PBL as T-STEM Benchmarks

PBL is also an important benchmark for T-STEM designated schools:


Please check these benchmarks carefully:

4. BENCHMARK: Teacher Selection, Development, and Retention

4.1 Program Requirement: Highly Qualified Teachers

4.1.A Recruits and selects highly qualified secondary and postsecondary faculty who possess extensive subject knowledge, are willing to incorporate project based learning (PBL),  and integrative STEM pedagogy

4.2 Program Requirement: Teacher Support and Development

4.2.C. Sustains a Professional Learning Community (PLC) by instituting job-embedded ongoing opportunities for continuous learning, peer coaching/mentoring, STEM externships, and participation in STEM Teacher and Leader cadres for teachers and administrators (research based practices, content competence, new instructional strategies, project-based learning, technology integration, reflective inquiry, and student artifact analysis).

5.1 Program Requirement: Rigor (STEM-focused Curriculum)

5.2.C Develops performance-based and project-based assessments aligned to these innovative programs and state/national/industry standards.

5.2.G Develops 6th – 12th students’ portfolios of interest in: STEM capstone projects, STEM internship opportunities, and global STEM college, degree, and career explorations. Requires all high school students to complete an internship, and/or a STEM-related senior capstone project, presentation ( We are working for capstone project program  ...)

5.3 Program Requirements: Instructional Practices

5.3.C Organizes instructional expectations around problem-based and project-based learning with clearly defined learning outcomes for students and teachers that address state and national performance standards, college and career readiness standards, and industry expectations

3.3.B.Hosts 5th – 6 th and 8th – 9 th orientation session(s) and summer bridge program(s) to facilitate successful student transitions and retention into a STEM-focused, college preparatory, projectbased learning environment.

3.3.D.Supports and monitors 6 th – 12th student participation in STEM activities both within and outside the classroom to ensure that all students engage in STEM clubs, STEM competitions, and STEM field experiences.

So PBL is not only a requirement because of RTT grant but also it is required for T-STEM campuses. (Harmony T-STEM academies : http://stem.harmonytx.org/?page_id=13)