Tamaki College Graduate Profile

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Graduate Qualities

What does it mean?

What will our students do?

What will our teachers do?

How do we know?

For example -  Lifelong Learner



Continued interest to learn

Using learning opportunities to prepare themselves for life

Asks ongoing questions

Challenge ideas

Embrace opportunities given

Show commitment towards opportunities

Self motivation

Know who they are

Opportunities for critical thinking

Being role models for students (punctuality, commitment)

Provide opportunities to engage them outside school if available through subjects (e.g. trips, workshops)

Provide guidance for students

Motivated and engaged students

Continue to ask questions and challenge others ideas


Self Regulated




Punctuality (both to class, and meeting deadlines)

Stress Management

Meet challenges/expectations

Understanding my rights and responsibilities

Use of device appropriately

Have conversations or communicating with their tutors/teachers regarding their progress, results or attendance

Stand by expectations

Provide opportunities for students to work independently and collaboratively

ViTal to help students track progress

Independently working in class to complete tasks

Students meet deadlines

Punctual to tutor and class

Happy and Healthy

Subjective.. Overall wellbeing


Respectful interactions with other students and staff

Responsible use of social media

Broaden their perspectives and understand other people's

Providing safe and inclusive learning environments

Consider all parts of the well being, not always focusing on the body

High attendance rate

Confident in their own skin, and a sense of self worth

Global Awareness

Good digital citizen

An understanding of what is going on in the world (news)

Work with others, both within the community and globally

Connecting with others

Current events/ news on demand during tutor

Discussions in which students share their thoughts on things happening in the world

Using global contexts to teach curriculum content

Qualified (leave with NCEA or ITOs)

Students have their NCEA or ITO qualifications

Setting goals at start of the term

Keeping track of their credits

Reviewing goals at end of terms

Set goals or targets with students.

Track progress using ViTal

Meeting credit protocols

Meeting goals set

Student career management

Taking ownership of managing their own careers/future pathways

Linking the skills/content you are teaching them in class to the real world/careers