Dark Chess: The Art of War Strategy Guide





Dark Chess is a chess variant where you cannot see all of your opponents chess pieces on the board.  That "Fog of War" makes Dark Chess a game of luck, skill, and psychology that creates an exciting and unpredictable class of chess. This document was based on the on the Chessmaster Live version on Xbox360 by Ubisoft. The rules and strategy I've described are specific to that implementation, however this version is very similar to other online and play by mail versions.  I've tried to organize this guide in increasing complexity so it's recommended to start with the Basics and then come back for more as you explore the world of Dark Chess.



General Overview


The goal of Dark Chess is capture your opponents King, not to checkmate it (always a very rewarding feeling when it happens).  This creates an environment where Kings are extremely vulnerable and must be protected at all times.  In this chess variant information gathering is part and parcel of every win.  The player with the most information can lay destructive traps, plan effective frontal assaults, or flank their opponents for the kill.  Although there is a randomness to Dark Chess, the fundamentals of chess strategy still apply.  That is especially true of the beginning and end games in which even one wrong move can turn victory into defeat.  Most beginners to Dark Chess start with a hyper aggressive strategy that plays on their opponents lack of information. However against skilled opponents, the sound fundamentals of chess will win you more games than relying on luck or intimidation.  



Dark Chess Basic Strategy




Dark Chess Advanced Strategy




Safety Tips




Common Defeats to Avoid


Non Traditional Tactics


Auto Destruct Sequence Engaged!


Zen & the Art of Dark Chess


This was fun to put together and I hope you enjoyed reading it.  Please let me know if you have any other suggestions or feedback.






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Programming contest

There is a free and very accessible darkchess programming contest on http://www.finalbot.com/dark-chess.aspx

Automatic tournament everyday so you can elaborate a strategy and see where it ends up in the ranking.