: If used for nefarious purposes or for dangerous ideals (like hatred towards Blacks) requires a Morality check.


Description: Implant a subliminal message inside the target.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Manipulation + Subterfuge. Each success will equal a better, more subtle result while a botch makes it blatantly obvious.

NOTE: If used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check must be made.


Description: Stop a target in their tracks.

System: Though it absolutely cannot be used in battle, any other time is fine. Spend a Faith and roll Wits + Intimidation vs the target's Willpower. Each success equals a round of activation as long as a violent action is not performed against the target. A botch effects the user for one round.


Description: Use your celestial glory to drive ghosts, demons, etc out of a victim's body.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Aura vs the Ghost/Demon/etc's Willpower. If the user has more successes, than the possession ends. A botch protects the possessed from the user for one week.


Description: Command someone to go on a minor quest for you.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Manipulation + Leadership vs the target's Willpower (add one point for Mystics).

NOTE: If used for nefarious purposes, a Morality check must be made.                                 

Watcher Miracles

Path of Movement


Description: Same as the Oracle Miracle.


Description: Opens and locks doors, boxes, etc.

System: Roll of Wits + Awareness vs 7 to unlock mundane, non-complex locks. If it's mystical or more complex, a Faith point must be made as well. A botch just makes the lock worse.

***-Other Side

Description: Walk through solid objects.

System: Spend a Faith point and just walk through the object.

****-Summon Ride

Description: Summon a ride (taxi, bike, etc) to help you.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Wits + Awareness vs 7. Each success equals a better result (like a taxi where you don't have to pay) while a botch will leave you something stupid like a Big Wheel.

*****-Ride the Current

Description: Travel through electric currents (example: phone cords, electrical wiring).

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Awareness vs 8. Each success lets you go faster while a botch gives the user a point of electrical damage.

Path of Illusion

*-Face in the Crowd

Description: User can blend in with crowds.

System: Roll Wits + Stealth vs 7. Each success equals five minutes of activation and a better result while a botch makes the user stick out like a sore thumb.

**-You Can't See Me

Description: User is seen as invisible as long as no aggressive action is performed.

System: Spend a Faith point a roll Wits + Stealth vs 7 as long as you don't make an aggressive action, it works (up to one scene)

***-Aura of Silence

Description: Creates an invisible sphere of silence around the user.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Dexterity + Stealth vs 7. Each success equals five extra feet of silence for one scene. A botch makes the user extra noisy for one round.


Description: Allows the user/target(s) to blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Stealth vs the area's gauntlet rating minus 1. It works like You Can't See Me, but aggressive actions are allowed.


Description: The user can create silent illusions.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Awareness vs 8. More success equals a round of activation and a bigger and more realistic illusion. While a botch makes it look the opposite of what you wanted for a round.

Path of Information

*-Enhanced Senses

Description: Same as the Infused Miracle.

**-Share Sight

Description: Allows another to see what you're seeing.

System: Spend a Faith point and touch the target. As long as you have your hand on her, she can see what you see.


Description: With a reflective surface (crystal balls, mirrors, puddles of water, etc) the user can scry on a selected target.

System: Spend a Faith point and roll Perception + Awareness vs the gauntlet rating (minus one) of the place you want to scry on. Each success gives you a clearer picture and sound for one scene or until the user cuts it off. A botch becomes a scrambled mess.


Description: Temporarily prevents others from scrying on you or another.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Wits + Awareness vs the Scryer’s Willpower. Each success equals ten minutes of activation.

*****-Hive Mind

Description: Allows the user to access and scry into the minds of up to five targets.

System: Spend two Faith and roll Perception + Subterfuge vs the average Willpower of the targets (rounded down). Each success equals a longer, more in depth scrying. If a target has any kind of anti-mental protection (like Block), the user and the target must roll against each other's Willpower scores.

Botch: The targets can see into your mind for one round.


You can use almost any of the regular merits and flaws in the other game books, but here's some extras.

Celestial Leak (Aasimar, Chari, Nephlim)

Cost: 4pt Flaw

Given how the Infused are created due to celestial exposure, your Aura might be one of the causes. It seems that yours leaks out more than just emotions. Once every four months (game time), you risk accidentally infusing a random Mortal with your celestial energy and turning them into an Infused. Since this is up to the ST, the chosen person can range from the Angel's spouse of 24 years to a hooker she spent the night with once. Since all of these Infused automatically know you were the one that turned them into this, this can lead to some sticky situations.

System: Once the ST picks someone with a Humanity score of at least 6, the player must roll their Willpower vs 8 to keep this from happening. Only one success is needed.                                 


Works in place of the Child Flaw except that the strength penalty is ignored for Children of Goliath.

Corpse Rot (Chari)

Cost: 2 pt Flaw

Somehow your body never fully preserved itself so once every 48 hours you have to drink at least 16oz. of any alcoholic liquid to pickle it. If you don't, your body will gradually decay into something resembling a rather smelly zombie within 5 hours (Appearance score will become 0). Drinking alcohol again will return you to normal.

Don't Know Jack (Infused)

Cost: 2 pt Flaw

While an Infused will usually get some clue to what they are, you didn't get a single word. So you're not even sure what has happened to you which may lead you into getting the wrong idea (that you're a superhero) and do something stupid.

Fallen Blood (Mystic)

Cost: 4 pt Merit

When the Nephilim received their Revelation, any Mystic relatives got one of their own. Now with the blood of Fallen Angels in their veins, these Mystics now receive an Aura of 1 and a Connection score of 2. (This cannot be raised.)

Holy Blood (Mystic)

Cost: 4 pt Merit

Mortals were not the only ones the Angels mated with and you just happen to be a Mystic with a holy heritage. You now have an Aura of 1 and a Connection score of 2. (This cannot be raised.)

Holy Familiar (Any)

Cost: 3 or More pt Merit

Even an Angel needs a little help and this special pet is it. Sometimes they're a gift or the Celestial's normal pet transformed into a holy creature. Holy Familiars' lives are connected to their owner's and live as long as their owner does (thus they automatically drop dead if the owner dies). If it is killed, the owner must create a funeral for it and wait four months before they can get another. The Holy Familiar is an Intelligence point higher than a creature of its type, are able to talk normally and can enter the Umbra with its owner. It is quite loyal and supportive as well (think the Guardian Cats from Sailor Moon.)

For creatures that are the size of a medium dog or smaller is 3 points, an equine creature would be a 4 and something larger would be 5.

Humility of Beauty (Muse)

Cost: 1 pt Flaw

You love beauty so much that it has changed your mannerisms. You now act humble and polite towards towards beautiful people and creatures (Appearance of 4 or higher). Even if you’re normally arrogant or ill-mannered, you just can’t help it. You’re smart enough to know that beauty doesn’t equal goodness and you have your limits, so standing up to them can be done. You’re just a bit of a sucker for a pretty face; that’s all.

Incestuous Heart (Aasimar)

Cost: 1 pt Flaw

You have fallen in love with your Grigori and will do whatever you can to make her happy. Along with the creepy factor, this can distract you from real relationships with others. How the Grigori reacts is up to the ST, but any romantic feeling are not really returned.

Karma's Bitch (Saulite)

Cost: 4 pt. Flaw

The Host has decided to make extra sure you don't stray on the path of righteousness. Once you start going back to your old ways, you automatically get the Unlucky flaw until you atone. If your Curse is the Unlucky flaw, then the re-roll number is upped to four.

Ordo of Angelus Connections (Any)

Cost: 2 to 4 pt Merit

The Ordo of Angelus has noticed you and wants to help out. The higher amount of points equals a higher standing among the organization, but even then you still have to show your loyalty.

Parting Gift (Vampire)

Cost: 5 pt Merit

Out of any of the Divinities, only the Infused can be turned into Vampires. While you have lost all your Infused abilities, The Host was nice enough to let you keep a level one Miracle (Example: Detect Lies, Razorlocks, Repair, etc) to remind you of where you came from. You may never earn any more Miracles and spend blood points instead of Faith if any is required to use it.

Sibling Connection (Aasimar)

Cost: 3 pt Merit

Your Grigori had mated with more than one Mortal (or you're the product of a multiple birth) and now you and your siblings can also communicate with each other. The number of points you have in Connection apply here.

Repelled by Cold Iron (Nymphs)

Cost: 3 pt Flaw

The remains of your Fae half are stronger than you thought. Not only does cold iron hurt you, but the sight of it makes you recoil. When coming across a person or thing that has a cold iron object you have to roll Willpower vs 7 to even approach it. A botch forces you to flee.

Repelled by Holy/Unholy Symbols (Nephilim/Aasimar)

Cost: 3 pt. Flaw

Your holy/fallen blood is so strong that holy (Nephilim) or unholy (Aasimar) symbols can drive you off. Thus anyone who brandishes one in attempts to repel you has a fighting chance (must roll against your Willpower against theirs). A botch forces the you to flee.

Trouble Magnet (Any)

Cost: 2 pt flaw

You just can't see to have a normal day. Trouble seems to follow you everywhere from the girl you were flirting with having a jealous boyfriend with anger management issues to accidentally walking in on a demonic ritual. It's not that you go out looking for trouble, it just seems to find you.


These special Talents are akin to artifacts in Dungeons and Dragons. Thus they are something that the ST must not give away to the players at the start without a good reason.

Armor of Judgement

Description: This golden breastplate weighs 20 lbs and held together with gold rings tied with blue ribbons. On the chest are seven various gems, each two inches. The Talent can be worn under a jacket or a loose, baggy top.

System: The Talent works just like a regular breastplate, but with a twist. Each time someone attacks the wearer, a gem shatters and the attacker receives a point of damage in return (it can be soaked). The gem can only be replaced by one of the same size and three Faith are used to activated.

Crown of Thorns

Description: The very crown that Jesus was forced to wear is a set of dried, thorny vines are weaved into a circular "crown".

System: This Talent grants the wearer the Miracles Angelic Touch. Non-Angels are allowed to use them, but have to use whatever fuels their abilities (blood, gnosis, etc) while Mortals use willpower.

NOTE: Infernalists, Demons, Mortals with a Humanity score of 5 or lower or Mystics with a sin rating of 5 or higher try to access the crown's powers, the thorns will start to burrow into her head (a half inch); causing a point of aggravated damage until it is removed or the wearer dies. To remove it, the wearer must roll Strength vs 7 and score two successes (they will suffer point of soakable damage from the thorns). A Celestial can remove the Talent for them with no effort.

Eden's Gate

Description: The very sword used to guard the Garden of Eden, Eden's Gate resembles a scimitar that is surprisingly light (5 lbs) with a three foot blade. To make it easy for travel, the blade will retract and extend at will. Containing a mixture of gold, silver and cold iron, it is a danger to many Mystics as well.

System: This Talent allows the user to access the Flaming Sword Miracle and by spending two Favors, she can access a portal to the Umbral realm of Eden. Given the blade's mixture of gold, silver and cold iron, it causes aggravated damage to Werecreatures and Fae.                

Fruit From the Tree of Knowledge

Description: In the Umbral realm of the Garden of Eden, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil still stands with its fruit tempting all who gaze upon it. Contrary to popular belief, the fruit resembles more of a baby-boo pumpkin than an apple. Its soft yet firm purple skin feels like a peach and makes a nice crunch sound (not unlike an apple) when bitten into. The insides are a cross between a kiwi's and a tomato's with a sweet, fragrant smell when cut open and a taste that can't be beat.

System: Unless one gets permission from The Host or one of its high-ranking Angels, anyone who attempts to eat the fruit will discover that the seeds and pulp become acidic as soon as it goes down her throat. The acid deals two points of aggravated damage.

Those that get permission, will permanently gain three dots in intelligence, perception and wits (even if it goes over five) after eating the entire fruit (swallowing it whole counts). The benefit only works once and if she eats from the tree again, it will be no different than eating any other kind of fruit.

Note: Under no circumstances can a player begin with this Talent, it must be earned. To punish the wicked, the tree is able to charm anyone with a sin rating of five or higher in a fifty mile radius to eat from it. The target can attempt a willpower save vs 8 to resist with only one success needed. If they are familiar with the legend of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they only have to roll against a 7.

Fruit From the Tree of Life

Description: Unlike its counterpart, the Tree of Life’s fruit hangs humble on its branches. With its dull gray color and simple, round shape, it is easy to ignore among the beauty of Eden. Its texture and skin is a lot like an apple without the seeds and has a bittersweet taste that easily dissolves in the eater’s mouth like cotton candy.

System: Just like the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, one must gain permission from The Host or one of its high-ranking Angels before eating it (swallowing it whole counts). Otherwise, the fruit causes aggravated damage just like its counterpart.

If permission has been granted, the eater will stop aging or in the case of an elderly person, she will regain their youth and stay (physically) the age of 25. In the case of Chari, they no longer have to spend a point of Favor every 24 hours to keep their bodies fueled. In the case of Vampires (both eastern and western), it will turn her back into a human again. (Even the Antediluvians.)

NOTE: Under no circumstances can a player begin with this Talent, it must be earned. To protect itself, the tree can fool those with a sin rating of five or high into ignoring it. A Perception + Awareness roll vs. 8 must be made for them to notice it. If they are familiar with the legend of the Tree of Life, they only have to roll against a 7.


Description: Said to be the throne of the Norse god, Odin, it is in the style of the throne fit for a Medieval Norse king.

System: As long as the user stays seated on Hjidskjalf, they are unable to botch a Leadership roll. Any of the Oracle and Shepherd Miracles gets two extra dice.

King Solomon's Box

Description: This ornate Talent is the size of a shoebox made of solid gold and decorated with bits of silver, jewels and intricate carvings.

System: This mysterious box is claimed to contain different things depending on who you ask. The possibilities could be…

Lucifer's Halo

Description: When Lucifer turned his back on Heaven, he left his halo behind. This basketball hoop-sized halo once sparkled and glowed, but is now rusty and dull. Yet, in the hands of either an Angel or Demon, it returns to its former glory.

System: As long as the user is wearing (in any way) or holding it so others can see, Demons and those loyal to them must roll Willpower vs 7 to attack her. (Demons of the Luciferian faction have to do it against 8.) If she botches the roll, she will bow down to the user, call her master and be under their control for the rest of the scene (as long as the target isn't told to do anything suicidal.) Things that are normally against the target’s interests (like killing an ally) forces her to roll her willpower vs the owner's. If a Light-Bringer or Namaru (Demon) is using it, she now has access to the Emotional Outburst Miracle. If she already has it, the difficulty is reduced by one.

Osiris' Crown and Flail

Description: These talents resemble an ancient Egyptian royal crow and flail in perfect condition that never gets dirty or wears down.

System: The crown grants a permanent Pierce the Veil upon the user and any social rolls with Mummies (even Bane Mummies), Followers of Set, Child of Osiris and Silent Striders are reduced by one. The Flail does aggravated damage vs the target's sin rating.


Basic Talents

These are regular talents and can be had at the start of the game.

AC/Heat Candle

Level: 1

Description: Instead of just producing light, these candles (red for heat and blue for AC) can help heat or cool down an area.

Creation: The Celestial must make the candle herself, soak the finished candle in a bucket of ice water (AC) or lighter fluid (heat) for an hour and infuse it with two points of Faith.

System: Once lit, the candle has the effect of an air condition or fireplace. It has a 10 foot radius and will burn out in 12 hours. This Talent is reusable.

Accessory of Competence

Level: 1

Description: What appears to be a normal part of an instrument, (like a bow, reed, mouthpiece, guitar pic, drumstick) allows the user can no longer botch a performance roll when using it.

System: The Celestial must buy a quality instrument part and infuse it with 2 Faith.

Aegis Medallion

Level: 2

Description: While it doesn't turn anyone to stone like that famous shield, the Aegis Medallion helps protect against and delivers fear.

System: As long as the Talent is on the user's neck, they are immune to natural fear effects and receive two extra dice when making intimidation rolls.

Creation: The Celestial has to create\find a medallion, paint a gorgon head on it or attach a crafted replica of one onto the Talent. Infuse 3 Faith and something that represents fear (such as a book or DVD the crafter finds scarey).

Ammo Virus

Level: 1

Description: Not only will this Talent hurt, to makes the victim very ill.

System: Once the target is hit with this Talent, they must roll stamina vs. 7 or get stricken with a bad case of the flu. This Talent does not work on Mystics who are normally immune to mundane diseases.

System: Take a mundane projectile (bullets, BBs, arrows, darts) and either bind it with 1 Favor and shot-glass full of blood from a sick person\animal onto five of these projectiles (or one container of BB pellets).

NOTE: You cannot make anymore until you use the five you've already created.

Blasting Conch

Level: 2

Description: Allows the Celestial to use the Shout Miracle by blowing into it even if they don't have access to it.

Creation: The Celestial must convince a wind spirit to enter an unbroken conch shell that the Celestial has to paint a picture on it in honor of the spirit and infuse it with 3 Faith.

NOTE: The conch has a 25% chance of shattering each time it's used. If broken, the spirit is freed and the conch can't be used again.

Bottomless Pocket

Level: 1

Description: Not unlike a Bag of Holding in Dungeons & Dragons, the Bottomless Pocket has an infinite amount of space (up to 20 lbs.) for you to store stuff as long as they can normally fit into a 5"x5"x3" pocket.

System: The Celestial must create the pocket and sew it on to a piece of clothing by themselves and infuse it with two Faith. When trying to get a desired item out, the player must roll Perception + Intuition vs 6. Only one success is needed, but if the player botches, they will not be able to get the item out until they emptied out everything else in their pocket.

NOTE: If the total weight of objects exceeds a 20 lbs., the bottom will tear open and all the contents will spill out.

Celestial Bow

Level: 3

Description: It is said that these bows were used by the origal Angels and their Mortal servants to take down their fallen counterparts. Most of the original Talents have been destroyed in the War of Wrath, but they can still be created.

Creation: The Celestial must either craft a bow or buy one that costs at least $30. Half a pint of Celestial blood (the Celestial must have a Morality rating of 7 or higher) must be poured over the Talent and be infused with 4 points of Faith.

System: When used against a Demon, Thrall or Infernalist, the arrows fired from the Talent will never miss their target as if the Celestial used the Magic Bullet Miracle. If used on anyone else, it functions as an ordinary bow.

Cloak of Feathers

Level: 3

Description: While the style of this talent varies, each cloak has fifty feathers sewn into or glued on to it.

System: The owner is allowed to use the Miracle, Featherweight. Once a day, the owner can turn into a dove and back up to an hour by spending a Faith point. (This can be switched back at will.)

Creation: A cloak must have at least 50 feathers (down counts) sewn in or glued to it. The celestial can either sacrifice a dove and infuse 4 points of Favor.

Note: If the user is killed in bird form, she returns to their original form with one point of damage and the talent is destroyed.

Endless Flask

Level: 1

Description: While it appears to be a run-of-the-mill water-skin, this Talent never wears out or runs out of water.

Creation: The Celestial must make the water-skin themselves (help is allowed, but at least 80% of the job must be done alone), soak it in water for 5 hours and infuse it with two Favors.

Fullstride Boots

Level: 2

Description: What appear to be a simple pair of boots (that will automatically fit almost any foot), allow the user to walk on any kind of natural terrain (snow, rocks, etc) without any trouble.

Creation: The Celestial must either craft the boots herself or purchase a pair of new boots that cost at least $25. The boots must be left outside in severe weather (such as a thunderstorm) with the crafter for an hour and infused with 3 points of Favor.

Ghost Ward

Level: 3

Description: Incense that can truly ward off almost any kind of spirits.

System: Any spirit (including the possessed) attempting to enter the room must roll their Willpower vs 7 or be unable to enter the room. A botch forces her to flee.

Creation: The Celestial must create the incense, have it blessed by a medium and infuse it with 4 Favors.


Level: 2

Description: Now your character can have the chance to have low-light vision as long as you have this Talent on.

System: Take an ordinary pair of glasses or contacts, infuse them with 3 Favors and leave them in a lightless room for 24 hours. If any light enters during the creation period, the entire process must be repeated.


Level: 1

Description: These one-inch bread balls may not look like much, but they stay preeminently fresh and just two of them is as filling and nourishing as a steak dinner. The taste is rather plain, though.

Creation: The Celestial must make the bread balls herself and infuse 1 favor before baking.

Moon-Bull's Garden

Level: 3

Description: This primitive stone statue depicts a beautifully crafted, playful bull with a crescent moon carved into it's side in a garden full of flowers. An original copy was recently discovered by a Watcher archeologist and is now currently touring Spain's most prestigious museums with a European tour is currently in the making.

System: Any woman or cow who touches this statue for at least five minutes will become fertile for 24 hours (this includes menopausal/infernale women and cancels out the effects of birth control pills/shots).

Creation: A carving of a bull with a crescent moon on him, playing in a field of flowers (any medium can be used) must be created. The user can either sacrifice a part of a bull (horn, tail, eye, etc) and a cup of their own semen/menstrual blood and infuse 4 Favors. This Talent's power must be reactivate once a month the same way it was created.

Note: It is said that one out of ten the babies/calves born from this talent seem to possess a glint of patient wisdom and mystical energy.

Moses' Staff

Level: 2

Description: Once used to show the supreme power of The Host, this simple wooden walking staff can be created to aid it's user.

System: Spend a favor and drop the staff to turn it into a serpent that is loyal to its owner and will defend them to the death. The snake will revert back into a staff after a half hour unless the owner calls it back. If the snake is killed, the creator must wait a week before she can reactivate the staff (see creation).

Creation: The Celestial must find or create a wooden staff, sacrifice the skins of five snakes (must be the entire skins and of the same kind), and infuse 3 points of favor. The snake will be the same as skins that were used.


Level: 5

Description: Inspired by the famous cloak of Hercules, the Nemian can help protect its user.

System: As long as you have the Talent on, you have an extra health level and mundane bladed weapons will not hurt the wearer.

Creation: The Celestial can craft this talent into a jacket or a cloak that must be made from real furs/skins. You can have some else make it, but you must have some hand in making such as hunting the animals yourself or help-out the craftsman in some way. Once it's done, you can either bind a spirit of defense (like a turtle or rock) or infuse 6 Favors and an item(s) representing defense (it must be worth at least $50.)

Sanctification Coin

Level: 3

Description: Death can be very cruel, but to see a loved one used in some sick ritual is heartbreaking. That is why the Sanctification Coin is such a valuable Talent.

System: By placing this reusable Talent into the mouth of a corpse, all attempts to use the corpse in necromantic rituals/abilities automatically fail (including Celestial Miracles). If the Talent is removed, the corpse is up for grabs and can never be protected by the coin ever again.

Creation: Either mint your own coin or buy one costing at least $10. A Mortal holy man (nun, Buddhist monk, Rabi, Wiccan coven leader, etc) must willingly place three drops of blood on the coin while the Celestial infuses it with 4 Favors.

NOTE: The Talent does not prevent the corpse's spirit from becoming a Wraith or coming to any physical harm.

Skeleton Key

Level: 2

Description: Will open any mundane lock with a keyhole.

Creation: The Celestial must melt three keys they already own and pour it over a fourth key then infuse it with 3 Favors.

Ultimate Jacket

Level: 3

Description: A true gift from The Host, this Talent makes it's wearer feel like they're in a room temperature no matter how hot or cold the weather is.

System: The Talent does not protect against natural disasters.

Creation: It must either be created by Celestial themselves or they can opt to buy a jacket worth at least $35. Set the jacket on fire, submerge it into a metal wash basin full of ice, infuse it with 4 Favors and leave it outside until the ice melts.

Windblast Fan

Level: 4

Description: A seemingly ordinary fan that grants the user access to the Miracle, Wind Blast, regardless of their Divinity.

System: The user must wave the fan at the desired target otherwise treat it as if you have the Windblast Miracle.

Creation: The Celestial must craft the fan, paint a wind motif during a massive wind storm and infuse it with 5 Favors.


Demons (D:tF)

Since the Fall of Man, the relationship between Heaven and Hell has always been a long, tragic and complex one. Their exile from Heaven, the pain of their failed dream of the Tower of Babel and their half-breed children, the disappearance of Lucifer and being sent to Hell, but the return of the Angels is the biggest slap in the face of all. To many of them, The Host has now begun to play dirty by rubbing their failures into their faces. How dare it uses the descendants of their failed offspring against them and arrogantly displays how many of the Angels' children turned a lot better. Or how The Host took Lucifer's title, Light-Bringer, and freely gave it to it's followers. And Charon? That butt-kisser who turned their children into his personal mind-wiped servants and can't create anything that doesn't bow down to him (Chari)? If he thinks this will earn him enough suck-up points to become the New God, then screw him as well. As for the Infused, one could argue they're just accidental pawns in The Host's war against them, so they earn the least disdain.

Thanks to the Sixth Great Maelstrom in the Underworld, the Demons are freed, but forced to possess the bodies of the recently dead to survive. But that doesn't matter since they will fight back to keep their lot in life.

To many of the Angels, a few have wondered if these angry, hateful creatures are better off dead. Granted the Reconcilers seems honest enough and the Cryptics will at best not try to destroy you, it's the others they worry about. There are Nephilim that will sympathize with some of Lucifer's ideas and more open-minded members of the other divinities that feel pity for them. As well as times when both will have to reluctantly team-up to protect themselves from creatures that would love to see them both dead (Earthbound, First-Born and the Soulless). Overall, the Angels are the Demons rivals, occasional reluctant allies and healers all in one.

The First Born

The Host and their Fallen Parents didn’t destroy all of the original Nephilim. By hiding into the deepest parts of the Umbra, the First Born have been plotting their return for millenniums. The End of Times is drawing closer and with all the other Mystics busy being at each other's throats, it is a perfect time to the First Born to set their plans into action. Thankfully the remaining First Born can be counted on two hands, but it doesn't make them any less dangerous given their long life spans (rivaling that of the oldest Vampires) and vast powers.

The Soulless

NOTE: The Soulless are a creation that a fellow WoD fan came up with so most of it is his work. (Ezra Creek is my creation.) I don't remember who he is, but please feel free to step up.

"It is not disbelief that is dangerous to our society; it is belief."–George Bernard Shaw

They lived normal lives once. They came from all walks of life from factory workers to bureaucrats to budding artists. The sole element they held in common was their faith in something greater, one of countless creeds of religious beliefs throughout the world.

Then tragedy struck. Perhaps their wife was killed in a car-crash, perhaps their lover was found dead in an alley or even worse horrors so prevalent in the harsh world. They hear the hollow words of comfort as others use religion to smother their feelings, promises of support by nebulous entities while the real world scorns them like lepers. They are told to keep faith, yet what has it done for them? God didn’t save Jenny from the rapist, nor Shiva save little Ekaja from the car that struck her. This lie of faith merely kept them blind to the dangers of the world while transmuting their innocent hope into unbearable pain. Their souls broke with the strain and their faith shattered leaving only razor shards of madness imbedded in their minds. The Soulless lost all they cared for due to the deprivations of faith; it is their turn to return the favor.

So the Soulless band together and strike at those glimmers of divinity or otherworldly influence that lure the unwary. Nihilists par excellence, they bring truth most final to those lies whom foster belief. Nietzsche on their lips, they prove to themselves and to the world that supernatural is a lie. If the Angels or gods truly existed, they wouldn’t have lost those they loved. So they fight for vengeance against the deceivers and the believers. Even halos can be extinguished with enough bullets.

The Souless are not limited to the destruction of benevolent entities either, they are just as prone to target the occultist, the wolf-man, the blood-drinkers and the other forces pretending an otherworldly nature. Worst still are those who play the part of deceiving demons, those charlatans offering hope and power under the guise of devils. The false saviors are brought low and the truth is seen in their deaths.

This specific band of the Soulless shares a home in the faded townhouse complexes, which fill the suburbs outside of the downtown core. They work normal jobs throughout the city yet only to provide the means to an end of the lie. Two of their number work as social workers and recruit more to the ranks of the Soulless, while the other keep a watch on the city for stirrings and hearsay of miracles. When they strike, they prove their worth by leaving the very human remains of their foes. They keep in communication with other bands and can organize large assaults after their number has observed enough of the foes. Then with numbers and arms the faith-fosterers are annihilated.

Strengths and Weaknesses

In the case of Angels, Nephilim and Aasimar are their first and most common targets and to a lesser extent, the Chari and Infused. Religious-themed Mystics are also known targets such as the Celestial Chorus, Verbana, Baali and Followers of Set.

Ezra Creek

Even by Souless standards, Ezra is a fanatic, but a respected fanatic none of the less. A former apprentice Inquisitor, Ezra was a devout warrior in the battle between Heaven and Hell. That was until his team was assigned to launch a surprise attack on a demonic cult. Ezra wasn't exactly sure what happened during the attack as they were slaughtering the surprisingly unarmed cult of children and young adults, but something rose up, tore his teammates to shreds and spared him. Curious of why the cult let him live, Ezra began investigating the so-called "demon worshipers" and found out they were nothing more than a harmless group of pagans who happened to be in the way of some sacred ground the Inquisition had its eyes on.

Something then snapped in Ezra's mind. He had seen the cruelty of Hell, but the selfishness of Heaven's warriors as well. During his research, he came across some information on the Souless and sought them out. Since he had some minor ties to the Inquisition, the Souless welcomed him with open arms and twisted the young man's mind with their teachings. When he became their leader at the age of 40, it was one of their greatest victories.

Even in his old age, Ezra has become the perfect warrior for the Soulless. But there are some that are beginning to worry if they trained him a little too well. When his beloved granddaughter (Raine Sangiovani) awakened as a Nephilim, hate and disgust boiled inside the old man, shattering any love he once held for the girl and his family. Since no one in the family had any knowledge of their patriarch's other life, they didn't think twice when he invited family members from both sides of Raine's family for an extravagant birthday party for both him and Raine (they were born on the same day) and drank the cyanide-infested punch when he proposed a toast.

Ezra believed that the sacrifice of his entire family was worth it to rid the world of one more celestial menace and keep others from popping up. What he didn't realize was that Angels are immune to mundane poisons and got an earful of his granddaughter's screams as she watched her family puking blood and dropping like flies instead. Raine had managed to escape before he had a chance to kill her and he has been teetering on the edge of madness ever since.

Current Status: There are only two things that have any room in Ezra’s mind are destroying his granddaughter and his old age. He knows he won't live forever and fears that the Soulless will fall apart without him. To him, none of the other Soulless are good enough to take his place so he has no choice, but to find a way to extend his life. Even if he has to use Mystical means to do it, so be it.

Role-Playing Notes: Realizing the petty manipulations of both Heaven and Hell has turned you bitter and angry at the world. At first you were only fighting them both out of concern for Humanity, hoping to free them from being the pawns of either side. During those times, you could be a good and decent person when off the subject of work. Eventually time and battle took its toll, turning your feelings into obsession and hate.

As for Raine, her Revelation was the straw that broke the camel's back. If the world is going to use your once-beloved granddaughter against you, you will fight back. You don't care if you've become a complete tyrant who rules the Soulless with an iron first and a merciless heart. Those that fail to meet your expectations or question you will be sent on suicide missions to shape-up or die.

The Lost

"Thou art no child of mine."

It is always a tragedy when a good soul falls. As mentioned before, when a Celestial's Morality falls to four they become one of The Lost. Sadly, most have already began to embrace their fallen natures and go on despite the persecution they will now face. It is possible for The Lost to redeem themselves but it will take a very skilled person to do this without falling into the same abyss they are now looking down at.


Despar: A true epitome of evil, the Despar are irredeemable souls. If a Celestial's morality is at 1, all they have to do is commit a true act of great evil (up to the ST) that will transform them into a Demos and they are no longer become playable. They get the bonuses of an Angelos gets except that they no longer have a connection and stay on earth/umbra for the rest of their existence.

Remmie Croix (The Lost)

History: When looking into her past, most people would never predict that Remmie would become a corrupted shell of her former self. She had a normal childhood with a loving family, a little sister who idolized her, was voted prom queen and later on had a successful career as a prison psychologist.

It was an ideal life, as ideal as living in the WoD can get. When the Nephilim blood in her veins transformed her into a Light-Bringer, Remmie felt like The Host itself blessed her. But, one day it all came crashing down when an escaped serial killer kidnapped her.

Not even her powers could save her from a nightmarish weekend of being brutally tortured until her captor had let his guard down long enough for her to break free and kill him in cold blood. While the judge ruled it to be justifiable homicide, something snapped. There are people who are beyond redemption and they should be given as much mercy as they gave their victims.

Current Status: At first Reemie was telling her therapist what he wanted to hear until was able to use her superior skills to convert him to her side. Over time, she created a small network of psychologists, prison workers and officers who keep her informed on the true monsters out there for her and her cronies to destroy in the cruelest way possible.

Role-Playing Notes: If you didn't pursue a psychology degree, you could've been an Oscar-caliber actress. You can play any role that you need from a misunderstood soul in need of help to a tough as nails leader with easy answers to get what you need. As angry and hateful as you've become, you can usually hide it quite well unless your plans have really gone to Hell. When that happens, everyone will see your wrath.

Petty thugs and tax evasion are of no interest to you; it's the serial killers, rapists and pedophiles that you're after. You prefer to mess with their minds until they commit suicide or sadistically torture and kill them if it's taking too long. To you, evil deserves no mercy for it will give none to you. As for your fallen status, it doesn’t really bother you because someone has got to stoop down to their level to get things done and you're sure that The Host understands. You have no intention of corrupting the good (they have their path and you have yours), but you're not above playing the pity card to get the more kind-hearted adversaries to feel sorry for you. Remmie could fit in well with almost any kind of chronicle. It's best to play her as a slippery and intelligent adversary than a ruthless killer. The players will have to use their brains more than their fists to stop her.                                 


Ordo of Angelus

Created in 1645 AD by Armando Flores, the Ordo of Angelus is dedicated to the study and communication with the divine. Originally a scribe for the King of Spain, Armando saw the stupidity and self-destructiveness of those that would follow Demons and would risk their immortal souls for a future of pain and suffering. After all, not all Demon-worshipers would be granted cushy jobs in Hell. So with the King's support, Armando contacted the most educated and devout scholars, holy men, mediums and sages to help him in his work.

For the next 300 years, the Ordo of Angelus has functioned as a secret society of moderate power. In 1945, they got their most prominent message from one of The Host's most powerful Angels: its plans for The End of Times. In return for more knowledge and the chance for some of their most prominent members to mate with Angels to create their own Aasimar, they will aid these new warriors (regardless of their Divinity) any way they can.

Leader: Grand Saint Jose Flores. The position of Grand Saint is hereditary and bestowed by a council of elders and the current one (if (s)he is still alive.)

Influence: Given their ties to the Spanish royal family, the Ordo of Angelus' biggest influence is in Spain and any of parts of the former Spanish Empire.

Alliances: The Ordo of Angelus are on decent terms with groups like the Inquisition, the Arcanium and the Society of Leopold given some of their common interests. There has also been a very uneasy "truce" with the Vampires known as the Lasombra (who also have their own ties with Spain and the Catholic church.)

The Angel-Watchers Society: This is an internet sub-group created in the late 90's to find Mortal support for The Ordo Angelus' goals by reporting angel sightings, fandom, studies and possible new recruits. Members can range from ammeter occultists and artists to silly, harmless late-middle-aged women who just happen to like angels.

The Touched

In its purest definition, the Touched are Mortals that are aware of the Celestials. This condition can come in many variations, though one of the most prominent comes when a Mortal happens to be around when a Celestial gets their Revelation. Those in the same area will receive a similar vision asking them to help, but what they do with it is up to them. Another is for the Celestial to reveal herself to the person and convince them of what she is. No matter how it happened, all Touched can permanently sense and see any Celestial in their true form.

The Voyeur

”Someday you’ll thank me for all this scary love.”-Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

It is the self-proclaimed protector of all Angels. Not even the Seers have any clue as to who this enigmatic guardian is except that it communicates through untraceable letters, e-mails and phone calls. (Some even claim that the Voyeur has even left expensive presents in their homes.) No matter what form of communication it takes, its presence is easily felt.

As loving and devoted (in an obsessive kind of way) as the Voyeur is to his beloved, woe is to the person who would even think of hurting them or the Angels who is on the verge of becoming one of The Lost. For there have been a number of lawmen who have come across the tortured and mutilated bodies of its victims. Its obsession with the Angels is infinite and it will use any resource it can get its hands on to protect them.

Some say it's an ancient Earthbound looking for redemption, a trap created by the Soulless or even a mere Mortal with way too money and time on his/her hands. The only clues are from one of the Voyeur’s minions (who immediately killed herself with a cyanide tablet shortly after her capture) and a suitcase full of photos. Overall, The Voyeur is a double-edged sword that one is better off having as a friend than an enemy.                                 

Signature Characters


Rahne Tempest Sangiovanni

History: Despite having a grandfather who's the leader of The Soulless, Rahne had lived a rather charmed, yet normal life. (Her first and middle name were given to her because she was born during a storm.) The moment her grandpa, Ezra Creek, first saw her, she became the apple of her eye and his most beloved grandchild.

Ezra had dreams of fighting side-by-side with his wonderful granddaughter as a Soulless. By the time Rahne was seven, he began to slowly and steadily began to physically train her with some success. And when she turned 18, he planned for the two of them take a Caribbean cruise where he would induct her into his group.

But it all fell to pieces a month before Rahne's 16th birthday when she received her Revelation. Scared, she ran to her grandfather for help. It took all of his willpower to keep from being repulsed by her Celestial blood, reassure her that it was nothing to worry about and gave her $500 in shopping money for new clothes. For the next three weeks Rahne become concerned when Ezra cut off all contact with her, but she threw it aside when he finally responded to her thank-you letter. Since their birthdays were on the same day, he told her that he was planning a huge double-bash with everyone from both sides of her family.

The party was like a wonderful dream until Ezra spiked the punch with cyanide and proposed a toast to the both of them. Being immune to mundane poisons, Rahne watched in horror as her friends and family dropped like flies while the children were butchered by two of Ezra's minions. Turning to her grandfather, her heart broke to see the kind, wonderful man she knew all her life turn into a hateful monster that was ready to kill her in a heartbeat. Since any chance to talk him out of it was doomed to fail, Rahne was forced to flee the life she once knew.

Current Status: Rahne has been living on the streets, befriending and protecting some of the homeless folk and a few people in the goth-punk underground. While she'd like to bring the Soulless to justice, she knows that going at it alone would be suicide. She is currently living with a club kid (now one of the Touched) who is an aspiring DJ.

Appearance: Raine possesses a pretty, girl-next-door appearance with her shoulder-length black hair, an innocent face and adorable smile. Her strength boost has given her more of an athletic figure and upped her height to 5’8”. Since her family's death, Raine has developed a mix-and-match style since any new clothes she comes across are either taken from donation bins or given to her by friends. Her Aura gives off a hybrid feeling of emotion and inner strength that can easily strike back if you throw her into a corner.

Role-Playing Notes: Your sweet and compassionate nature easily wins you friends that can't help in wanting to protect you. In return you adopt them as your wards and will fight to the death to protect them or do something thoughtful for them. Your family and friends’ deaths still haunt you to this day that you can't help, but to latch on to others as a replacement. So far you haven't come across your grandfather or the other Soulless, but you hope that you're ready to face them now that you have some friends to back you up and have gained more control over your powers. You wish there was a way for your grandfather to be the kind, loving person he once was even if those around you would tell you that you were being naive. You know they’re probably right, but it’s the only way for you to cope with his betrayal.

You also suffer from major PTSD and often struggle to keep it under check through prayer, meditation and just plain trying not keep you mind off of it. The success tends to vary.

Extras: Rahne could also fit in as a minor character for an Anarch game (V:TM) or an urban Werewolf game with a majority of Bone Gnawers given that some of her new friends are homeless or from various counter-cultures. This could also be a chance for any party of Mystics to see these enigmatic Angels for the first time.

Divinity: Nephilim

Heritage: Children of Goliath

Nature/Demeanor: Guardian/Waif

Str/Dex/Sta: 3/3/3

Cha/Man/App:: 4 (compassionate)/3/3

Per/Int/Wits: 2/2/3

-Alertness: 1, Athletics: 2, Awareness: 2, Brawl: 1, Dodge: 2, Empathy: 2, Intuition: 1, Streetwise: 2

-Etiquette: 1, Fly: 2, Melee: 1, Stealth: 2, Technology: 2

-Academics: 1, Computer: 2, Investigation: 1, Medicine: 1, Religion: 1, Research: 2, Science: 1

Aura: 3, Connection: 1, Contacts: 2, Resources: 1, Touched: 1

Path of Defense: 2, Earth: 1, Fire: 1, Melee: 2

Conscience: 4, Conviction: 3, Courage: 3

Morality: 7, Willpower: 6

Flaws: Enemy (Ezra Creek and the Soulless), Derangement: PTSD                                 

Adam Stewart

History: If you just met him for the first time before his Revelation, Alex would came off as the perfect, all-American boy: clean-cut good looks, honor roll grades, captain of his school football team and a loyal son and doting older brother. But underneath his cool, serious exterior and pearly-white smile lies a lot of pain.

No one expected the downward spiral Alex's mother, Carla, would take the moment her husband died. After a year-and-a-half of depression and failed attempts to find a new husband, a nine-year-old Alex was frightened by a fierce thunderstorm and asked if he could sleep with her. That's when a strange, almost good feeling pulsated in Carla as she held her son tight. As she found more excuses for Alex to join her in bed, a sinister and almost alien voice began suggesting darker ideas. Thanks to this voice, Carla was able to manipulate her son into believing that it would "make him less of a man" if people found out, but what really convinced him was the fear that he and his little brother, Tommy, would be separated. So she promised that as long as Alex fulfilled his mother's desires, she'd leave Tom alone.

Since it allowed him to be free from his mother, Alex dived head-first into every aspect of school he could get his hands on from honors society to the school newspaper. It was tiring work, but it was a worthwhile distraction. The rest of his time was spent with Tommy, doting on and playing with him. Most of all, Alex wanted to protect his innocence.

This all worked until Alex was 16 and Tommy was 9. With tears in his brother's eyes, Alex learned that their mother had broken her promise by "trying to touch him". Enraged, he vowed to get him and his brother out of town by stealing their mom's car and hawking off the family heirlooms. Overhearing their plans, Carla was horrified and begged the voice to give her the power to stop them. Transformed into a hideous creature, she locked all the doors into the house and attacked her sons just as Alex received his Revelation and easily killed her. When Officer Teller came to investigate a "disturbances" coming from the house, Alex dropped his mother's corpse at his feet and left.

Current Status: Alex always dreamed of traveling the country with his brother with nothing but a Triple-A guidebook to lead them. Now his greatest wish has been fulfilled as him and Tommy see the wonders of the country and help those in need.

Appearance: Alex appears to be the All-American golden boy. Even being on the road, he still has a clean-cut look in both clothing and his short, brown hair. His Aura gives off a fierce protectiveness with a touch of youthful hot-hotheadedness. As for Tommy, he looks like a younger, skinny and light blonde version of his brother.

Role-Playing Notes: Your Revelation has changed you for the better and for the worst. On the bright side, you are able to stand up for the injustices around you and have become more optimistic about your future than you ever been. Since you've now dived into your role as a warrior for The New God, it has brought out a hot-headed side of you that likes to come out when you believe you are in the right. To you, people make their choices and have to face them no matter what. Other than some rare cases, one cannot blame society and the boogeyman for everything in their lives. As for your mother, there is a strong bitterness that lingers in you for how she robbed you of your innocence. Thus, people who take sexual advantage of the young and naive make you sick.

Note: Despite what Alex thinks, Tommy knows that Alex often cried himself to sleep before his Revelation and believes that Carla was probably "touching" him. He has yet to ask Alex about this, but is in no hurry to try. Tommy is generally a sweet and curious child that treasures the extra time his brother can spend with him.

Divinity: Nephilim

Heritage: Child of Goliath

Nature/Demeanor: Crusader/Caregiver

Str/Dex/Sta: 4/3/4

Cha/Man/App: 3/2/3

Per/Int/Wits: 2/3/3

-Alertness: 2, Athletics: 3, Brawl: 1, Dodge: 1, Empathy: 1, Intimidation: 2, Intuition: 1, Leadership: 2, Streetwise: 1

-Drive: 2, Fly: 1, Melee: 1, Survival: 1, Technology: 1

-Academics: 2, Computer: 1, Medicine: 1, Research: 2, Science: 2

Aura: 1, Connection: 1, Resources: 1, Talents: 2, Touched: 1 (Tommy)

Path of Earth: 2, Fire: 1, Melee: 2, Range: 1, Wind and Water: 1

Conscience: 2, Conviction: 4, Courage: 4

Morality: 6, Willpower: 6

Flaws: Haunted (Alex's mom has come back as a Wraith and despite a very limited connection with them, she is obsessed with getting her sons to forgive her. Though her Shadow wants her to "spread the love" with all boys (both children and teens).

Penelope Maradox (Deadman)

History: Whenever someone waxes nostalgic for the morality of the past, it never fails to make Penelope burst into laughter. Spending her childhood in the 50's and her teenage years during the Civil Rights movement, Penelope knew these were far from happy times for someone of her race.

At the time, she encountered acts of racism and cruelty that most Black youth these days wouldn't believe. But the biggest struggle she had face was with her own misanthropy and faith. How could a loving god let such cruelty happen? How could he back up radio evangelists who praised the morality of segregation without sending a bolt of lightning down on them for blasphemy? Why did it let her father bleed to death when she was ten because it went against the doctor's moral code to treat a black person?

Sure the Civil Rights Movement helped restore a little of her faith in humanity and she was glad to help out, but it all feel down after the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. If the world was going to play dirty when true progress tried to make an impact, then fuck it. Let the world go and destroy itself while she sat back, flipped it the bird and watched.

Despite her misanthropy, Penelope had always been a smart and confident woman, but it was her timing that would do her in. When the Satanic panic of the early 80's hit, her neighbor, Tessie Roberts, took it to heart. At first Penelope tried to ignore her paranoia during neighborhood meetings, but it only grew worse until she told Tessie off in front of the entire neighborhood for how she was scaring everyone and making a fool of herself. With the rest of the neighbors taking Penelope's side, Tessie quietly stewed in her defeat until her paranoia over her neighbor would go into overdrive when a local boy went missing and was later found dead in a river. The police ruled it as an accidental drowning, but Tessie knew that it was all Penelope's doing and convinced her husband to help kidnap her and hang Penelope for her crimes.

While Tessie got out of serving time in jail by reasons of temporary insanity (since she was also black, there were no hate crime charges), her husband killed himself a year later out of guilt. Even though she was eventually released to be taken care of by her sister, little did she know that Penelope would come back.

Current Status: After visiting Tessie, who succumbed to an instant, fatal heart attack, Penelope has begun her holy mission with a quiet zeal. After learning that Tessie was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, Penelope gained empathy for the "screwed-up little twit." She is now being helped out by member of the Angel-Watchers Society who is being considered to join the Ordeu of Angelous.

Appearance: Even after nearly two decades, Penelope doesn't look a day over thirty-five. She still has her brown hair in loose curls and her eyes still radiate that fierce intelligence she had when she was still alive. The only things that have changed are her wardrobe and the rope marks on her neck. Penelope's sense of style is fairly casual with more earthy,. While she has no real embarrassment towards her Sign, she will wear either a choker, scarf, or use makeup to keep the Mortals from freaking out. Her Aura enhances the confidence she naturally showed in life with a twist of there being something almost dangerous about her.

Role-Playing Notes: A true wildcard, you are not one who usually plays by polite society's rules. Not just because your methods are unorthodox, but that you see so-called "polite society" as laughably idiotic. It was nothing more than the need for scapegoats no matter what race, religion or gender the accuser is. Because of that, you judge people by their personalities than what is on the surface.

You take pride in your realism and your new mission in life that you take rather seriously. Some people think you are a bit of bitch, but you honestly have a caring side that strives for justice (it's just hard to see at first). You are definitely not the easiest person to get along with, though those that you do have a friend for life. (Like your new Angel Watcher ally.) You also never really liked your name and prefer to be called, Maradox. The only reason you never changed it, was out of respect for your father who chose it.

Divinity: Chari

Heritage: Deadmen

Nature/Demeanor: Defender/Curmudgeon

Str/Dex/Sta: 3/2/3

Cha/Man/App: 1/3/3

Per/Int/Wits: 3/3/4

-Alertness: 1, Awareness: 2, Brawl: 1, Empathy: 2, Intimidation: 2, Intuition: 2, Leadership: 1, Subterfuge: 2

-Drive: 1, Firearms: 1, Fly: 2, Melee: 1

-Academics: 1, Investigation: 1, Law: 1, Occult: 2, Religion: 2, Research: 2, Science: 1

Ally: 1, Aura: 2, Connection: 3, Resources; 1, Talent: 1

Path of Curses: 2, Justice: 1, Night: 1, Spirits: 1, Undeath: 1

Conscience: 2, Conviction: 4, Courage: 5

Morality: 5, Willpower: 7                                 

Margie Bergstrum (Infused)

History: There are some people out there who might consider Margie a loser with her endless career of jumping from dead-end job to dead-end job, the highlight of her week being Full-Frontal Friday (where Margie and her friends rent a non-porno movie with full-frontal male nudity) and a bad-luck streak a mile long.

Eventually Margie's life took an unexpected turn when her grouchy neighbor, Mr. Vanderholt, knocked on her door. Just as she opened it, the broken, bloody form of the old man collapsed in her arms and with his dying breath, grabbed her wrist and told her, "Carry on for the sake of the New God." A surge of power entered Margie's body, transforming her into one of the Infused and leaving her alone in a part of the world that most Mortals never get to see.

The idea of becoming a superhero was tempting, but she decided against it. Besides, she has some more important things to worry about than designing a costume. Mr. Vanderholt had granted her the responsibility of reading and taking care of The Tome of Ancients. The haste fully written visions of the history of the Angels, First-Born and Demons could be a great asset to her fellow Angels.

Current Status: Shortly after getting a message telling her to burn the Tome of Ancients, Margie is struggling to figure out what to do. While part of her knows that destroying it would make her life a little less dangerous, the information is too valuable to lose.

Appearance: Margie wears her heart on her sleeve so how she feels is shown upon her to the fullest degree. Her clothes tend to be very casual and can be seen in her nightshirt well past noon if she has a day to herself. Though she is trying to dress nicer (with her blond hair at a medium length) these days to compliment her new Infused status.

Role-Playing Notes: You may come off as a bit of a goof, but there is more to you than many less caring and empathic people notice. You're a very brave, dedicated (if not somewhat hyper person when something excites you) who just wants to make the world a better place. Life has never been all that easy for you, but you never let it get you down even if it does make you depressed at times. (But that's nothing your tireless devotion and reality show marathons can't fix.) On the downside, you tend to have a bit of an inferiority complex that likes to pop up around those who are luckier and more competent than you. Overall, you're someone who really tries to do the right thing, but often seems to come short to getting what you really want out of life.

Divinity: Infused

Heritage: Infused

Nature/Demeanor: Cavalier/Cavalier

Str/Dex/Sta: 3/2/5 (tireless)

Cha/Man/App: 3/2/3

Per/Int/Wits: 2/2/2

-Awareness: 2, Brawl: 1, Dodge: 3, Empathy: 1, Expression: 2, Intimidation: 1, Streetwise: 1

-Animal Kin: 1, Crafts: 1, Drive: 1, Fly: 2, Melee: 1,Technology: 1

-Computer: 2, Investigation: 2, Occult: 2, Politics: 1, Religion: 3, Research: 2

Contacts: 1, Resources: 1, Talent: 3

Path of Alteration: 2, Diplomacy: 1, Enhancement: 1, Healing: 1, Mind: 1, Movement: 1

Conscience: 3, Conviction: 4, Courage: 3

Morality: 7, Willpower: 5

Flaws: Unlucky                                 

Solomon Sterling (Nephilim-Light-Bringer)

History: Ever since he and his sister, Danica's, Revelations, every wall that Solomon had painstakingly built around himself came crashing down. Despite all the wealth and prestige his family possessed, his childhood was a very lonely one. Like any young child, Solomon was starved for affection from his parents who were too consumed with their own lives to do anything other than pass him along from nanny to nanny. He tried not to let it bother him and concentrated on being the best son that his parents could wish for. So when he found out that he was going to be an older brother, Solomon's heart overflowed with joy of having someone who could return his love.

Just like he hoped, Solomon and his little sister, Danica, were inseparable. The two were each other's best friend and confidant, especially when their parents' daily arguments escalated into shouting matches. By the end of September when Solomon was nine, the family went through a nasty, painful divorce with the children being separated (his father getting custody of Danica and his mother getting custody of him). The worst part being that the reason for the divorce was due to his mother having an affair with his father's best friend.

With his sister gone with no idea where she was and his relationship with his mother and stepfather in shambles, Solomon found it was easier to shut-off his emotions and go on with his life than dwell on the past. It helped to ease away the memories of his sister and the anger he felt every time he looked at his mother and the love and attention his half-siblings got the second they were born, but it also made him distant and lonely. He even went back to playing the childhood role of the perfect son until his Revelation came shortly after his thirtieth birthday.

When he saw Danica waiting for him when he arrived at work, it was the killing blow that set everything free.

Current Status: Reunited with his sister, Solomon has been doing a lot of rethinking of his life. With the money and power his family possesses and his Nephilim blood, he is confident that he can at least make a dent in this world. He knows all too well that money and power are what runs things. The only real worries he has to face are repairing his family ties, keeping tabs on Danica and his own exposed heart.

Appearance: Even before his Revelation, one could sense there was something more to Solomon than his uber-organized and serious demeanor lets on. As if there was some kind of passion buried deep inside that could prove he had the potential for compassion and raw emotion. Solomon's sense fashion remains the same: expensive, finely tailored suits; wire-rimmed glasses and his blonde hair professionally done. Like many of the Sterling children, he is a pure WASP and possess refined features.

Role-Playing Notes: Danica's return and his Revelation has left Solomon a lot more vulnerable than he cares to admit. Solomon has always praised himself for keeping his emotions in check, but being thrown into a Heritage that requires empathy and becoming monophonic thanks to his Twist is going to be tricky. He does a good job not letting it bother him, for a while.

For the most part, he blames a large portion of this on himself for closing people out for so long. Being blessed with the chance to help heal the World of Darkness will be big step that he takes on diligently. Solomon takes a shrewd, logical business-like approach to any problem. He takes great pride in his mental talents and loves a challenge that can test his abilities.

NOTE: He could also be a wily, yet respectable adversary/foil for the Technocrasy in a Mage game. The New World Order and Syndicate aren't going to be all that pleased with some upstart interfering with their plans. Now imagine their surprise when they discover that he might have The Host on his side.

Divinity: Nephilim

Heritage: Light-Bringer

Nature/Demeanor: Visionary/Director

St/Dex/Sta: 2/2/2

Cha/Man/App: 3/3/3

Per/Int/Wits: 3/3/4 (planning)

Brawl: 1, Empathy: 1, Intimidation: 1, Intuition: 1, Leadership: 3

Drive: 1, Etiquette: 3, Fly: 1, Technology: 2

Academics: 2, Computers: 2, Finance: 3, Investigation: 1, Law: 1, Linguistics: 1, Politics: 1, Religion: 1, Research: 1, Science: 1

Ally: 1 (sister), Aura: 2, Connection: 2, Contacts: 3, Fame: 2*, Resources: 4

Path of Aid: 1, Bliss: 1, Earth: 2, Hope: 2

Conscience: 3, Conviction: 4, Courage: 3

Morality: 6, Willpower: 7

Flaws: Vulnerable to Holy Water**

*The Sterlings are one of the finest and most high-profile families in Boston, Massachusetts. (The family's hometown.)

**Solomon's fallen blood has made him vulnerable to holy water. The stuff is like acid to him.                

Danica Sterling (Nephilim-Light-Bringer)

History: Unlike her beloved older brother, Danica's childhood took a much happier turn after the divorce. Realizing that his neglect helped fuel his wife's infidelity, her father vowed to make a fresh start with his daughter. What little time he could scrounge-up was spent playing with and exposing Danica to the best England (where they resided) and the rest of Europe's varied cultures.

It was almost magical; the only thing missing was an older brother to share it with. It wasn't that she didn't try to contact him, but any letter was either returned to sender or never heard from again. (She suspects that at least one of her parents had a hand in this.) Eventually life got in the way and Danica spent her teenage and adult years studying religion and the occult, doing readings for her father's rich friends and partying at some of the most popular clubs. At the age of twenty-six, the celestial blood in her veins finally awakened and gave her the drive to finally reunite with her brother.

Current Status: It's been ages since Danica had last been in the states and she plans to make the most of what there is to offer. For now, she has bigger fish to fry with her holy mission and looking after her brother. Her favorite method is using her occult knowledge to help those with spiritual problems.

Appearance: Danica's looks takes more after her father's side of the family (he changed his last name to Sterling) so she lacks the more high-brow looks of her brother. With medium-length, dark brown hair; facial-piercings and punk-goth fashion, it's hard for her not to stand out. Her Aura makes her confidence all the more powerful.

Role-Playing Notes: As a curious hedonist, you try to enjoy and learn whatever you can, even if it can sometimes annoy others. Carry an air of confidence, a love of life and let nothing get in your way. You care deeply about the people close to you and when you saw how life forced your brother into loneliness, it broke your heart. You'd like to rattle your family's cages just to get back at the self-absorbed creeps for their hand in it, then again, there's part of you that likes to shock people.

Divinity: Nephilim

Heritage: Light-Bringer

Nature/Demeanor: Confidant/Rouge

Str/Dex/Sta: 1/2/3

Cha/Man/App: 3/4/2

Per/Int/Wits: 3/3/4

-Awareness: 2, Brawl: 1, Empathy: 2, Streetwise: 1, Subterfuge: 2

-Drive: 1, Etiquette: 2, Firearms: 1, Fly: 2, Stealth: 1, Technology: 2

-Academics: 2, Computer: 2, Investigation: 1, Linguistics: 2, Occult: 3, Religion: 2, Research: 2, Science: 1

Ally: 1 (brother), Aura: 1, Connection: 2, Contacts: 1, Resources: 2

Path of Aid: 2, Bliss: 2, Wind and Water: 2

Conscience: 2, Conviction: 4, Courage: 4

Morality: 6, Willpower: 6

Flaw: Repelled by Holy Symbols                                 

Sasha Hancock (Chari-Muse)

History: Sasha has a rather interesting family history which explains her unusual name (to the Czechs). Her British grandfather, Walter, served during WW II along with the Russian army. Falling in love with the country and one of the Russian generals' daughters, Walter settled there. Her father would follow in his grandfather's footsteps, and be stationed in the Czech republic and stayed there.

Sasha herself led a rather ordinary yet difficult life. Being borderline mentally-retarded (due to some troubles during her birth), she was often teased by some of the other students for not being smart enough. As much as her family tried to tell her to not let it bother her, it still hurt. During puberty Sasha blossomed into a pretty young woman and was able to win some approval for her sex appeal and cheery and sensitive nature.

After high school she got a job as the eye-candy assistant for the Two Brothers Repair Show. (A home repair show starring two bickering half-brothers.) All she really had to do was hand them their tools, help with the minor stuff and give them (and any male special guests) a kiss on the cheek every now and then. It brought her a good amount of fame and made some wonderful friends among the crew, but not the respect she craved.

But fate can take a few twists when you least suspect it. Going through a fatal car accident, Sash found herself unharmed save for the mark on her hand. Charon had picked her to become one of his chosen and this time she will be able to really make a difference.

Current Status: Sasha's Revelation has enhanced her curiosity of building and hardware to the point that she has become fairly proficient to take on bigger projects on the show and is slowly proving that she is more than a piece of fluff. She takes the mystical half of the world on with enthusiasm since it doesn't know about her past and can't judge her solely on her lack of intelligence. Lately, some of the local spirits have taken an interest in her due to her simplicity and innocence and how it can benefit their plans.

Appearance: Being prime material for an issue of Maxim, Sasha's features lean more toward the Eastern European side of her family. Her most striking are her dark hair and sexy figure. Her Aura gives the feeling of raw inspiration and fascination.

Role-Playing Notes: Ever since your Revelation, you've become a much more optimistic and eager person. There's a whole new world out there with fresh beginnings that you can't help to be eager. The hurtful comments of others don't bother you as much as they use to, yet you've always been a rather sensitive young woman.

You see yourself continuing the life the original Sasha was tragically cut short from. (Though you sometimes worry if you're making her proud.) Otherwise, you're one of the sweetest people one will ever met. You just want to make things better and try to see the good in everyone. As for your disability, it helps if others explain things slowly and clearly to you since really complex things can be a little tough to understand.

Divinity: Chari

Heritage: Muse

Nature/Demeanor: Helper/Optimist

Str/Dex/Sta: 2/3/3

Cha/Man/App: 4 (sweet)/2/4 (sexy)

Per/Int/Wits: 3/1/2

-Athletics: 1, Awareness: 2, Brawl: 1, Empathy: 3, Expression: 2

-Crafts: 3, Firearms: 1, Fly: 2, Melee: 1, Performance: 1, Stealth: 1, Technology: 1

-Computer: 1, Medicine: 1, Occult: 1, Research: 2

Aura: 2, Connection: 3, Contacts: 1, Fame: 2, Resources: 3

Path of Creation: 2, Night: 1, Objects: 1, Spirits: 1, Support: 2

Conscience: 4, Conviction: 3, Courage: 3

Morality: 7, Willpower: 5                                 

Clayton Hill (Nephilim-Nymph)

History: Ever since the day he was born, Clayton has always been a handful. Strong-willed and unafraid to tell it like it is, he nursed these qualities in himself. There was just something almost disgustingly banal about the Mr. and Mrs. White America suburb he grew up in. Even as a child, he wasn't blind to the pill-popping, affairs and overall phoniness that surrounded him.

It didn't earn him a lot of friends (especially among the adults), but the ones that did like him saw him as a loyal one once "you dig through all the crap." Interestingly, it wasn't until his Revelation that Clayton's life had truly began. It is his personal ticket away from all the annoying people in his life and the drudgery of moving from one low-paying, soul-drenching job to another. Along with a new appreciation for nature and the stuff he sees in the Umbra is almost addictive.

Probably one of the biggest reasons for his new-found interest is the hope that it will please and help Gaia. Clayton has always had a tendency to easily fall in and out of love; usually with women who he has little hope with. But it's not going to stop him for at least seeing his god-like crush face-to-face so he die happy.

Current Status: While his Connection has offered warnings of becoming too separated from, the mundane world, Clayton has ditched the pursuit of a normal job and prefers to make his money from the wallets of the enemies of The Host as well as pawning off the more mundane treasures that he comes across.

Appearance: Like his Aura, there's always been a sparkle of roguishness in Clayton's brown eyes. The kind where you know you're going to get pissed-off or in trouble, but realize it wasn't so bad in the long run. When he's in the mundane world, he'll gel his short black hair to cover the tips of his ears. In the company of Mystics or anywhere else, he'll push the gelled strands back so they can be proudly displayed.

Clayton is a t-shirt and jeans man who is never without his lucky Lennon sunglasses which he'll wear tipped at his nose if he wants to get a point across or flirt with a girl.

Role-Playing Notes: While you're far from rude, at times you are honest to a fault. To you, you're cheating yourself if you place too many restrictions on your feelings and true beliefs just because of what other people think. You're quite proud of no long part of the Human race since it means you don't have to feel guilty for all the stupid stuff they do. (Still you care about the Mortals.) Your Revelation has brought out a more "mischievous" side when you plan your revenge against your enemies (like draining all the oil from their cars, selling their most expensive valuables for a dollar each at a flea market or exposing their criminal deeds to the press). As for Gaia, deep down you knows that your chances with her are slim to none, but it doesn't stop you from at trying (you're a hopeless romantic at heart.)

Divinity: Nephilim

Heritage: Nymph

Nature/Demeanor: Rouge/Rouge

Str/Dex/Sta: 3/2/3

Cha/Man/App: 2/3/2

Per/Int/Wits: 3/2/5 (tricks)

-Alertness: 1, Awareness: 2, Brawl: 2, Dodge: 2, Intuition: 2, Streetwise: 1, Subterfuge: 2

-Drive: 2, Fly: 2, Melee: 2, Stealth: 3, Survival: 1, Technology: 2

-Computer: 2, Occult: 2, Research: 1, Science: 1

Aura: 2, Connection: 2, Resources: 1, Talent: 1

Path of Beasts: 1, Fire: 2, Nature: 1, Umbra: 2

Conscience: 2, Conviction: 4, Courage: 4

Morality: 6, Willpower: 5

Anton "Fuse" Valez (Nephilim-Saulite)

History: With some people, badness is all they know and Fuse was no exception. Abandoned as a toddler in a crack house in the slums of New Mexico, Paco, the head of a local gang took pity on him. While this was more out of Paco’s desire for an heir than out of the goodness of his heart, he had no problem taking care of the boy. He just had to provide the basic necessities, teach Fuse everything he knew and let other children bully his short and skinny son to "toughen him up." By the time he hit fifteen, Fuse was already filled with enough hate towards the world that he was willing to do anything to fight back.

Nicknamed Fuse for his mechanical know-how, he found his true calling in black market weapons. Within six years, he finally earned his father's respect and was elevated to second-in-command. All he had to do now was wait for him to croak, take over and no one would disrespect him again. But The Host had other ideas and wasn't afraid to tell Fuse in the form of a seizure that caused a horde of scars to appear on his body (to represent the innocents his weapons killed) while images of the pain of his past deeds plagued his mind. By the time he recovered, he knew his life would never be the same.

Current Status: Fuse may have convinced his gang that he was jumped and disfigured by rivals and let him have some time off to recover, but it's finding out what to do next that's the hard part. (His hideous new look would scare off customers.) He knows they'd never believe the whole Saulite thing and that nothing short of faking his own death will allow him to quit unscratched.

Appearance: Standing 6’0” with a lean build, Fuse is now a road map of scars covering his entire body that gives him a tough, yet hideous appearance. He now wears hooded jackets and long pants (no matter how hot it is) to cover them up. His Aura gives off a feeling of toughness and pain.

Role-Playing Notes: Your feelings about everything are a mixed bag that you worry is going to explode. At first it doesn't seem fair to have everything be taken away from you (there are worse people out there). Then you look at your scars and realize you had it coming until you get scared about what you're going to do next and then finally know deep inside that The Host is watching out for you and feel a little at peace. Ponder a lot about life (especially your own) and the meaning behind it and what drives its inhabitants. Encourage others to give their own feelings about this in hopes that it can enlighten the both of you.

Divinity: Nephilim

Heritage: Saulites

Nature/Demeanor: Penitent/Bravo

Str/Dex/Sta: 3/2/3

Cha/Man/App: 2/4 (deals)/1

Per/Int/Wits: 3/3/4 (quick thinking)

-Alertness: 2, Athletics: 1, Brawl: 3, Intimidation: 2, Leadership: 3, Streetwise: 4 (crime)

-Drive: 1, Firearms: 3, Fly: 1, Melee: 2, Stealth: 2, Technology: 1

-Computer: 1, Law: 2, Linguistics: 1 (Spanish), Religion: 1

Aura: 2, Connection: 3, Contacts: 2, Fame: 2 (street gangs), Resources: 3, Talent: 2

Path of Earth: 2, Fire: 1, Healing: 2, Helping: 1, Redemption: 2

Conscience: 2, Conviction: 3, Courage: 5

Morality: 5, Willpower: 7

Flaw: Karma's Bitch                                 

Judith Werner (Chari-Seer)

History: Unlike most Chari, Judith doesn't even know what her living days were like and in an odd way she doesn't really mind. All she knows is her name. her holy mission and that she just one day "appeared" in the World of Darkness. The only real clue is that she found herself in the middle of a room full of sacrificed animals and a priestess who had been dead for a week. Some say she never existed until now, that she got amnesia before she died or that she is some magical creation that got loose. But whoever she is, Judith that something big is coming that neither Mortal nor Mystic could guess.

Current Status: Judith currently resides in St. Louis with a slightly nutty old woman who is convinced that she is her granddaughter that died ten years ago and looks nothing like her. Despite Judith's attempts to set her straight, it has gone through one ear and out the other. So she finds it better to "humor the poor woman."

Otherwise, Judith spends her time doing art and poetry readings based on her visions in hopes it can give some kind of clue to what exactly the heavens are warning her about.

Appearance: Judith is a twenty-one year-old beauty of middle eastern descent. Her dark brown eyes seem too look through you as if trying to bring out something long-hidden inside your soul. She favors beatnik and mod attire since she feels more close at home with that style. Her Aura gives of a wild vibe that can either excite or frighten those around her depending one's opinion on her.

Role-Playing Notes: A true blank slate, you try to build the world around you on your own terms with nothing getting in your way. Treat it like a blank canvas where you know that a beautiful masterpiece will arise from it. You may come off odd or seem to not have a care in the world, but there is more to you than that. You care a lot about the Mortals around you and that's why you move on in your mission to make things better for them.

But there are also times when your visions and Charon's cryptic messages scare you. That's why your art is so important to you as it is your main way of making some sense and creating a sort of comfort for you. What could happen scares you if you and the rest of the Angels don't act soon enough.

Divinity: Chari

Heritage: Seer

Nature/Demeanor: Visionary/Visionary

Str/Dex/Sta: 2/2/2

Cha/Man/App: 4 (mysterious)/3/3

Per/Int/Wits: 4/3/2

-Alertness: 2, Awareness: 3, Empathy: 2, Expression: 3, Intuition: 3

-Crafts: 2, Fly: 1, Performance: 2

-Investigation: 1, Occult: 2, Religion: 3, Science: 1

Aura: 4, Connection: 5, Resources: 2, Touched: 1

Path of Mind: 1, Senses: 2, Sight: 1, Spirits: 1, Undeath: 1

Conscience: 4, Conviction: 3, Courage: 3

Morality: 7, Willpower: 6                                 

Noah Kane (Aasimar-Seraphim)

History: It was Noah's mystery mother (who "died" in a car crash a month after he was born) who not only made him an Aasimar, but also the detective he became as an adult. His father's reluctance to answer any questions about his mother helped to foster a love of mysteries and learning. Even the tiny scraps of info that he managed to find only left him yearning for more; it was as if her identity died with her.

Despite Noah's burning desire to find about his mother could tear open new emotional wounds, his father, Grant, knew talent when he saw it and nurtured the boy's inquisitive mind. Even if it earned Noah a few scraped knees, got him into trouble with his teachers, lead him to questionable material or dubbed him as weird by the other kids; there was no way that Grant was going to have a boorish dullard for a son. The Kane family was once known for its intellect back when a family name meant something and Noah was expected to uphold the family honor.

As Noah's own talent for figuring things grew, one of his father's friends suggested that he would make a great detective. Possessing his mother's compassion, Noah was intrigued with the idea of using his talents to help people and pursued a degree in criminal science with Grant's blessing. When he solved his first case while serving in Montreal's Special Victims’ Unit, something came over Noah. It was almost like a spiritual high as if something he was long searching for was finally leaving some clues.

That moment of ecstasy never came again though his work gave him the satisfaction of using his brain and helping others. Over the next year, he experimented with various forms of religious practices, but nothing worked. Exasperated, he called out to the heavens, begging to know and once again feel that again. His Grigori answered his prayers, showing herself to her beloved son for the very first time.

Current Status: Becoming an Aasimar has brought something that many people would kill for, it has made Noah spiritually whole. His co-workers have never seen him happier and more dedicated to his work. He has a lot of questions for his Grigori and she promises to answer them the best she can. What can't be answered he is more than willing to find out for himself.

Despite his bliss over his new life, Noah's social life has suffered as a result. As he embraces more of his angelic nature, he has become alienated from the mortals around him. It has made him occasionally lonely even if he reassures himself that he is going to have to sacrifice something in his service to The New God. Lately he has considered getting in touch with his fellow Celestials and other Mystics. As for his father (who couldn't be prouder of him), Noah isn't quite ready to reveal his new life and Grigori to him just yet.

Appearance: Noah is a handsome young man of 28 years whose physical features derive from his French heritage. He carries a sense of refinement thanks to his upbringing and a feeling of angelic warmth from his Aura. Yet, the way his dark brown hair tends to playfully flop over left eye betrays a more light-hearted aspect to his personality. As for his voice, it has become a warm, soothing baritone coupled with his French accent.

Role-Playing Notes: The inner peace your new life has created is gradually blinding you to the mortal you once were. Sometimes it's not so bad because you didn't always feel like you belonged in your old life, but on a bad day when you really think about, it nags you like crazy. To help, you substitute this with a great paternal love towards those around you.

You strive to better understand yourself and the world around you through your love of learning, kindness and angelic powers. Treat any new situation as a potential clue to some kind of answer to another of the world's mysteries. You've begun to grow fond of the mortals you work with, and help them like a loving older brother.

Divinity: Aasimar

Heritage: Seraphim

Nature/Demeanor: Caregiver/Pedagogue

Str/Dex/Sta: 2/2/2

Cha/Man/App: 3/3/3

Per/Int/Wits: 3/4/3

-Athletics: 1, Awareness: 1, Brawl: 1, Empathy: 2, Intuition: 2, Leadership: 1, Subterfuge: 1

-Drive: 1, Etiquette: 1, Firearms: 2, Fly: 1, Melee: 1, Security: 1, Technology: 2

-Academics: , Computer: 1, Investigation: 3, Law: 2, Linguistics: 1 (French, English), Politics: 1, Research: 2, Science: 2

Aura: 2, Connection: 4, Contacts: 1, Resources: 2

Path of Manipulation: 1, Protection: 2, Saint: 2 Voice: 1

Conscience: 3, Conviction: 4, Courage; 3

Morality: 7, Willpower: 7

Flaw: Repelled by Unholy Symbols (he doesn't know this yet)

Natsume Ito (Shepherd)

History: Natsume's parents were disappointed at best when they found out that their attempt at having a second child (via artificial insemination) was not going to give them a son. Her parents weren't exactly the warmest people and just like her older brother, Hiroki, she learned early on that the only way to get their love was to earn it. But almost nothing she ever did was good enough.

She went on with her life with the hope that someday she could make her parents happy and standing up for her bullied brother until she saw Hiroki’s hanged body in the family room. Her parent's lack of empathy towards their dead son made her realize that they never cared at all. In tears, Natsume locked herself in her room where she felt a strong, loving hand place itself on her shoulder and bestowed her Revelation.

Here was a strong, loving creature whose love was unconditional with the promise that he would be the father she deserved and best of all, he got to serve as her Grigori. Following his example, Natsume has begun to open her house and heart to the outcasts and unloved much to her parents' discontent. Together they offer each other support, form study groups and have fun together. To them, she is a modern day saint who gives them the love and hope that has been kept from them for so long.

Current Status: Natsume's growing popularity has brought even more strife between her and her parents to the point that they are considering on disowning and kicking her out of the house. Natsume couldn't care less; they're no longer her true family anymore. And she knows that her Touched can offer her a place to stay. As her influence has touched a few of her neighbors, at least one of them has wondered about the "cultish" aspects of the group.

Appearance: Natsume is a gentle-looking 15-year-old girl with a round face and chin-length black hair. When she’s happy, her brown eyes seem to almost sparkle. She normally wears girly, modern clothing, but will wear more traditional Japanese garb when preaching to her group. Her aura gives an air of friendliness with a touch of angelic warmth.

Role-Playing Notes: You’ve always been a gentle and caring soul that hates to see pain in others, but for a long time you’ve always felt powerless to do anything. Now you have a chance and take your duties very seriously. You've dropped hints about The Host and The New God to your Touched and are going at a steady pace with this. As for people who call your group a "loser club", they're the real losers. You don't know about the occasional cult accusations yet, but you'll be prepared to fight when it comes.

Divinity: Aasimar

Heritage: Shepherd

Nature/Demeanor: Crusader/Defender

Str/Dex/Sta: 1/2/3

Cha/Man/App: 4 (compassionate)/3/3

Per/Int/Wits: 3/2/3

-Athletics: 1, Awareness: 3, Brawl: 1, Empathy: 2, Intuition: 2, Leadership: 2, Subterfuge: 1

-Animal Kin: 2, Crafts: 2, Etiquette: 1, Fly: 1, Technology: 2

Computer: 1, Occult: 1, Religion: 1, Research: 2, Science: 1

Aura: 2, Connection: 3, Resources: 1, Touched: 2

Path of Ally: 2, Emotions: 1, Light: 1, Protection: 1, Saint: 2,

Conscience: 4, Conviction: 3, Courage: 3

Morality: 7, Willpower: 6

Victor Florez (Aasimar-Watcher)

History: Son of the Ordo of Angelus' Grand Saint, Victor's conception was planned years in advance. Not all that hot on letting Jose impregnate one of his fellow angels, the summoned angel agreed to let him raise his own Aasimar as long as his wife was the one he mated with. This wasn't done out of lust, but that Jose has always been a bit egotistical and boastful despite his best intentions.

Since all twenty of the Aasimar children that the different branches of the OoA helped create were sent to their headquarters in Spain, Victor was never lonely. All of them were schooled by private tutors and given training to become members based on their talents. Since Victor was fast and graceful, it was decided that he would be a spy and scout. But his mother also had a big hand in him and the other children's upbringing by allowing them to go on field trips, relief work and extended visits to the outside world to keep them grounded. It was an unusual, yet relatively happy life that when him and the other kids' Revelations came when he was sixteen, it was no big shock.

Current Status: With his life already planned out for him, Victor has mixed feelings about everything. On one hand, he enjoys his work but on the other, he wonders if it is fair to be thrust into this whole End of Days mess with such little time to act. Being one of the older children he is seen as a role-model to the other kids much to his annoyance at times.

Appearance: Victor is an attractive teenager of Spanish descent. Being a bit vain, he likes to wear the latest fashions and exercises to maintain his athletic figure. His Aura gives a feeling and air of mischief.

Role-Playing Notes: Caught between your angelic duties and growing up, life isn't always easy for you. The Ordo of Angelus has loosened up a bit of its hold and given you more freedom to pursue your calling, but the temptations of enjoying some of the simpler things the Mortals take for granted make a good point. Your roguish charm and sense of style easily win people to your side while your vanity and skirt-chasing will get you into just as much trouble. When you're not on missions or enjoying the high life, you love studying occult literature and having a good laugh when some Mortal who knows jack tries to do a seance.

Divinity: Aasimar

Heritage: Watcher

Nature/Demeanor: Gallant/Celebrant

Str/Dex/Sta: 2/3/3

Cha/Man/App: 3/4/3

Per/Int/Wits: 2/2/2

-Alertness: 2, Athletics: 2, Awareness: 1, Brawl: 1, Dodge: 2, Empathy: 1, Intuition: 1, Leadership: 2, Subterfuge: 1

-Firearms: 1, Fly: 1, Melee: 2, Stealth: 2, Technology: 1

-Computer: 1, Linguistics: 1 (Spanish, English), Occult: 2, Religion: 2, Research: 2, Science: 1

Aura: 1, Connection: 2, Contacts: 1, Resources: 3, Talent: 2

Path of Illusion: 2, Information: 2, Light: 1, Saint: 1

Conscience: 3, Conviction: 3, Courage; 4

Morality: 6, Willpower: 6

Merits: Ordo of Angelus Connections                                 

Angels in the Umbra

Given that an Angel, regardless of Divinity, the Umbra has a special meaning to them. The Umbra is not just for Nymphs, but all of them. Sine the Nephilim and Aasimar are the children of otherworldly beings, they go in to understand their Mystical and find their ancestors (Grigories or Ferrymen). Charon is spiritual being and even though they have no soul, the Chari find that the Umbra's spiritual aspects fills in something they never had. Even the Infused feel drawn to better understand their own condition.

There is a lot to do in Umbra from bargaining with spirits, searching for new wonders to fighting the creatures that taint its majesty. Spirits tend to be oddly fascinated with with the Angels given their unusual state. Though the Chari tend to have a harder time with Gaian spirits given their undead state. While their celestial connection does ease the Wyrm taint inside them to the point of being "not as bad" as your average Vampire or Wyrm minion, they can still expect some hostility. Thankfully, they make up for this by being a lot more approachable to Wraiths.


New Realm: Eden

When the Garden of Eden was destroyed in The Flood, The Host brought it into the Umbra to preserve its memory. Unless the Angel has a special Talent to get in, entering Eden is mainly invite only. (Though other Mystics have been welcomed, too.)

Description: Eden is a realm containing every form of mundane flora and fauna that had ever existed on earth (even the ones that went extinct), living in perfect harmony with each other. It is a place of pure beauty and harmony where Angels care and guard the place from those that would hurt it.

Effects: Anyone who enters Eden will be overcome with a sense of peace that to even commit a violent or evil action requires a Willpower roll against 9. If the person beats the roll and commits it, the Angels will gather and escort the offender out. All healing abilities are enhanced, allowing one extra level health or lowering the difficulty by two.                                 


Regardless of the group, Angels tend to have a way to bring in the attention of any Mystic. Even the Infused have an enigmatic appeal that awakens something in even the most hardened of them. A Nephandi can feel the might of The Host itself upon her for her past sins. The Garou in harano is given a second wind of hope. And even a jaded, ancient hedonist Toreador can feel alive for even a little while. For the Angels are a reminder of what was once gone, forgotten and might just come back.

Given their strong compassion towards the world and its children, the Angels believe in “the right to exist.” From archmages to thin-blooded Caitif, the other Mystics have their place in this world. Some are harder to judge than others and even the most well-meaning ones cannot be easily ignored. They are a dangerous, fascinating force that seems to sometimes pull the both of you together at the most dangerous of times.


"Such a heavenly source of Glamour."-Milla, Pooka Wylder

In Changeling the Dreaming

Just what are these strange new creatures that have arrived in the World of Darkness? Especially those pointy-eared, fae-blooded ones? At first you thought they were less attractive Shide, but there's a strange energy burning inside them. Are they one of you and should it even be considered?

What about the others? The only other two you really know of are the artisans and the ones with the beautiful voices. Sometimes you've even see one with flashing eyes snooping around. You'll deal with the last of the three when you have the chance; the other two look like so much fun. The artisans bring a wonderful buzz when you harvest Glamour from them; like a long-hidden memory opening up for just a few glorious seconds. To you, the Angels are like a lingering hope that the world has not completely fallen into banality.

Storyteller's Notes: When a Changeling harvests Glamour from a Muse, they gain an extra Glamour point as well as a strong rush of pleasure. It's different for each Fae; some relive fond memories of past lives while others receive mental trips to Arcadia. Harvesting Glamour from any of the other Heritages yields no special benefits. Since they are living inspiration, all attempts to ravage a Muse automatically fail. The others will not be so lucky.

In Angel: The Revelation

Unpredictable, tragic, dangerous and fascinating: All of these words describe the enigmatic Fae. While the Angels' own exoticism has attracted a good number of them, one might want to think twice before letting one follow you around. These fickle creatures have their own prices for their admiration and services. As well as enemies who have their own plans for you.

Monster Hunters

"Duh, it's not human; let's kill it."-Clayton doing his impersonation of a Hunter.

In Hunter: The Reckoning

A Celestial can be your greatest ally or the most arrogant pain in the ass you ever came across. Sure they have the heavens guiding them, but what the Hell are they doing defending some of the very monsters that prowl the night? Are they on the side of the Humans or not? Make sure you don't go after the dead or those Fallen Angel-blooded ones, either. They really hate that. If you stay on their good side, you both can make some serious progress.

Storyteller's Notes: Depending on the number of dots in Aura, the more a Celestial look like their Apocolaypical form in the eyes of a Hunter. For the Infused, her form will be constantly flickering.


"Odd, who they call the wisest is what we would scoff at for being naive."-Misha Rodovich, Redeemer

Sometimes it's hard not to get mad at these good intentioned, yet close-minded lost souls. They've been so entrapped in the Mortal half of the world that they let superstition and campy TV shows guide them. Luckily, there are some that are willing to see beyond this. If you can just convince them, they could see the light and much good can be done. Most Angels usually just pity the Hunters, because the feeling that these poor saps are nothing more than pawns of something a lot darker looms over them. There is a theory among the Seers that the Hunters are to be the soldiers of the New God (where the Children of Goliath would be their generals), but something had kept them from receiving the full message.


In Mage: The Ascension

Angels walk among us? That is something that has definitely caught your attention. The knowledge of the heavens may have now become easier to obtain with the guidance they love to hand out. That is until you find out how ignorant and naive these poor creatures really are.


Even the most arrogant, know-it-all Oracle is easily humbled by the knowledge of a simple Mage/Technocrat. As the ones who are to guide and prepare the world for the New God, these guys make you realize how little you really know. Maybe this is The Host's way of keeping you from getting too big for your britches and to remind you that the World of Darkness' other Mystics have their own place in this world. Just remember not to get too naive.

Sadly, there are some that don't share the ambition for a better world and would rather destroy or enslave it. It doesn't take the influence of the Mages to convince most Angels that there's something amiss with the Technocracy. Like the Hunters, these pitiful creatures are too focused on the mundane half of the world to see the damage they would cause if they were to win. Then there are the mad ones and infernalists. The later can be easily answered in how to handle them, but what to do with the former? Are they better off dead?

Middle Kingdom

Overall: What is your place in a kingdom where your celestial heritage has no existence in their heavens? The ancients acknowledge that your Aura comes from a separate power beyond the reach of their gods, but you also derive from the gaijuns’ myths. Out of past experiences or their own beliefs of racial superiority, you are ultimately an outcast. You take what allies and opportunities you can get no matter whose nose is turning up on you.

Kindred of the East

Such innocent creatures these so-called Angels are; stuffed with modern influences and ignorance of the bloody history of the Middle Kingdom. They're willing to give a number of you a benefit of a doubt as long as you don't "overstep your boundaries," whatever the Hell that means. How easy it would be to manipulate them into your personal playthings, yet there's something about them that always makes you think twice.

In the eyes of the Devil-Tigers good and evil are two forces that have to co-exist for things to be in balance. They may have to fight against each other, but there should be a respect on both sides. They’re going to make sure that the Angels not only understand their place in the Middle Kingdom, but accept it whether they like it or not.

Storyteller's Notes: Chari have no Chi so sucking any out of them would be useless.


What to do, what to do about these wayward Angels you and the rest of the Middle Kingdom mystics have dubbed "The Innocent." Tradition, their "allying" with some of the Kuei-Jin for survival reasons and the their talk of The New God has created trouble in the spirit world. You want to dismiss them, but you have to admit their hearts are in the right place and they're just as lost in this world as you were when you had your first change. You might want to keep an eye on them every now and then just to make sure they don't screw it up.


When you're thrown into a world filled with ancient laws, grudges and traditions that you have no clue on how to respond to that you'll take any ally you can get. It may appear that you are over-trusting, but you are far from blind to the potential evil any Mystic can possess. It's not like some of the others have been all that pleasant to you either. Overall, if you want to survive in the Middle Kingdom, you learn humility and you learn it quick. Sure the others' pride can leak into snobbery, but they're the ones in power whose respect you have to earn to get anywhere.


In Mummy: The Resurrection

Such poor pitiful creatures. They have been blessed with a divine mission, but their ignorance, mental twists and limited guidance has rendered them flawed and incomplete. Too bad, you two would've made such great allies and maybe they still can if you could get them to see the light. As for that New God talk, it's just another way of saying that Osiris will succeed in his plan.


"They have guidance, immortality, and I hear that food even tastes better; lucky bastards."-Margie Burgstrum, Infused

One could say that the Mummy's supposed knowledge and perfection can trigger an inferiority complex in a number of Angels. It's a good thing you don't see them that often, but when you two cross paths, sparks may fly. As for their belief in Osiris as the New God, somebody's definitely going have to explain this to them real gently.

Storyteller Notes: No matter what side you're playing on, the clash between two holy groups that are so similar yet so different will be the biggest theme. There is a great hope that the two can work together and it is possible; it's just that the ideological differences that are the biggest threat.



In Wraith: The Oblivion

In the dark and dour world of the Wraiths, these creatures are a beacon of hope. Their innocence, compassion and curiosity is quite catching if you let your guard down, but deep down it would break your heart if Oblivion were to get it's hands on them. Who knows, maybe Charon cares more for you than you thought.

The Wraiths have developed a new term for Chari that are now walking around with a Wraith’s body when they were alive, called a Shell. All Divinities can become fetters just like any mere Mortal.


"There's so much pain. How can they handle it?"-Sasha Handcock, Chari Muse

The Wraiths are a dark reminder that the World of Darkness is not all hope and wonders. Just maybe your healing touch might be enough to bring peace to at least one Wraith, but it is often more complex than that. For the Chari, your ties to the Shadow Lands and the Wraiths is often too strong to ignore. Is watching over these poor souls an additional mission or just a coincidence? (Deadmen have to often consider this more than the others.)


In Werewolf: The Apocalypse

”Okay. They don’t want us dead, enslaved, nor do they want to take our stuff. These people are obviously freaks.”-Earl, Bone Gnawer Philodox

“There is an easy way to handle the Angels. Lure them into a group of Wyrm minions and as soon as things look bad, come in and help finish the job. It’s less work for us and best of all, they owe you one. Granted, it’s a risk that may take a few tries.”-Adrianne Law, Shadow Lord Ragabash

Deep down, you are not sure what to make of the Angels. Their mercy and enigmatic nature almost make them too good to be true. For now you have more important things to worry about so for now you judge each one on an individual bias. Even at their nicest and most honest, the Angels are not to be underestimated. There is even a rumor of a Black Spiral Dancer elder who attacked tried to attack one. With a single glance, she not only broke the Ahourn's frenzy, but made him merrily curl up against her and lick her face like he was a common dog before letting her go. (The Elder was disposed of the next day.)

The easiest way for the Garou to understand you is to see you as human-spirit hybrids (called, “Spirit Born”). Woe is to the Chari, for you are a “spiritual miscarriage” and part of the Wyrm that must be destroyed when they can get away with it.


When dealing with the Garou you've learned that it is best to throw everything you know about werewolves out the window. What you once thought were nothing more than slobbering, savage beasts who have no control over their animalistic nature are really much more exotic, wise, and complex than you expected. Interestingly enough you are both on the same side if you could just get them to overlook centuries of cynicism.

Despite how naive they think you are you know that not all of the Garou are good. Especially the drooling, disfigured black ones and the human-hating red ones. The Host forbid they ever catch you killing the later of the two. There's a temperamental side to the wolves that are more than willing to rip you apart if you step out of line. And the Chari know this better than anyone.

For the other Bete...


In Vampire: The Masquerade

“At least they’re smart enough to acknowledge your right to exist. Usually. I have to wonder if this is just God messing with us.”-Skitter, 13th Generation Nosferatu

“True, it would be easy to ignore them, but then I remember everything he awakened in me. The admiration, the lust, the love and then, the desire to walk into the sun and end it all.”-Sidra, 12th Generation Toreador

Camarilla: Whoever is up there, thank The Host that the Angels remember that you were once human and respect your right to exist. As long as you keep up the facade that all your group wants to do is go on with their lives and you're craftier than their Seraphim, they'll usually leave you alone. It's very tempting to try manipulating the Angels into thinking that the Sabbat or any of your other rivals are evil, infernal-worshiping monsters who deserve to be destroyed. Then there's that nagging feeling that Heaven itself will gets its revenge if they ever discover that you lied to them.

"If God sent them here to destroy us, we will tear their wings from their backs and gorge on the blood inside."-Andros Veleni, 11th Generation Tzmsice

Sabbat: If it weren't for their religious bent and their tendency to go after your group the most, you'd pretty much ignore them like you do with most of the other mystics. Not to mention that this throws a rather big monkey wrench in any of the Noddist scholars' doomsday prophecies. Was there something you overlooked? Are there some missing page in the Book of Nod? And do you have the guts to study these creatures to get the answers?

Baali: What do you think is going to happen?

Independents\Bloodlines: Encounters with the Angels will often vary depending on what she witnessed your kind is doing. So don't expect every encounter with them to be the same.

“The Angels? Why we even embraced one and he told us all about their precious “New God.” It’s all just a cute little cosmic joke Set is playing on them as they do the opposite of what he wants.”-Donovan, 10th generation Setite


When it comes to honoring the right to exist, Vampires walk a thin line. Is it better to starve so someone else might live? Then again, it's not like all of them are draining every person they meet. Some are more upfront with their evil than others while others still carry a spark of their former humanity in them. No matter how charming, sexy, and enigmatic they are, there's almost always something that can't be trusted. So tread with caution if you don't want to be a pawn in their games and/or do something that will damn your soul.

It might even be possible to play the V:tM adventure, Lair of the Hidden, with Angel PCs instead of Vampires. Can The Host’s grace free the damned from an Earthbound’s clutches or will the Flock have to witness their end with their own eyes? (Or it could possibly be done with a single Infused in a group of Anarchs if you truly want a crossover.)

NOTES: When a Vampire drinks the blood, chi or eats the flesh of an Angel, she will receive strange visions of Heaven, the wars between Heaven and Hell, the target’s Angelic past or even the message of the New God. The length and amount of detail depends on the Angel’s Aura rating (Infused will only give a few second flash). In the case of Malkavians, treat the Aura rating as if it was a point higher. As for the taste, it is very bittersweet.

Angels cannot be Ghouled, but they can definitely be blood bound. Since the Chari can’t bleed, embracing them is impossible and Aasimar and Nephilim will die instead. Only the Infused can be turned into Vampires and will lose any Angelic abilities, but instead they gain the merit, Parting Gift. The only group that is able to feed from a Chari is the flesh-eating Nagaraja.

Jim Banks

History: Until a few months ago, Jim was an ordinary guy. A c-average student who grew-up to be a blue-collar construction worker, Jim expected his life to not advance beyond working and having a beer with his buddies afterwards. If it weren't for that case of Cardiomyopathy, the most life-changing thing would've been marrying and having a kid or two. That's when a miracle came, the doctors were able to find a new heart for him (from a dead Nephilim) that granted Jim the powers of the Infused.

The odd thing was that after getting rudimentary instructions of what he was and the arrival of the New God, Jim found that he really didn't mind. So he started out simple by helping out at charity events, reading up on religious texts for the next two months and striking up a friendship with the owner of the local occult shop. The fact that this Joe Average was so interested in the occult, fascinated the owner (Janis White). Using her natural talents for manipulation, Janis got Jim to admit his secret to her. So in return, Janis revealed one of her own: that she was a Follower of Set and she could offer him the chance to bring true glory to the "New God." Having no true direction on how to do this, he agreed to her Devil's deal and let her embrace him.

Current Status: The Followers of Set have granted Jim a new purpose and supposed answers as a Vampire. While he still has the Angelic Touch Miracle, all of his other abilities are now gone, but that's just the price he has to pay. Like any of her other childer, Janis has taken out his heart and keeps it in a jar to ensure his loyalty. For the most part, Jim doesn't mind too much as long as he's allowed to occasionally visit his "angelic heart." Jim faithfully serves the Setites' agenda and is planning to convert his friends into his new faith. (He has convinced them that he's gotten a new job.)

Role-Playing Notes: As dedicated and devout as you are, there is an occasional sadness over what you have lost. This is why you insist on visiting your heart as a shrine to what you once were. You desperately wish that Set is the New God to assure you that you're barking up the right tree. Still, it gives you a sense of pride when you can help your clanmates with your healing powers and unique perspective. The fact that most people wouldn't even expect you to be a Setite makes it extra fun for you. You are so tied to your new faith, any hard evidence that Set is not the New God or even real will send you into a frenzy.

11th-Gen Follower of Set

Sire: Janis White

Nature/Demeanor: Fanatic/Devotee

Embrace: 2014

Apparent Age: Mid-30's

Str/Dex/Sta: 4 (heavy lifting)/2/4

Cha/Man/App: 3/3/2

Per/Int/Wits: 2/2/2

-Alertness: 1, Athletics: 1, Awareness: 2, Brawl: 1, Empathy: 2, Intimidation: 2, Leadership: 2, Streetwise: 1, Subterfuge: 1

-Drive: 2, Firearms: 1, Machines: 2*, Melee: 1

-Computers: 1, Investigation: 2, Occult: 2, Religion: 2, Technology: 2

Allies: 2, Contacts: 1, Generation: 2, Mentor: 3, Resources: 2

Obfuscate: 1, Serpentis: 2

Conviction: 4, Self-Control: 3, Courage: 3

Path of Typhon: 7, Willpower: 5

Merits: Parting Gift (Angelic Touch, uses blood points instead of Faith)

*Jim is licensed to operate heavy machinery like cranes and steamrollers.                                 


Like any World of Darkness game, personal horror will always be a staple. There are two themes that separate it from the others: identity, passion and love. These may sound like odd choices for this setting, but there is both purity and corruption in both that can provide for good gameplay.


Despite their differences, all of the divinities have one question they have to answer, "Where do I stand in all of this?" Being thrown into a world that is darker, stranger and more fascinating than anything you've ever imagined would screw with anyone's beliefs. Everyone and everything seems to have some kind of secret or personal war they're fighting without regards to you. All you've got is a fragile promise of a "New God" arising. It is not just trying to keep out of crossfire to find out what's going on, but putting together what you are now.

For the Nephilim and Aasimar it is being in the shadows of their ancestors while trying to form their own identities. For the Chari, it is coming to the terms that their second chance at life is at the cost of servitude. Or the Infused learning that having no historical ties can be both a blessing and a curse. With the End of Times breathing down their necks, there is a heavy expectation to be the light in the World of Darkness. Still, even those with a fixed heritage can create their own plans of action on how to go at this. For example: One Deadman might go with an artistic, "let the punishment fit the crime" route with their justice while another will try for a more lawful route. Both will see themselves, their situation and their mission differently.

"But where is the horror in that?", you might ask. This can also be corrupted in many ways. Sometimes fanaticism or just the wrong influences can shape an Angel into something worse. Change isn't always bad, but it can be very scary. Old things may have to be put down to improve yourself or at least survive. As an Angel goes up in morality, the flawed parts of her humanity begin to wash away into something holier. While some may welcome this, there are others who may not be all that hot in losing what makes them what they are. (Let alone watching someone else go down a road like that.)

There is no set path for the Angels and no matter what choice is made, they must be prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to stay that way.


“Love is a dangerous angel.”-Dirk McDonald “Wheetze Bat

Love can bring out the best and the worst in us. It can drive us to acts of heroism to protect those that we care about, but it can also enslave us to abusive manipulators that have no qualms with tearing us down.

When an Angel receives her Revelation, a feeling of love does starts to arise (depending on how high her Morality is). As times goes on, she will begin to understand this feeling and how it drove Lucifer, The Host and the her ancestors to such extremes. Seeing the denizens of the World of Darkness as lost children, the Angel feels like she must guide and protect them like a loving parent. This feeling is not the same for everyone as each one will view and act upon it in her own way. One may totally dive right into her divine side (even at the cost of her humanity) to better understand these feelings while another may feel like a long-suffering parent who knows she may have to be a little tough on the Mortals to improve things. This is not a cute or sappy love, but a burning passion that haunts all Angels regardless of Divinity. It can’t help, but to draw the Angel into even the darkest aspects of the World of Darkness in hopes of fixing it.

Love can also be tragic. Let's take Rahne Sangiovanni's unconditional love for her insane, fanatical grandfather (Ezra Creek) as an example. Despite the love he has lost and all that he has done to her, knowing that she does not hate him weighs heavily on his shoulders. It is all too much of a reminder of how things used to be and never will be again. On Rahne's side, this love could prevent her from truly stopping her grandfather (and endangering others) and make her the target for darker forces that promise her solutions.

Another issue is that one can mistake desperation and lust for love. Angels have their own otherworldly appeal and awe that can entice your average mortal. Beauty (inside or out), awe-inspiring auras, power or knowing that there is someone who generally cares can be a source of fascination that leads to obsession. As a result, love becomes twisted into selfishness and obsession.

Love can also be frightening. There are those that believe that their flaws and sins have rendered them unworthy of hope and to know that they are not can be a shock to the system. While others have indulged in their wickedness and corruption to the point that the light is like a burning acid to their souls. Both of them fear this and will fight back with every inch of their being to ensure their stability.

“Without love, I wouldn’t believe in anything that lives and breathes. Without love I'd have no anger. I wouldn't believe in the right to stand here. Without love I wouldn't believe. I couldn't believe in you and I wouldn't believe in me.”- ”Believe”, Elton John

On the positive side, love is a powerful force that opens our hearts and gives us a purpose in life. It can bring us hope, inspiration and a drive to succeed. Whether it is love for a spouse, a friend, life, family or even a pet; it fills our souls like nothing else. Even the pathetic and wretched can be healed by this force. It is this belief that allows an Angel to keep going no matter how bad things can get.


“Then you know there comes a time where you need her more than anything. You believe yours are the wounds that only she can heal. Suddenly she turns around and she becomes so serious, because what she chose to offer you was all that you can have.”-”She Runs Away”, Duncan Sheik

No matter if either Lucifer or The Host were right, there will always be a sadness of what the World of Darkness could’ve been. The broken dreams and hurt feelings of the past weigh heavily on all the Divinities as they try to fix things. Their demonic counterparts are some of the biggest reminders of this.

The Demons have a long memory and even those that cry for redemption, might have too much Torment or resentment to do anything other than slap a Divine’s hand away. The same can go for the mortals that are just too far gone that they’d rather kill themselves than face their own mistakes. It always seems that the flaws of both mortals and Mystics tend to put a monkey wrench in things for good or for ill. Sometimes even the best-laid plans can fall apart and this is what both Angels and Demons will learn within time.

Another aspect is that despite their power, the Divine are still partially human and are far from perfect. (Or as the Nymphs put it, “even the Fae have their flaws”.) They won’t be able to save everyone or live up to all of their expectations. It is heartbreaking when a Muse has to tell a gravely ill person who desperately searched for her that “not every Angel has the same powers”. Or when a Light-Bringer has to step back, because he knows that a mortal is relying too much on them even if he is not sure if the mortal can do it on their own.





Cerebral Assassin (Child of Goliath)

"Now that you're done cursing my name, let's get down to business."

History: You were always known as the "brain queen" your entire life. While you were book-smart, you were also naive and never really saw yourself as all that pretty or charming so you took the name as a sign of approval and buried yourself into your studies.

For a long time you believed yourself to be happy until that handsome new kid took an interest in you. He went on and on about your inner beauty and showered you with love and attention. All you had to do in return was do his homework for him, let him cheat off your paper and spread your legs whenever he demanded it. But it didn't matter, he loved you and only you.

Then it all came crashing down. You caught him flirting with another girl and when you demanded an explanation, he laughed at your face and told you off in front of the entire school. With your innocence shattered, you vowed that no one would hurt you ever again. You would start with the boy who brought this on by slipping some narcotics into his locker. Seeing him sob like a little girl when he got kicked off the football team awakened something inside of you. Your brain was a powerful weapon; less messy than a gun and lasts longer than beauty. Now that you've received your Revelation after graduating from college, the World of Darkness has now become your personal battlefield.

Concept: With your mind being your most powerful weapon, you prefer to destroy your adversaries by screwing with their minds, setting elaborate traps and turning their allies against them. It almost surprises you how many bad people there are out there, but that's what you are there for.

Role-Playing Notes: Give off an air of professionalism and superiority to those around you. Treat everyone with a bit of distance for they could try to take advantage of you. Interestingly, you hold a soft spot for innocents and become almost caring and protective of them for they are reminders of your old self and when they smile, it chips away at the walls of your heart.

The humiliation you felt as a teenager still haunts you, making it difficult for you to trust people. You do a good job of hiding it behind a mask of superiority, but deep down you are starved for genuine companionship. You know your manipulations could make you one of The Lost at times and are scared to death about it.

Equipment: A licensed gun, tape recorder, little black book.


Mennonite (Child of Goliath)

"Now I don't want to hurt you..."

History: Just like the rest of the people of your religion, you wished for nothing more than to live an ordinary, peaceful life with your wife and kids. While you weren't as strict as your Amish counterparts, a life without technology and complexities of the modern world suited you fine. But that all changed when those two strange men visited your booth at a local fair. You were flattered at their honeyed words of your craftsmanship and the cash they offered for you to make a rocking chair for their mother was tempting, but there was something about them that didn't seem right. Maybe it was their forcefulness or that vacant, soulless look in their eyes. You trusted your instincts and refused. That night, you learned that the Soulless do not care who you are.

Something snapped in you when your Revelation came, giving you insights on what they were and how to subdue them. If you were raised elsewhere you would've killed them or at least roughed them up a bit. Instead you let them go with a warning. Others might call you foolish, but this is what your god has expected of you.

Concept: Your faith has now been put to its greatest test now that you can never go back to the life you once knew. While you can find a way around the no technology creed, it's restraining from violence that’s the problem. In battle you're the one who runs off to get innocents out of harm's way, supporting your allies and subduing your enemies. So far it's worked, but you know that one day you will have to choose between your beliefs and the safety of those around you.

Role-Playing Notes: You are a simple man devoted to your faith who tries to get along with those around you. It disturbs you how some of the other Children of Goliath can throw themselves into battle. When it happens, you just put your trust in The Host and its great plan.

Since your Revelation you have come to discover that the modern world can be both scary and fascinating at the same time. You've seen some really amazing things that have made you wonder if complexity isn't such a bad thing after all. Though it’s always nice to come back to your family and the added strength makes chores a whole lot easier.

You bear no malice toward the two Soulless who tried to kill you; just pity. Maybe someday you will cross paths again and be able to get them to see the error of their ways.

Equipment: Horse and buggy, several nets your wife made for you, a bible with various passages circled, first aid kit, carving knife.


Saint of the School Yard (Child of Goliath)

"Whatever happens, Bloodwrath will protect me."

History: Childhood can be just as full of cruelty as well as happiness and being an unathletic shrimp certainly doesn't help. While there were other kids who had it a lot worse than you, it broke your heart that there was little you could do to protect them. So you settled with just being there when the beatings and insults were done.

By the time the fifth grade rolled around, you began having these weird dreams about your First-Born ancestor, a powerful Fury who tore through an entire army of Mortals to avenge the death of a single child. As the nights rolled on, the dreams became gorier and more vivid until you jolted out of bed with your Revelation activated.

Concept: You're a good kid who happens to be thrust into a rather strange situation. On one side you are ecstatic about your new powers and take your role as protector of the helpless more seriously than many people twice your age. On the other hand, those violent dreams you had before receiving your Revelation constantly haunt you with a possible future if you ever fall. You don't know the whole story of the First-Born, but you guess this is how your Fury ancestor (who you call, Bloodwrath) must've felt.

Role-Playing Notes: Your Twist has made you a more confident person, but you are still the same dedicated and caring kid you've always been. You want to do Bloodwrath and The Host proud. In a Flock where you're the only Cherub, you try your best to keep from acting like a goofy kid. If there are some members around your age, you'll let your guard down bit.

In the meantime you've been keeping this all a secret from your parents and have been sneaking out almost every night. You don't like lying to them, but how the heck are you going to explain this to them?

Equipment: Louisville Slugger, backpack with school supplies, ten-speed bike.                                 


Guardian of Childhood (Deadman)

"You're the one suffering? Because no one coddled you or sucked your dick in high school? Well, be prepared for the jailbirds to give you the same mercy you gave those little girls."

History: You were a simple man, a good cop in a dark world. While you were far from idealistic and naive, you sincerely believed in being a force of good. So not only did you work hard at your job, but you spent time being an adult mentor to troubled youth. You always had a great love for children and would do what you could to help them out.

So when you had to participate in taking down a child-trafficking ring, you put your heart into taking these scumbags down. If it weren't for Charon, that trafficker's bullet would've stopped that heart and ended your career. Instead, he revived you with a message that your job was far from over.

Concept: You spent your life helping kids (including teenagers) and now you have the honor to continue your work in death. While you still take a lawful route in handling these things, there are moments where you are just fine with using your powers to "go the extra mile."

Role-Playing Notes: To you, being chosen as a Deadman is a wonderful honor. You know that your soul couldn't be prouder even if it means that you might not have the chance to be a family man like you hoped. You take your job and dedication to Charon and The Host very seriously and expect your fellow cops (who became members of the Touched when they witnessed your Revelation) and Flock members to do the same. You have a bit of a cult following among your Touched, but you manage to keep your ego in check.

Sign: A big scar from where that bullet hit your heart.

Equipment: Police equipment, squad car, laptop for keeping track of pedophiles and crooks


Judge of the Righteous (Deadman)

"What right do you have to judge them, monster?"

History: Being one of the fattest kids in your school and cursed with the acne from Hell, didn't win you very many friends. Let's just say that even some of the other outcasts made fun of you. For years, you spent your free time at home or at the local second-hand music store where no one would hurt you. So when you asked for bus fare to go buy some Rancid tickets, your parents were so happy that you were finally getting out that they paid for them out of their own pocket and let you use their car.

What really made the night was that girl who complimented you on your shirt. The two of you hit it off and she introduced you to the first real group of friends you ever had. Sure they were a little freaky-looking, but they enjoyed your honesty and musical knowledge and even your folks even began to warm up to them, too. While celebrating your 18th birthday by going on a porno shopping spree, a group of strangers jumped you and your friends. You demanded that they run ahead while you held them off. With the number of bullies you've faced, you could handle getting beaten-up.

What they did to you was a lot worse. The strangers weren't too happy with you hanging with "monsters" and demanded that you tell them where your friends ran off to. Telling them to "fuck off" lead to you getting tortured for the next hour. No matter what they did and how many times they tried to convince you that they were the good guys, you refused to betray the only people outside your family who'd been kind to you. Eventually your body gave up when one of them went a little too far. Not that it mattered, your friends were safe and how that you have received your Revelation, you vow that you will make sure no one hurts them or anyone else again.

Concept: Sometimes the people who call themselves righteous are no better than the ones they condemn and it's your job to put these people in their place. It's not just monster hunters who earn your attention, but those in a position of authority that are supposed to protect others.

Role-Playing Notes: Deep down, you know your soul is smiling down on you in Heaven and you vow to make him proud. You don't see yourself as him, but as an avenger using his body. You prefer to look at both sides of an argument before going after one of your so-called "enemies" to avoid becoming like the strangers who killed you (and do you have a surprise for them if you ever cross paths with them again.) If you ever see your friends again, you plan to thank them for their kindness and tell them your soul is in a better place. They at least deserve that.

Sign: Burns on your arms from where the strangers put-out their cigarettes.

Equipment: A photo of you and your friends, a notebook, your parents' car, switchblade.


Little Lost One (Deadman)

"I don't like you. You're mean; very mean."

History: You don't remember what your parents were like, but you're sure that they'd be a lot nicer than the aunt and uncle who raised you. It wasn't your fault that your grandparents gave your father the largest share of the family fortune in their will, but try convincing your greedy aunt about it. Since you were only four when you were orphaned and too little to wait on them hand and foot, they opted to get their revenge by ignoring you and spending your trust fund on themselves.

Luckily, you were a smart and resourceful child and by the age of seven, you taught yourself how to fix crude meals and start the TV so you wouldn't get lonely. It was a sad life, but somehow you just barely managed to pull through. That was until your aunt and uncle made some bad investments and brought on the wrath of the local mob. While you were use to being abandoned, what you weren't use to was being without any running water, utilities or the doors being locked. After a week of surviving off anything you could get your hands on, five men with baseball bats busted in, looking for your aunt and uncle. Since you were so small, you were able to find a good hiding place, but not from the fire they set afterwards. By the time the firemen came, you already suffocated from the smoke, became a Deadman and left.

Concept: After living such a hard and lonely life, you're not sure how to feel any more. For the last three years you've learned to shut-off your emotions to keep from going insane. But with enough love and guidance, you can finally be free from your past. Interestingly, many of your cries for help don't come from children, but those who have been hurt by selfish, childish adults.

Role-Playing Notes: There's something almost pitiful, yet unsettling about you. You're mostly a rather quiet person who only talks when they have something to say, but you will become quite attached to any adult who manages to earn your trust to the point of adopting them as your new parent(s). Woe is to the adult who proves to be selfish and uncaring, because you will cut them down. As for your aunt and uncle, you have a feeling that they already got the grisly fates they deserved.

Sign: A tiny bit of smoke comes out of your mouth when yawning, coughing or sneezing.

Equipment: The clothes on your back, an empty garbage bag for carrying stuff, a shard of jagged glass to defend yourself with.


Angel-in-Training (Infused)

"No, I am not an angel, but I'm trying."

History: You always were mommy and daddy's little angel. Their lessons on compassion and caring for others stuck to you like glue. Now if your heart was as physically strong as it was spiritually, there could've been so much more that you could do. By the time you were in your mid early, the doctors said without a transplant, you had less than a year to live. You tried your best not to let it get to you, but deep down you were pretty scared and sad for the things you would never be able to enjoy (marriage, raising a family, etc.) That's when The Host answered your prayers and received a transplant from a young Celestial who had been brutally murdered.

The doctors were surprised how quickly your body adapted to the heart as if it was your own (you didn't even need medication), but that's not what really concerns you. A faint voice had come to you while you were being operated on and whispered, "Celestial, prepare this world for the sake of the New God." The only problem is that you don't have the foggiest idea of how to pull this off. While recovering in the hospital, the TV in your room was showing reruns of Highway to Heaven and suddenly it all became clear.

Concept: Having no Connection, you try to make do with what you can get your hands on. And for you it comes in the form of trying to be an angel like the ones you see on TV (mainly the very idealized ones). More hardened people may dismiss you as idiotic or naive, but this path is the most comfortable for you.

Role-Playing Notes: Speak with a kind, supporting voice and let your compassion and empathy shine through and win the hearts of those around you. Since you take the lessons you've learned to heart, it's very trying when someone ridicules it. You just have to remind yourself that they should receive your empathy and pity, not your wrath. For you know that there is good in many of the Host's creatures no matter how suppressed it might be. Still part of knows that you will be in some rough waters that will test your beliefs and maybe even your sanity.

Equipment: First-aid kit, DVDs of Touched by an Angel and Highway to Heaven, a notebook, an autographed copy of "The Angel and the Frog."


Conspiracy-Chaser (Infused)

"Don't give me that reptilian crap, this goes far beyond that."

History: You've always had a strange fascination with conspiracy theories. Not because you believed them, but because it gave you a good laugh and made you feel better about yourself. You even spread some fake theories on your favorite message boards just to see which losers would take it in as gospel.

It was all fun and games until one of your conspiracy nut friends convinced you to join a seance with him to prove that human souls were being enslaved by the government. Just as you were starting to get bored, a powerful wind blew through the abandoned church you were at, smacked you with some flying debris and nearly killed the both of you. You're not sure what happened when you finally regained consciousness, but all you know is that your friend had vanished and you've become one of the Infused.

Concept: You've had to eat some crow for all the times you ridiculed conspiracy theorists, because you just can't explain what happened to you. Maybe there is something to all their paranoia, but even if they were right, it would only scratch the surface at best. To you, the truth is something on a spiritual level that involves the Heavens themselves.

Role-Playing Notes: Take a very analytical view towards everything from people to ancient tomes. You pride yourself on your critical thinking even if you can be a little self-righteous towards those who are more trusting and naive. When it comes to matters of the spiritual world, you dive head-first to get any information you can get your grubby little hands on. You've recently learned that the New World Order is real (and run by Wizards) and you're determined to find out if they had any hand in this or know what happened to your friend.

Equipment: Shelves of religious texts and conspiracy books, poster tube for ancient documents, IPad, flashlight and archaeological tools.


Hood Rat (Infused)

"For my child's honor!"

History: You've always lived in squalor and were pretty much use to it by the time you were seven. It wasn't that you were given a chance, either. Your mother was a junkie who couldn't hold down a job if her life depended on it, the schools in your community were a joke and you were far from gang material or pretty enough to be a hooker so you just gave up hope and waded through life.

Having a lack of self-esteem, you let men use you whenever they pleased. You endured their abuse and took every insult about how worthless you were as gospel, but you wouldn't truly hit rock bottom until your last boyfriend got you knocked up and dumped you the second you gave him the news. Thankfully, both you and your unborn child received your Revelations before you had the chance to kill yourself. The baby would become a Nephilim and due to all the celestial energy in your womb, you were now one of the Infused. A month later a member of the Soulless made a surprise attack and you may have survived, but your unborn child sure didn't. That monster had destroyed the one thing that kept you going and now she will pay.

Concept: You have gone from self-pity to a force of vengeance, but you have a lot of personal demons to fight if you ever want to become the woman you now want to be. Your low self-esteem is not going to let you go all that easily let alone the Soulless who tried to kill you. Maybe some help from your Flock might just be the thing.

Role-Playing Notes: Do whatever you can to break out of your self-pity even if it gets you into trouble. You're not sure how to handle other people, but you do your best to be pleasant though you don't really go too out of your way to make friends. What your child could've been drives you in almost everything you do. But what will you do after you get your revenge?

Equipment: Switchblade, your mother's drug stash and run-down apartment (you still live with her), a rattle with a piece of string your wear as a necklace to serve as a reminder of you lost child.                                 


Freelance Healer (Aasimar Light-Bringer)

"I don't care how long his rap sheet is. He needs my help."

History: Even if your Revelation never came, you still would be dedicating yourself to others. Ever since your parents found you on their doorstep, they knew there was something different about you. You just didn't seem to fit in with the hardened and cynical atmosphere of your ghetto upbringing. You were optimistic and believed in the inner good of all people from the nice old lady who lived next door to the most violent drug dealers. It was these very traits that brought joy to those around you until you turned eleven.

Your little sister had come down with a bad case of pneumonia. Her only hope was the local free clinic (your family was too poor for health insurance), but by then the mayor shut it down due to "budget cuts." At her funeral, you vowed to dedicate your life to medicine so other children would not have to face the same fate. A determined child, you devoured every medical book you could find as your optimism shined brighter than ever. That was until three months later when you found out that the land where the clinic and many of the low-rent apartments around it resided in was going to become home to a series of luxury apartments.

This selfish act cut deep. So you decided to make some new plans by going freelance. At first it started with treating cuts and slivers and as you got older it graduated to setting pulled out shoulders and mild diseases. Receiving your Revelation at the age of nineteen, you are ready to use your newfound healing powers to finally get your dream on the road.

Concept: When it comes to being a healer of The New God, you are very unorthodox. Your care and concern for the little man will drive you to do almost anything to help them like making deals with the local gangs to get your hands of medical supplies. Your family and friends mourn the loss of your optimism, you've developed a new one that many fail to notice. The Angels have a hard road ahead of them, but you believe you can make a difference. It will definitely require fighting tooth and nail, but you are willing to plow through anything to achieve the world you desire.

Role-Playing Notes: The best way to describe you is a radical. You'll do what it takes the to get the job done no matter how unconventional your opinions are. Everyone knows where they stand with you and you make sure they know it.

Your Grigori is happy that you are so dedicated to the Light-Bringer agenda, but often worries that your anger and over-ambition will get the best of you. And as much as you sometimes hate to admit it, she's often right.

Equipment: Doctor's bag filled with supplies, unlicensed glock, a low rider that was given to you as a gift from a gang leader whose life you saved and cell phone.


Umbral Warden (Chari Light-Bringer)

"Trust me; I'm just as lost as you are (in more ways than one)."

History: The last thing you remembered during your living years as a nurse in the Korean War was of your tent being raided by enemy soldiers before they pumped you full of lead. Now you've returned to a world that has went on without you. Everything seems so much more complex and tightly packed together that you can't even breathe. Not to mention that many of your friends and family have either died or see you as nothing more than a fond memory. Even your beloved childhood sweetheart went on with his life and is celebrating the birth of his first great-grandchild.


In desperation you used your Connection to ask Charon himself and were told to "Enter the Gauntlet". Unlike the new mundane world that was thrust upon you, the Umbra has given you a strange feeling of comfort and since then you have dedicated yourself to helping those who have become lost, tormented or in peril in your new home.

Concept: When you were alive, you believed you had all your morals, plans and ideals set in stone. In honor of your general father you became a war nurse, in honor of your country you enlisted in the Korean War to help stop the Red Menace and in honor of your duty as a woman of your era you planned to settle down and have a family. Now everything you believed in has been thrown into a loop.

That's why the spiritual world has been so comforting to you; there are no memories of everything you have lost. While some people would say that you're treading into Nymph territory, you couldn't disagree more. Where they watch over the spiritual side of the world, you're dedicated to helping those that have been caught in the more unpleasant parts of the Umbra.

Role-Playing Notes: Now that the Umbra has become your new home, you try to spend as little time in the mundane world as possible. To you it's a necessary evil until you can find a way to set up a safe and permanent residence.

You try to as pleasant as you can, knowing that Charon has given you warning about ignoring the mundane world when using your Connection, but you've always been set in your ways. Minorities have always left you a little uncomfortable. You're far from KKK material, but you believe that it's best that the other races "keep to themselves." (Though you are willing to help a non-White person in need.) Deep down you know that one of these days you're going to have to do some serious adapting before your stubbornness dooms you.

Equipment: First-Aid kit, mess kit, a large tote bag filled with some Talents and other nick-knacks of use


Sin-Eater (Nephilim Light-Bringer)

"It may be gobbledygook to you, but it means the world to me."

History: You've always been a bit of a nobody. It sure didn't help that you were the middle child of a kid genius older brother and a little sister who was so cute that your mom put everything in second place as she toted her to every beauty pageant she could get her hands on. Your folks meant well and tried to pay some attention to you, but it was never enough. So you spent your time at the local library, absorbing every book you could get your hands on. Because your family had a strong British heritage, your favorite books were the ones on the history of UK.

Time went on in your dull little life and other than getting a job as a history professor at the college you graduated from, not much happened. So when you received your Revelation, you were at loss of what to do. You weren't use to these new feelings of wanting to be around people and so deeply empathizing with them. Then you remembered the stories of the sin-eaters and how they helped lift the sins of dead by taking them in themselves and suddenly, you got an idea.

Concept: Going from ordinary and ignored to special and important has definitely thrown you for a loop, but it has also awakened a happiness that you have long forgotten about. Because of this, you want to do something meaningful to show thanks to The Host.

You know that one can't take in the sins of others, but you see it as a way to ease the pain of the departed’s family. You are the one that holds the hand of a dying patient who nobody visits anymore, helps pay for the funeral for a poor family and yes, you even do the sin-eating ritual every now and then.

Role-Playing Notes: Your new path in life has filled you with a spiritual bliss that you never thought was possible. Because of this, you have a bit of a problem with skeptics. While you understand there are a lot of charlatans out there, you find them too close-minded to the power outside of the mundane world and the good it can do. You're still a little shy, but your Twist has made you into a very compassionate person to the point that you can be a little too soft hearted for you own good.

Equipment: A replica of an antique British sword for battle, a personal library of historical texts, a loaf of bread.


Heart of the Flock (Aasimar Muse)

"It's alright. I know how scary everything is, but no one should have to dwell on it."

History: Screaming, fighting, you couldn't remember a moment in your childhood where your family weren't at each other's throats or using you as a punching bag. All you could really do was run into the closet, think happy thoughts and hope it would go away. No one in school noticed since you were pretty much the school's most popular class clown. But, even all that love and admiration for your good looks, kindness and natural talents couldn't make the empty feels go away. So you vowed that the second you got out of high school and made your way to the big city, that you would never be miserable again.

Maybe it was luck, but you've done a few commercials, got a loving sugar daddy and made a living as a stripper at a high class gentlemen's club. Sure some would scoff at that, but you make people happy and are really good at it so what do they know? But now that your Revelation has come, you know even better things will come to you.

Concept: In a way, you are both hopeful and tragic. You are so obsessed and sacred of your past scars that you've created a happy little fantasy world for yourself that you will even push aside your own feelings to maintain it. While you do have a talent for creating things (you’ve even created a thong of competence that adds an extra die to their performance rolls for your fellow strippers), you fall more into the emotional and moral support role that your heritage is also known for.

Role-Playing Notes: You are a true beacon of optimism and kindness (make sure to smile a lot), but don't be sappy or wacky about it. You have a genuine and sincere love for your work and put a 100% into everything you do. Your Grigori's connection is fairly weak, so you kind of have to guess with stuff which may be a blessing in disguise since it might mean facing some sad things. Given your painful childhood, people who willingly choose to be miserable despite having a decent life or blatantly refuse to see the goodness in life because it makes them feel superior to others piss you off. If anything that can break your views comes along, fight tooth and nail to keep it from letting you down too much. When it does go that far, you could be on verge of a total meltdown.

Equipment: Rich sugar daddy who is now Touched, hobby kits for making Talents, luxury car, mace.


Mysterious Old-School Salesman (Chari Muse)

“Get your magical candles, here. Only five dollars for the whole set. Be the first to take advantage of this fantastic offer.”

History: Life was simple all those decades ago. You traveled the country, selling your products on the streets, in markets and even door-to-door. It wasn’t what everyone would consider glamourous, but even on your deathbed, you went with a smile on your face.

So maybe that’s why Charon revived a you. After all, he’s going to need someone as clever, social and talented as you to get things done. Sure you might be a dead, soulless corpse, but to you, this is just a continuation of your previous life while your soul enjoys his much-needed break.

Concept: You’re a symbol of the past in one life-loving package. A mysterious, charismatic, wandering figure that briefly visits, performs something amazing and leaves making things a little more interesting. Sometimes you do a powerful good deed, bring wonder or even bring a justice the wicked will never forget.

Role-Playing Notes: While you have something extra, treat this as a continuation of your old life. Play up on the mysterious legend aspect of your new life and push aside any fears and doubts you have. After all you have an image to maintain.

Equipment: Suitcase full of knick-knacks you made or bought, old school suits, a small car to travel in, bullhorn.


Tech-Neph (Nephilim Muse)

"I am the Angel in the Machine."

History: No, you are not a failure; mother and father sure wouldn’t want it that way. After all, they only gave you any attention when your successes appeased them. To you, the rest of the world was no different. As long as you put up a good image, act friendly enough and have some special skills to back it up, people will adore you.

In your case, it was technology. It’s constant change appealed to your  


Role-Playing Notes: 



Grey Walker (Aasimar Nymph)

"As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."

History: You used to be such a normal guy, even when you received your Revelation and your Fae half separated you from the rest of humanity. But how many of them got caught by umbral monsters, dragged into the hellish realm of Malfeas and live? These sadistic beings enjoyed tearing your body to shreds and exposing your mind to the most twisted forms of entropy and you were never the same again.

Now angry and paranoid, you vowed that these evil creatures will ever get the best of you again. You're seen these monsters effects on Mortal and Mystic alike so with your endless training and massive stockpile of weapons, you will do whatever you can to save both of them from these monsters and themselves.

Concept: Just being thrown into a world-wide crisis can be hard, especially if you're not the best prepared for the worst aspects. (You are definite proof of that.) What was once a regular guy has been twisted into angry, paranoid militant who might just doom himself if he's not careful.

Role-Playing Notes: As much as your Grigori wants to heal your pain, you just can't help feeling the way you do. You respect his feelings, but there's no time to waste since it could happen all over again (which is why you are constantly looking over your shoulder.) It is something that plagues you non-stop to the point any normal relationships tend to suffer as those that get involved are dragged in by your obsessions.

To you, everyone else is a fragile victim for you to care for in your own well-meaning, yet messed-up way. The Mortals are your biggest goal and source of frustration given their inferior ability to handle things. (You believe most of them wouldn't last half of the time you spent in that place.)

Equipment: Kevlar vest, an assortment of guns and knives, jeep

Flaw: Hideous (The monsters severely disfigured you, but you wear it as a badge of honor.)


Fae-Blooded Nobleman (Chari Nymph)

"You didn't think you'd be fighting a king did you?"

History: Looking back at your life, you can say that you're quite proud of it. Your childhood was a mix of upper-class English breeding and the FDR type ideals of manhood. You adored the stories of how your grandfather hunted alongside the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway and you wanted to be just like them.

Since you were the fourth son, the pressures of becoming a Duke fell upon your eldest brother; leaving you a decent amount of freedom to pursue your dreams. It took a lot of work but in the end it was worth it. From the lion-skinned rug to your ability to play Bach from memory to being in better shape at the age of fifty than many men half your age. It was too bad an unsuspected brain aneurysm ended your life so quickly. That's when Charon gave you a new chance at life to continue your path to perfection. A lack of a soul or not, this is the best afterlife you could ask for.

Concept: As a man of good breeding, you now see you and the rest of the Nymphs as beings of untapped potential, something superior to man. With the right guidance your Heritage could become nobles among nature and the Umbra itself. Like any king, the Nymphs would hold domain over and protect both sides of the World of Darkness. Now how do you get your message across to the rest of your kind?

Role-Playing Notes: Speak with an upper-class British accent and hold an air of power and refinement without being snobby in everything you do. Treat all other Nymphs as fellow nobles-in-arms and the rest of the Heritages and Mystics with equal respect for their blessings. Due to their inferior status, while a Mortal can earn your friendship and respect, you will never consider them your equal. Someday you would like to come in contact with the Fae and see what you can learn to help build your nobility system.

Your favorite thing of all is continuing your love of the hunt. They may have banned hunting the big game, but why fret over that when you can hunt down Umbral monsters instead? When it comes to hunting, you can't help but to pour your very heart into it and have as much fun as possible. You also like to get others interested in your sport and may even take another person (even Mortals) under your wing.

Equipment: Cabinets full of hunting rifles, bows, knives and equipment; personally tailored designer suits, a summer home full of your trophies (including a rug made from a Black Spiral Dancer), a baby grand piano, and a vast array of Touched servants and family members.


Modern Magellan (Nephilim Nymph)

"I will not let you destroy this beautiful, amazing realm. So get out and find your own place to ruin!"

History: Boring, boring, boring. That perfectly describes, in your eyes, your life to a T. From your White, small-town upbringing to the unimaginative name your parents dubbed you with, you fought against the crushing banality all around you. Heck, you didn't personally meet a Black person until you were in the 5th grade.

Since you had as much singing and acting ability as a petrified log, stardom was out of the picture. So you decided that traveling the world like the explorers of the 16th century was the life for you. There just had to be a place in this world just begging for you to claim it as your own. That's when your geography teacher decided to be a total kill-joy and remind you that all the countries had been discovered. Ignoring him, like you do with anyone who tries to ruin your happiness, you were determined to prove him wrong.

Concept: You have suddenly got what you always wanted and come Hell or high water, you plan to live it to the fullest. There's just so much more to the mundane and mystical world than you ever thought possible. Even after all that adventure, you still insist on enjoying the Mortal aspects of your old life so whatever big thing is rearing its head, it'll have to wait until your best friend's slumber party is over.

Role-Playing Notes: View the world with a bright eyed enthusiasm, pushing out anything that may ruin your good mood since you tend to be a major drama queen when things go bad. Now that you’ve become a Nymph, you see being Mortal as a game of pretend to help you relax, especially when one of your trips was giving you Hell. As for your geography teacher, as soon as you get a hang of this Umbral travel stuff, you plan to give him a trip that he'll never forget. Little do you realize, you're going to have to do some major growing-up and soon. Knowing you, the hard way may be the only way.

Equipment: Designer backpack, notebook, walking stick that you also use in battle, blank maps for charting the Umbra (you have yet to realize how impossible that is), digital camera


Hack Writer (Aasimar Seer)

"I got it! Umbral monsters hiding among us. This is going to be great!"

History: You've always loved to write, the only problem was that you lacked the imagination, let alone the talent to be any good. It sure didn't help that your daddy felt that you could do no wrong and that every story you wrote was at the same caliber as Charles Dickens. After high school, he pulled some strings with a publisher friend of his to get you a contract so you do what you always loved for the rest of your life.

It was with a small publisher that did cheap paperbacks that almost ever got reviews, but you were happy and even gained a loyal underground fan base. Then you found out why you were so popular: your books were so laughably awful that it was entertaining. Your "fans" loved tearing apart your labors of love for the poorly written trash they were. So you locked yourself in your apartment for a week. At first you thought the visions were a result from getting a headache from crying your eyes out, but it was a result of your Revelation. Even with your limited Connection, your Grigori managed to get the point across to you. You're set out to prove to the world that you're not a loser, even if it kills you.

Concept: After being so sheltered, you now face an uphill battle to prove yourself as a writer and person. All those visions have helped you come up with some ideas, just make sure you're careful which ones you show the world.

Role-Playing Notes: Your new-found obsession has helped you regain your confidence, but you still are rather over-sensitive and immature. Your Grigori can be rather hard on you at times, but she believes it's the only way to get you to shape up emotionally. When it comes to serving the New God, you believe that dropping subtle hints in your writing and telling it up front about your visions to your flockmates is the best way to go. As for daddy, nothing has changed since your love and loyalty is just as blind and unconditional as ever.

Equipment: Laptop, a cozy, yet reasonably priced apartment with a portrait of daddy; business cards, autograph pen, a copy of each of your novels, a large stack of books on how to write that you have only skimmed through.

Eccentricity: You have become a much more curious person that it is almost child-like.


Spiritual Adviser (Chari Seer)

"Uh, sure, I can do that. Oh great spirits..."

History: One of the biggest problems in your life was not knowing when you have taken things too far. So you made a few phony predictions that somehow came true during your stint as a fortune teller for a traveling carnival. It wasn't your fault that wealthy, gullible and incredibly superstitious CEO was so impressed with your "psychic abilities" that he begged you to become his personal adviser. Hey, it was good money and the big idiot thought you could do no wrong. You just gave him what he wanted to hear and life was good. That was until your boss' greedy son found out that you were going to get more money in his will than him so he fixed the brakes on your car and you went off a cliff.

The strange thing was that you weren't dead; well, not in the typical sense. You just happened to be a soulless corpse filled with celestial energy and predictions that you didn't make up yourself. Things may have gotten back to normal with you and your boss, but everything else will never be the same.

Concept: After spending so much time as a fraud, you're now the real thing. Your cushy life has taken an unpredictable twist and you worry you may be in over your head with these visions and deciding whether to hide your Celestial identity from your boss or not. At least you're confident that your murder is too cowardly to attempt to kill you again or expose you.

Role-Playing Notes: Play up on your mystical adviser persona when in the presence of your boss or strangers in need of your help; you know you're pretty much a big phony and it's kind of a game to you. Be mysterious and elusive, but don't over act or be a stereotype. When you get the chance to be yourself, you're just an average woman trying to make it in this crazy world.

Equipment: Gothic wardrobe and clove cigarettes (to help emphasize your persona), cell phone with your boss' number on speed dial, lots of bus tokens and cab fare.

Eccentricity: Ever since your attempted murder, you've become a little scared to drive. You'd rather have someone else drive your car then get behind the wheel. If you absolutely have to, you make sure to check the brake line at least once.


Escapee (Nephilim Seer)

"Get out of my head, damn it!"

History: You always were a troubled youth. Just as your family finally made some progress after working their butts off to get around the developmental problems your learning disability caused, you started getting hearing all those voices and visions in your head. Most of them were relatively harmless, but there were some that would give you nightmares for weeks.

None of your therapists ever took your visions of ancient wars, Fallen Angels giving bloody births to twisted children and earthbound Demons demanding worship seriously. At least the pills helped keep them under control long enough for you to graduate tech school and get a job in the clerical field. Then it all came crashing down in your early thirties. Your Revelation released all the suppressed visions, telling you that your boss had become a Demon set on the destruction of the planet.

Your Connection reassured you that you were one of The Host's chosen, but it was when the police discovered the mutilated corpse of one of your coworkers that you finally took action. Your little plan of killing your boss and making it look like a mugging almost succeeded if she hadn't screamed loud enough for the cops to hear. Thanks to your history of mental illness, your lawyer was able to get you off on an insanity plea. Luckily, one of the guards at the asylum freed you so you could fulfill your duty to the New God.

Concept: You walk a thin line between salvation and damning your own soul. On one side, you blame your Revelation for getting you in this mess, but you also hope it can be the key to all the lifelong voices and nightmares that plagued your mind. Too bad that guard who freed you was a really a servant of the First-Born in disguise and his master has no qualms about shaping you in his own image.

Role-Playing Notes: Try to hide all that nervous energy you have with only some success. You have an appeal that makes people want to help you, but you try not to take advantage of them and will do anything to help those you call friend (provided that they have achieved the difficult task of proving their loyalty to you.) As dedicated as you are to your quest to getting to the bottom of your visions and why you were chosen, the promises whispered by the First-Born who freed you doesn't seem so bad.

Equipment: Straitjacket, book on psychology, a Talent given to you by the First-Born.

Eccentricity: You have a lot of nervous energy that never really seems to go away.                                 


Plague Dog (Aasimar Saulite)

"I once thought I knew what burnt the brightest, but all I did was snuff-out my future."

History: If people were to discover the person you once were, they'd say, "he used to be such a normal boy." You were always a good kid even at the expense of doing more reckless things like drugs and joy riding, but overall you had a decent life.

But that all changed when decided to be a little bad and have a one-night stand with woman you barely knew. It was a great time until you discovered that you got AIDS from her. Maybe if your folks weren't a little overprotective, maybe you would've handled it better, but maybe not since your shock turned to an anger toward the world. So you took it out on any man or woman who crossed your path by poking holes in condoms during your flings with them. After all, if you were going to suffer, why not take a few people down with you? As with the rest of the Saulites, The Host had enough and decided to really give you something to really angst about.

Concept: You tried to fuck the world and it fucked you back big time. You thought you knew pain, but to know what you could've been (a Light-Bringer) and everyone you infected (and anyone they did) is now cured haunts you like crazy. The question is can you make things right?

Role-Playing Notes: Your mind is a mess of what to do. You feel like an asshole for what you did to the point that you wonder if you're capable of redemption. While you're lucky your victims are cured, there is more than one that would love to see you dead. So it's a moment of truth if you will take responsibility or be a coward who runs away from his problems. You have moments of self-pity, but don't go too far with it to the point that it annoys the other players.

Your Grigori's unconditional love and belief in your possible redemption brings mixed feelings of relief and fear. As for the men you had sex with, you have no real attraction to them, you just wanted more victims at the time.

Curse: The Host won't let you die from your disease (or spread it to others), but your immune system is still weak (it’s been knocked down to one). You are the first to get colds in the winter and are prone to the flu (but often not quite enough to prevent you from your work). For extra "fun", you now have some rather nasty physical signs of the disease as well.

Equipment: A massive supply of medication and natural healing remedies, concealed gun to protect yourself with (you got a permit), self-help books


Ex-Thrall (Chari Saulite)

"Please tell me that this can't be happening to him. I never thought I was that bad!"

History: As the youngest son in a third generation new money family of eight, you really weren't in line to get all that much from your parents' will. And daddy and your siblings made sure you knew about it every day of your life. After all the emotional bullying your siblings got, you were the perfect target for their unhappiness. You endured your father's ridicule, your sibling's abuse and being called a "loser" by you classmates with the promise that you would become richer and better than they ever could be.

Sensing your frustration, a local Demon decided that you were the perfect Thrall in her quest for power. Having possessed the owner of one of the city’s most popular radio stations, she convinced you to work for her as a shock jock and accept his little mystical blessing in exchange for your Faith. You were an overnight success, but it wasn't enough. You just had to prove to your family that you were no failure so you began to play even more to your audience. Sure you didn't believe a good portion of what you said, but it sure made you famous and granted your master even more connections to even more powerful Thralls. Sure there were times where you turned a blind eye to some of your master's dirty side dealings like help deliver a group of "college girls" to a fancy party that happened to look a little underaged.

But when the girls at those parties became younger and younger, you had to express your concerns. She simply yawned, told you that you were of no use to her any more before shooting you full of holes. With a mocking smile, she told your that your soul is “in a better place” and left as you gave your last breath. But Charon had other plans for you.

Concept: You played with Demons and now you’re paying the paying the price in a way you least suspected. Your Twist has helped you realize the damage your ex-master has done all thanks to your greed. Worst of all, your soul is being tormented in some bizarre realm and you might be the only one who can save him.

Role-Playing Notes: This whole Revolution thing has been giving you a headache. Many of your fans are perplexed over your sudden change of behavior, your fame is going downhill and a lot of those people you insulted over the years aren't all that quick to forgive. That’s not even counting your ex-master’s wrath when she pulls herself out of the Abyss she was thrown into and finds out what’s happened to you. Just thinking about it stresses you out so much that you want to break down.

On the surface you come off as your usual hedonistic, gruff, sarcastic (like a heckler in a balcony) and jerkish self. But deep down, you're scared of being seen as a loser and that's what hurts the most.

Curse: Your Curse functions just like the Seers' instead, you see visions of your soul's suffering.

Equipment: Prescription painkillers, sports car, luxury condo, Luger you recently bought in case your ex-master comes back.


Femme Failure (Nephilim Saulite)

"Love? What has that ever done for anyone?"

History: You don't really remember your parents, but even if you did, love would still be an alien concept to you. Your aunt was more than happy to show you the truths of love, friendship and compassion as nothing more than crutches for the stupid and weak. With hardly any other influence than her private tutoring, you were easily molded into her own cruel and hateful image.

For years you used your brilliant mind and good looks gain a life of luxury from those who were unlucky enough to offer you their love and friendship. If you left them an emotional mess, to Hell with them, it was their fault for being so weak in the first place. You were living the good life and doing your aunt proud until your Revelation came during the funeral of your current boyfriend who had committed suicide after you financially ruined him. Not even all the willpower in the world could keep you from breaking down and throwing yourself on his coffin while you begged for forgiveness and deep down you know this isn't the last time either.

Concept: If it weren't for all this regret your Twist threw at you, you wouldn't give a shit about being cursed by The Host. Now everything you enjoyed and thought was right has fallen around you no matter how brave you act. Basically, you're a scheming sociopath that has finally learned what guilt and empathy are.

Role-Playing Notes: No matter how angry and confused you are, keep a tough front as if nothing has changed. It infuriates you to no end that your Curse has rendered you repulsive in the eyes of anyone you wish to hurt and even if they could get over it, you no longer get the sadistic pleasure you once got from your schemes.

Luckily, you are not beyond redemption. Those positive emotions you've thought of as worthless and disgusting are like a wrecking ball to your heart. Anyone's unconditional love and friendship are the keys to your redemption if they didn't scare you to death. Maybe confronting your aunt might help you realize how empty your former life really was.

Curse: Repulsion. When socializing with anyone you wish to deceive for your own cruelty and greed, you are treated as if you have an Appearance score of 0.

Equipment: Designer purse and cosmetics, a luxury apartment, a small fortune in five different bank accounts.


Least Expected (Aasimar-Seraphim)

"Don't worry, missy. Your master will come to appreciate my offer; as soon as he can feel pain again."

History: Looking at how you were raised, many people would consider you white trash. You were raised in a trailer park with your four half-brothers and a tough mom who is the most feared warden at an all-male prison. Hell, you learned to fight long before you knew how to do math. But that's the way things were like in your little dump water town where minorities were rarely seen outside of a TV set, people married young and a family was lucky if they made it to middle class. The truth is that you couldn't really give a shit what those uppity types in their more "cultured" towns think of you.

After living such an uneventful life, your Revelation was quite a shock to you (even if you do try not to show it). You were much happier with your simple world where there were no fancy-smancy webs of intrigue and half-truths everywhere. There's no turning back now so you better forge your way through or die trying.

Concept: You are the last person anyone would expect to be a diplomat of The New God, let alone a Half-Angel (you are kind of ugly as well). Your methods of persuasion are rather unorthodox, but the upfront, honest approach has always worked for you for cutting through all the bullshit in the world. If that doesn't work, you're not afraid to let your fists do the talking.

People either like you for your brutal honesty and in-your-face humanity or see you as nothing more than an uncouth brute who only thinks with his fists. You could care less either way because you're on a mission from The Host itself.

Role-Playing Notes: Take a strong, brutish presence just like your new voice in everything you do. What people see is what they get from you, especially your long-suffering Grigori who is trying to keep you under control. You take your duty to your Heritage as top priority and you take pride in it. You have moments when you worry that you may be the wrong person for the job when the situation becomes overpowering, but you usually keep it in than admit to being a wimp about it.

Equipment: Truck with a gun rack, rifles, a collection of hot rod magazines, brass knuckles when things get physical.


Son of Martin (Chari Serphim)

"He may be gone, but his dream will not."

History: When you're a Black southerner in the 50's and 60's, life was far from fair. You tried your best to keep your spirits up, but there was an air of anger and hopelessness that kept latching onto you. And with your wife expecting your first child, you worried about bringing him/her into such a terrible world.

But then came a man named Martin Luther King Jr. who brought hope to your heart. Just like you, he was a family man who went through the exact prejudice that you did, but refused to let hate enter his heart. Taking an almost child-like idolizing of the man, you were able to empower everyone around you and poured your heart into the Civil Rights Movement. It sometimes worried your wife, but you were so determined to make a better world for your son that you didn't notice a suspicious-looking van pull-up near your house.

You were ambushed by three Klansmen who were hoping to get some brownie points with their leader by hanging your corpse in the middle of the town square. The last thing you remember seeing was your wife and son's tear-soaked faces before your neck snapped. Now you suddenly found yourself next to your grave as if nothing had happened. Luckily your grown-up son was there to help fill you in once he got over his shock of you appearing out of nowhere.

Concept: You're a man out of time, who is actually fairly happy with what he's seen: there are Blacks in positions of power, interracial couples are a lot less stigmatized and the KKK is now the laughing stalk of humanity. On the other hand, it's your personal life that has taken a tragic blow. It was bad enough that your hero was assassinated and your wife committed suicide a year after your death, but what hurts the most is that your son has become hardened by what has happened; threatening all the hopes and dreams you had for him. With the way you died, should've been a Deadman, but Charon had other plans for you. For that you're thankful (you never were big on the whole vengeance thing).

Role-Playing Notes: No matter what, you are a true optimist through and through. Treat all people, both Mortal and Mystic, as potential brothers-in-arms. Some might scoff at you for being naive, but someone has to keep Martin Luther King Jr's dream alive.

Your sense of hope is quite catching and your new voice that booms like thunder, enhancing your words. You've even managed to plant the seeds of hope in your young grandson who was named after you. Now if you could just get your son to see the light.

Equipment: A box of family photos of happier times, your father's walking stick (used to defend yourself), books on your idol's work


Seeker of the Morningstar (Nephilim-Seraphim)

"Well, you can tell your beloved master that for every plan he has, for every thing he breaks, I will be hunting his ass down.”

History: You were always a good man; your daddy and all those old cowboy films made sure of it. You had a strong manly and moral upbringing that was cemented when you promised your father on his death bed at eight that you would be like those men. You took no shit from fools, judged people from what’s in them and always try to do the right thing.

Overall, you had a great life, but the problem was that in the World of Darkness, the bad guys can outnumber the good. You first realized that when you started having visions at 16. You saw your First-Born ancestor and her siblings being beaten, starved and tormented by their Fallen Angel father. They were his pawns and for every slip-up, the pain only got worse. Bless her heart she tried, but nothing was ever good enough. After a while you were able to keep these visions from appearing, but bigger problems were ahead.

The local branch of the Texas Rangers you were part of was slowly being engulfed in darkness. Your Demon-possessed boss either corrupted or forced your fellow rangers into letting him continue his dirty dealings. But you were an honest man and would not tolerate his threats against you. So he tried kill you by firebombing your apartment. In return, you decided to play dead and then go stop him and Lucifer once and for all.

Concept: After seeing the wickedness the Demons have done both in the present and the past have lead you to go on a one-man mission to hunt down Lucifer and get some answers. You are like modern take on the heroic gunslingers of old, a haunted, honest man seeking justice and trouble wherever you go.

Your powerful Connection and attempted murder fuels and reminds you of the torment and ego that has driven the Demons to foolishness. With a voice that thunders like the word of God, you will make your point.

Role-Playing Notes: Despite your high morals, you are far from a goodie-goodie. You are gruff and not afraid to get your hands dirty. Yet, there is a sensitive side to you that deeply cares for your fellow man. (You’re also quite fond of dogs.) Personally, you hope to find your ancestor (who is now a Ferryman) just to hug her and tell her that everything is going to be alright.

You’ve come to realize that you’re going to need to find more of your kind if you truly want to get things done and you’re ok with that. Sure, some of the Divinities sound annoying, but even a lone wolf needs help. Besides, the entire city thinks you’re dead and you’ll need the support.

Equipment: The gun you had left in your car and were spared from the fire, the clothes on your back, stray dog that is now your Familiar.                                 


Harvey (Shepherd)

"Of course I can help you out, just sit here and tell me your problems. But could you make me sandwich, first?"

History: You don't really remember much of your life after Desert Storm. Just that you got screwed-over by the government for those veteran’s benefits you were promised and that you hit the bottle pretty hard and ended up on the street.

You guess that The Host took pity on your and sent your Grigori to bring your Revelation. So there's nowhere else to go, but up. Even then, you feel more comfortable guiding one person at a time with some food and temporary shelter in return.

Concept: Your alcoholism is getting better, but your mind is still a mess so maybe it's a good idea to take on one person at a time. You are the mysterious stranger who guides them through their problems, but are never seen by anyone else but the Touched you take care of. Your Grigori has got a real handful with you, but thankfully he likes a challenge.

Role-Playing Notes: You're a mentally screwed-up person trying to make things better. You almost get a mischievous joy out of hiding from others, but you also care deeply about the Touched you watch over. You may creep some people out with your lack of social tact, but once they get to know you they've got a friend for life.

Equipment: Shopping cart full of junk, some food and clothes given to you by the Mortal you watch over.


Soul Man (Shepherd)

"Remember, The Host has power to guide you. Just like him, you have that power inside you to change this world for the better."

History: In a way, you were an odd child. Where other kids were watching He-Man and the Transformers, you spend your TV time watching televangelists. Their flamboyance, their faith and the good they did fascinated you to no end. One day, you hoped to follow in their footsteps. Then the scandals hit and you became depressed at how your heroes let you down, but you refused to let your dream die. Unlike them, you were going to be legit.

As soon as your Revelation came, you made good on your dreams by starting up a traveling revival, preaching the glory of The Host. With your natural charisma, aura and talent to compose compelling speeches and musical numbers, you are steadily becoming a rising star among the evangelist circuit. Given this is the World of Darkness, there are plenty of sinister and manipulative forces that think you're doing a little too well.

Concept: Being a light in this dark world and encouraging others to do so can be a dangerous thing. For all that you do, you have been unknowingly stepping on the toes of some people, both Mortal and Mystic. But will you run away or face it head on?

Role-Playing Notes: Eager, life-loving and flamboyant, you are having the time of your life, but you also know when you need to be serious. (When you put your mind to it, you can be rather sneaky as well.) When it comes down to it (even in you revivals) you got a very important message to give. By creating a good defense with those you preach to, you believe this will make them more resistant to the dangers of The End of Times.

As for the dangers and soon-to-be possible enemies, you like to think you can take them on, but part of you is scared. If only your connection with your Grigori was stronger, she could give you some good advice.

Equipment: Taser, van for traveling and carrying your modest tent and speakers, two Touched singers who double as your set-up crew


The Reverend's Heretic (Shepherd)

"Ok, so that's what you believe God told you. Now tell me what you really think."

History: The best way to describe you would be a "church brat." Like many young children of a parent in a straight-laced position, you had your own unique form of rebellion. You drove a number of Sunday school teachers, men of God, and speakers nuts with your honest questions. It wasn't that you wanted to be difficult; it's just that you had a very powerful bullshit-detector and no tolerance toward hypocrisy.

Still, your long-suffering parents saw a wisdom and sense of justice as well as the goodness that many of your victims don't see. Though they wished that you could be a little more pleasant. It wasn't until your twentieth birthday when you received your Revelation that things started to get interesting. For too long you have had only your questions as your ammo against the stupidity of the world, but now you have a chance to save the world from itself.

Concept: This world is full of idiots, sheep, and the crooks who manipulate them and you are one of the few smart ones who are able to put them in their place. As a Shepherd, it is your job to save the Mortals from these people and expose them as the frauds they are. Why should a young girl like you have to bear the blunt of the social, political, and environmental damage people like them are responsible for?

You are far from some obnoxious trouble-maker. You have exposed yourself to various religious and political texts and tend to know more than many of the people you confront. It's your personal life that has hit some skids. It's hard to see your mortal father as your dad now that you've met your Grigori and the toes you've stepped on in the past are starting to catch up to you.

Role-Playing Notes: Since it takes a lot to phase you, you tend to come off as aloof (at best) or a asshole (at worst.) You just happen to be a normally calm person with a subtle disgust towards the hypocrites who you believe are ruining this world. Once people get to know you, they can see the strong sense of justice and morality you carry around and that you can be really caring toward those you call friend and the Mortals you guide. As for the idiots and the manipulators, you can’t wait to make them your bitch.

Equipment: Religious texts, dental floss (it makes a good hidden weapon), mace, Ipod, cell phone


Voyeur for Hire (Aasimar-Watcher)

"Hey, watch it, those cameras don't come cheap, you know! Oh, those DVDs? Just pretend they don't exist."

History: When some people hit a personal low, they turn to booze, drugs or prostitution. For you, it was peeping. After the company you worked at decided to outsource to some third-world country, there wasn't work much left. You were overqualified for the menial jobs that were available and employers found you "unhirable" because you had been unemployed for too long despite all the months you were searching for a job. Knowing of your situation, your perverted superintendent made a deal with you: you used your technical know how to help him spy on the pretty girls in his apartments and he'd pay you. Not having much choice and being a bit of a closet pervert yourself, you reluctantly agreed.

With your technical gadgets you helped make videos for him and his sleazy friends and eventually took requests to take upskirt shots, film women peeing in public bathrooms and buying porn for closet gays and uptight moralists who didn't want to ruin their image. It was a decent little business with a steady cash flow and you got a bit of a perverse thrill from the challenge, but there was a part of you that still felt guilty. You knew this can't last forever and the worry of getting caught began to creep up on you. So when your Revelation came, you hoped that things might just change for the better.

Concept: You have a unique role in any Flock you become part of. You're a bit of a modern scryer, except where the ones of old had crystal balls and rituals, you have modern gadgetry and technical know-how. Sure you might not always use your talents for the most moral causes, but those that can overlook it can get a lot of aid from your connections (one being a "family values" politician). For extra fun, the ST could have a female Flock member (with an appearance score of at least 3) be one of the people you have spied on before on several occasions.

Role-Playing Notes: It doesn't take your limited connection with your Grigori to make you realize that you need to find a new direction in life. So you try to direct your new-found abilities and Twist into something more constructive and legal. It's a struggle between the money and thrills versus doing the right thing. Despite getting off on some of the stuff you record, you're a pretty nice guy.

Since your Revelation came, you have gained a fascination with spying equipment from digital cameras to ancient scrying tools to help enhance your talents. Magical or mundane, if it can honestly help you with your work, you want it.

Equipment: Surveillance equipment, digital camera, IPad (with your list of contacts), crystal ball and lots of DVDs of your "work".


The Good Twin (Chari-Watcher)

"I never gave up on my brother and I will not give up on you."

History: You and your twin brother couldn't be more different: he was a macho boy and you were a girly-girl, he was cynical and logical and you were cheerful and followed your heart and yet, you were each other's best friends. You thought things would stay this way until a car accident took you both out. Sure your parents (who were in the car and survived) were happy you both returned from the dead, but fate played a cruel joke by having a Demon take over his body.

Sure he can pull off all your brother's mannerisms, but your brother would never desire to make the world burn like this creature did. So now it's a war for not only your parents' souls, but the fate of the world itself.

Concept: It's a good thing that you're now a Watcher since you'll need all that power to keep a close eye on your brother and his allies. You know that he is more than happy to make you suffer by using your parents and your love for him as a bargaining chip against you. So you better find a way to stop him before he destroys everything around you for his pettiness.

Role-Playing Notes: Your current situation is a tragic tale. As much as you want your brother back, part of you knows that he's dead and the Demon is in control. You miss him terribly and to even look at him, causes you pain. Just hope that Charon knows what he's doing and can guide you in the right direction.

Never being a vindictive person (and a little sheltered), seeing anyone act this way to you is a bit of shock. So try to be strong through this all and not let Hell get its way no matter what, because your parents are in a similar boat. They can sense a celestial presence in both of you, but are confused on which one of you is telling the truth so they try to help you both. Lately, you've become fascinated with exorcism and spirit riding techniques which you hope will be the key to your problems.

Equipment: The truck you both died in (that has been miraculously repaired), exorcism tools, digital camera with saved pictures of you and your brother.


Half-Fallen General (Nephilim-Watcher)

"This is our chance. We sneak from both sides and create a pincer attack that will take these bastards down for good."

History: One of The Voyeur's tactics to prepare for the arrival of the Celestials was to keep track of the ancient bloodlines of the Nephilim. Since yours was one the surest candidates, your parents agreed to help its cause. They vaguely hinted about the "estranged" uncle that was paying for your private schooling, clubs and the high-class military academy you went to. Because of his generosity, you happily worked as hard as you could to repay the favor and do him proud.

Your hard work paid off and you became a decorated general who specialized in stealth tactics. You could've even went to four-star if you didn't lose your right leg saving a fellow general from a hand grenade. But you don't feel bad because your Revelation came and now your talents will be needed and admired more than ever.

Concept: You combine both command, stealth and visions in your duty as a Watcher. In a Heritage that might be considered more for support, you are a true leader, through and through. You also know that your good fortune comes at a steep price for The Voyeur is keeping a firm watch over you.

Role-Playing Notes: You know your life has been very blessed so do whatever you can to make people proud of you. While you are all-business in the battlefield, you can enjoy a good drink, music and woman to break the edge off. As thankful as you are to your "uncle" who you'd like to meet someday, there is also something that has been frightening you as of late. The Voyuer's presence has been weighing heavily on your shoulders that you worry that one day you or someone close to you might get hurt.

Equipment: Ak-47, top-of-the line prosthetic leg, binoculars, surveillance equipment