MCBall Rules - last updated 2016/01/17

By registering an account on or by logging in to our server, you acknowledge that you have fully read and understood the rules and agree to follow them. These rules apply across all of our services. Breaking these rules will result in a punishment determined appropriate by staff, which may be as severe as a permanent ban (account and/or ip).


Herein “player” is defined as a person with any number of Minecraft accounts.

All offenses connected with a player’s account will be ascribed to that player. Avoid letting others on your account as this is not a valid excuse. Use of public accounts is not permitted.

Donating does not exempt a player from these rules.

  1. Cheating
  1. Using client modifications, other than those listed in Appendix A, is prohibited.
  2. Do not exploit glitches to gain an advantage or to disrupt gameplay.
  3. Do not use any scripts or programs that affect gameplay (including, but not limited to, gaming mouse functions and auto-clickers).
  4. The use of alternate accounts or public accounts in order to boost your kill/death ratio is prohibited.

  1. Communication This includes all communication: In-game chat, teamspeak and the forums. 
  1. Do not use language deemed inappropriate by staff, this includes avoiding the language filter currently in place ingame.
  2. Do not harass or abuse other players.
  3. Do not say or do anything that could be deemed offensive to another player.
  4. Do not accuse other players of breaking these rules, instead report them on the forums.
  5. Communicate using normal English, do not use variants (including but not limited to ‘1337’ speak and all capitals).
  6. Do not spam (‘spam’ is defined as an abnormally high frequency of messages or repetition of the same message).
  7. Do not interfere with staff duties.
  8. Do not advertise other servers or products not affiliated with MCBall.
  9. Do not have an inappropriate name or in-game skin.
  10. Do not impersonate staff in any way.
  11. Do anything a member of staff tells you to do. You can post any objections on the forums.
  1. Forum-specific rules Sub-forum specific rules can be found at the top of each sub-forum.
  1. Avoid posting twice in a row where possible, instead use the edit function on your previous post.
  2. Post threads in sub-forums pertaining to your topic.
  3. Avoid making short or meaningless posts.
  4. Avoid repetition of others’ posts.
  5. Do not post on old threads.
  6. Do not bump threads unless they require urgent attention.

  1. Teamspeak-specific rules

  1. Do not make irritating or abnormal noises (including, but not limited to, soundboards, screaming and blowing into the mic).
  2. Do not whisper players without their permission.
  3. Do not impersonate other players using a deceptive nick-name.
  4. Do not excessively join or leave channels to spam.
  5. Do not make channels with inappropriate or misleading names (including, but not limited to, staff channel name copying).

Appendix A - Authorized client modifications - last updated 2016/04/03