Episode 188- Live From TrotCon!

Show Notes


Nemesis (@NemesisPrime1)

Alca7raz (@Alca7raz_)

Quick Hits

  1. Season 7 returns August 5th:
  2. We have new details about the movie. Spoilers in the links:.


This week, Nemesis and Alca7raz are joined by a special guest: It’s Four String! You probably know him better from the TrotCon Twitter. Or his other horsey-time account, @krttrot. But anyway, we talked a bit about random stuff, including TrotCon itself. Because we were there. Doing this episode in front of an audience. Which is why the audio is… a bit different.

We also talk about an old season 1 episode, “Call of the Cutie!” It’s actually a big episode for several reasons. Reasons like the formation of the CMC, and how cutie marks work. Also Twist. Probably the most super special pony ever! We even get into season 1 overall and the fandom at the time.

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