Student Online Registration Information

Registration is Open Wednesday, January 3 through Monday, February 5, 2018

You should select courses that will best meet your academic and career plans. Please be sure you are taking courses to fulfill your graduation requirements and to meet admission requirements for your post high school plans. You are encouraged to thoroughly investigate all of the course offerings available by reviewing the Academic Guidebook, which is on the MHS website, under Academics>Student Services>Academic Guidebook. The Academic Guidebook also reviews your high school graduation requirements and minimum college admission requirements. In addition, you should talk with parents, teachers, and school counselors for information and recommendations and attend Course Information Night on January 24, 2018.


Your course selections are very important and should be made after thorough research and investigation. Course selection changes will only be allowed if they meet the criteria noted on the Academic Program Change Form. Requests not meeting these criteria will not be changed.


Every effort will be made to place you in the classes you select. You may need to be placed in a different class due to scheduling conflicts, class cancellations, or not meeting proper prerequisites. For this reason, you are required to list several ALTERNATE class choices.


Tips to remember when entering your classes





  1. Go to the Muskego-Norway Schools website (
  2. Place your cursor over the “Parents/Students” tab.
  3. Click on “Infinite Campus” and log in to your (student) portal account.
  4. Click on Course Registration: 18-19 HS – Left-hand column of screen.
  5. To select your courses click on “Course Search” on the gray bar; a search box will appear.
  6. Type in the name of the course you would like to take in the “Course Name” box and click “Go.” A list of all courses with that name will appear next to the search box. Click on the number of the course you want to add.
  7. The course you selected will be listed in bold under your list of courses. If this course number is correct click on the “Request This Course” button to save this request. Remember to repeat steps 6 and 7 for BOTH semesters of year-long courses.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for all courses until you have filled your schedule with all six or seven credits you are required to take. If during this process you make a mistake and want to remove a class, click on the course name under “Requested Courses” and click “Drop This Request.”
  9. To select your alternate choices repeat steps 5 and 6 above but click on “Request As An Alternate” instead of “Request This Course.” This will add the course under “Alternate Courses” on your list of courses. You must choose two alternate courses. If you are signing up for Jazz Ensemble, include both numbers under “Alternate Courses.”
  10. Once you have made all your selections, review the classes you have chosen to ensure they are the classes you are planning to take next year. Click on “Print Request Summary” to obtain a copy of your course selections for your records.
  11. Click on “Sign Out” in the top right corner of your screen.