At the April 13th Vital Congregations training, Bishop Scott Jones explained the difference between the Club Mentality and the Church Mentality.  The chart below is an excerpt from the Bishop’s handout delineating the main differences between these two mentalities.  A recording of the Bishop’s presentation and his handouts have been posted on the web at

Club Mentality:

minimal claims on the member

A. Worship when convenient

B. Communion is not important

C. Born into the tribe

D. No adult small groups except UMW

E. Service done by the pastor as employee

F. No one knows what anyone gives to the church, tithing never mentioned,

focus is on the institution’s budget

G. Pray when in church

H. Never read the Bible, hear it read in church

Church Mentality:

means of grace for progress with each person

A. Worship weekly

B. Communion frequently

C. Conversion

D. Small group for spiritual growth

E. Team for service

F. Extravagant Generosity with Tithing as the starting point.  Do you talk about giving and hold up tithing as an important measure?  Is stewardship focused on the giver’s spiritual need to give rather than meeting a budget?

G. Personal Prayer

H. Regular Bible study